Friday, May 22, 2009

Making Space for Spirit

The following post was first published as an article in June 2008 Metta Center Newsletter.

Sometimes we are afraid to say "no!" to the outside obligations that inch into our lives. I have learned to say "know," instead of "no": it is up to me to know what is most important for me at this moment. This strategy helps me set clear boundaries and create more space for me to focus my energy on being, having and doing what's truly meaningful for me.

Creating space for yourself is creating space for your Spirit. It is really not difficult at all, actually. Definitely not rocket science. In only requires your commitment to the key concept that you are an important person in your life.

When we make room for our Spirit, we make room for ourselves to remember who we are inside: joy-filled beings! We make room for grace, ease and light to be in our daily lives. We make room for being more in balance. Happiness is not just something that comes once in a while, but a state of being that comes from being in full and constant connection with our Divine Self.

Meditating, chanting or toning, praying, self-healing, doing yoga, dancing, listening to and playing music, painting, gardening, walking in nature, writing, reading, laughing and playing with your family or pets are examples of ways you can begin to create room for your Spirit to be part of your life. But, the best way for you is tailored just for you. Ask yourself, in a quiet and gentle way, "What makes my heart smile?" And listen for the unique way you can welcome your Spirit into your life.

Your unique way to make space for your Spirit can be very simple. A client came to me seeking help to create inner peace and relieve her anxiety. Her homework was to find time to nurture herself everyday. She wrote to me, "Instead of eating my toast in the car, I sat in our hammock and listened to the birds while I ate my toast. It only took five minutes but what a difference it made!"

Here are some of my own personal practices to make room for my Spirit:

Before I begin my day, rather than jump out of bed, I revel in the still quiet moments. If the birds are up, the day begins with exuberant joy and I revel in that, too!

After those gentle moments, I make an effort to connect with the Life force within me and ask: "How can I serve You today?" I let a word of guidance gently pop into my consciousness. I contemplate that word throughout the day to remind me throughout the day of how I can serve my Spirit.

Throughout the day, I make room for 5 minutes or so to just be and breathe. I watch the clouds go by, listen to the birds, adore the flowers I see, or just feel the wind on my face. These are some of my favorite times of the day!

At the end of day, I check in with myself: "What am I grateful for today?" I allow myself to bask in the glory of the soft glow of gratitude and joy.

I want to remind you of the "I am too busy, and I don't have enough time for me" trap. In reality, you can afford to make time for yourself even if you think you are super busy. Make a decision that there is enough time and you will have time for yourself. It is even more critical to remember to create space for your Spirit when you have a busy day. That 5 or 10 minutes you take to nourish yourself will serve you immensely.

When you make time for your Spirit, you will begin to express and experience more of your expansive and abundant Light in your life. When you create space for your Spirit, you will imbue your life with wonderful synchronicities. When you welcome your Self to be part of your daily life, you are graceful, at-ease and joyful!

Make the room for and open up to the magic of your Spirit!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

The Meaning of Life

I was contemplating the meaning of life when Spirit reminded me of the emails my clients have written me recently. They wrote about their amazing, powerful and wonderful insights and experiences as they found their connection to their Source.

Here's what one person wrote, "After our class Tuesday, I went fishing on the delta and it was a spectacularly beautiful day... I saw a seal swimming slowly through the water close to where I was fishing... He seemed so totally totally in the moment... I couldn't help but think back to our work together and how feeling and being joyFULL. Not only is good for the individual but to every one around the individual..."

"Last night during a little bout of sleeplessness I decided to observe my breath... It felt smooth and easy, no constriction though I wasn't breathing deeply.... and then I began to be aware of the breather not the breath... that part of the involuntary system that is part of my physical self... It brought me back to being aware of how wonderful it FEELS to be living..."

Another client wrote, "I feel so light, so alive and awake..."

I understood that Spirit is saying, "The meaning of life, Christine, is JOY!"

Wishing you a joy-filled life!

Does It Get Any Better Than This? (Part 2)

In my last newsletter, I wrote about my personal experience with the fear of feeling happier than I was already feeling. (Click here to read that article.)

Here's what unfolded today, about a month since I wrote the article. The timing couldn't have been more perfect!

As I was enjoying my day, adoring my dog and contemplating the meaning of life, feeling free and peaceful, I heard myself thinking, "This is the free-est I can be. I will never be free-er than this." I was keenly aware of a sudden sadness within.

I sat with that information for a bit, choosing to just "be" with that part of me that spoke up. Curious, I did a TAT (Tapas Acupressure Technique) on that thought as I sat with it. I also allowed myself to think that the opposite is possible, "This is not the free-est I can be, and I can be free-er than this."

Immediately, I encountered a confused part of myself, "Who will I be if I am freer? I will lose myself. I will not know what to do. I have lost myself before and I don't want to lose me again. It hurt too much."

With great compassion, I validated and assured myself, "That all did happened, true. And, I am OK now. I now know how to find myself when I am lost again. I will listen to my inner guidance and my emotions to direct me home again. I was lost before because I put other's feelings and opinions before mine and ignored my own inner guidance and my emotions. I am so grateful for my Higher Self and Angels for guiding me, and also for Abraham for teaching me about the function of my emotions, and now I know how to use my emotional guidance system to find my way back to Me, and to know Me! It has been a wonderful journey Home!"

New insights and clarity flooded in like a gush of water: When I am freer, I am happier. When I am happier, I feel better. When I feel better, I am even more myself, which means I am less lost!

There was a huge grin of relief from inside of me, relieved that more freedom and more happiness don't mean more risk of losing myself. Instead, it actually means more connection to my Source, to my greater Self. I can embody more of who I AM.

Ahhh, Sweet Freedom, thank you for knocking at my door and inviting me out to play! I can feel that now I have the permission to have more freedom and be even more joyous than I have been before. I love this wonderfully expansive and liberating feeling!