Friday, December 31, 2010

Appreciation Virtual Circle

One of my dear clients asked me to join a little experiment in appreciation. We spend a minute each day, at 9pm exactly, to send appreciation to each other and ourselves. This circle now is 3 people strong, and you are invited to join us if you would like to participate in this beautiful experience that transcends time and space.

If you would like to join us, it's easy:
  • Set an intention to join the appreciation circle for one minute at 9pm every night. You don't need to know anyone in the circle to join.

    When we send out appreciation, it is a well-being wish. It is one of the most potent forms of prayer.
  • You can send your appreciation about life, people in your life, or about yourself in whatever way that feels right to you. There's no right or wrong way to do it. A general attitude of gratitude is fine, a simple thankful thought is fine, you can simply wish well-being to yourself, others and the whole Universe... Truly, whatever feels best for you at the time is fine.
  • Some variations (the credit for these go to R.S.): you can put your hands on your chest and visualize your smiling heart, or you can put your hands on your heart while breathing into the belly, or your can put your hands on your heart while breathing in love in the inhale, and radiating joy on the exhale.

    Be creative and follow your intuition as to how you would like to celebrate and appreciate life, others and yourself.

One of the participants in the circle recently shared this with me: "It's really great! Because what happens to me when I do it is I feel like the top of my head blows open and things come out of it. I think it really changes how I look at different things in my life. It has been really cool. I just never realized how powerful a minute is in a day!"

Luxuriate in You!

I was walking in the meadow up the hills from my house, communing with Nature, when I found myself singing a ditty I made up at the spot. "It's getting greener every day," was what I sang to the grass.

Then, as I was basking in the feeling of pure joy, celebrating the grass, the song morphed into, "There is more love every day..." When I first noticed that the words had changed by themselves, I stopped singing. But, in the next breath, I found myself smiling even bigger and so I decided to sing it all the way home, "There is more love every day..."

It was so much fun! I felt brilliantly alive and grand like a majestic oak tree. I was deliriously happy! I don't think it's because the song I was singing was going to be a hit song by any means.

Interestingly, later on the same day, I read Tapas Fleming's wise words in her newsletter: "When we're actually luxuriating in who we really are, we're not having problems and there aren't lessons to learn or things to figure out about core issues. Things may come up that aren't to our liking, but from the relaxed perspective of being at home in ourselves, they're not problems."

I realized that was what I was doing: luxuriating in who I really am - simple joy and peace! No wonder I was feeling so awake and happy! And yeah, there were no problems that day, either! (There might be, but from the point of view of being so alive, I couldn't tell if there were any problems. I just knew that life is great!)

Try it for yourself.  Give yourself time to enjoy who you really are. And love the fact that you're allowing yourself to do it. I think you'd like it very much.
You are Amazing!
You are Marvelous!
You are Wonderful!

These are the words that Spirit would like me to tell you. If no one has said these words to you today, please let me be the first one to do so.

2010 has been a glorious year! It has been a year filled with delights, healing, miracles, and abundance for me. You are a part of this deliciously joyous year, and I want to thank you for your presence in my world.

Wishing you a New Year filled with exciting possibilities and joyous adventures! Happy New Year 2011!

Friday, December 3, 2010

EFT Tapping Tip: Reduce Holiday Stress

As November rolls to an end, the holiday season is also just around the corner for many people. For some, the festive season can bring added stress as well as painful memories.

There are many ways to manage the holiday season so that you can enjoy the season with more ease, grace and peace.

Here are some tips:
  • Set your intention as to how you would like to feel during the holiday season.
  • Decide what activities you would enjoy doing. Let go of or delegate activities you don't enjoy.
  • If you find yourself feeling resentful or uptight, use EFT and tap. 
  • If painful memories come up, acknowledge your feelings. Use EFT to help dissolve these painful memories and bring more peace to yourself. 
  • Eat healthily, avoid sugars and alcohol as much as possible. Just because festivities are typically associated with these substances, doesn't mean your body does well with them.  
  • Take time to nurture yourself with quiet moments to journal, walk in nature, and breathe fully and consciously. 
  • Remember that there's always something or someone you can appreciate; find it and spend time in appreciation for it. Think of some wonderful things that are happening in your life right now, no matter how small they might be. It will uplift your mood and energize you.

Here are some EFT Setup Phrases that might help you reduce some of the holiday stress. Feel free to change the words to suit your particular situation and to make the phrase resonate with you better.

You can choose one Setup Phrase for each EFT round (and say it three times) or you can mix-n-match three Setup Phrases from the list. Tap on your Karate Chop point or rub on your Sore Spot as you say your Setup Phrase:

  • Even though I feel so stressed out and uptight right now, and I am dreading the holiday season, I accept myself and my feelings.
  • Even though I feel exhausted just thinking of Thanksgiving (or whatever holiday it is you celebrate), and it is not even here yet, I choose to be relaxed about it and perhaps I might even enjoy it.
  • Even though I don't enjoy Thanksgiving (or whatever holiday it is you dislike) and all that comes with it, I deeply and profoundly accept and appreciate myself.
  • Even though I feel so guilty because I am so busy and can't spend enough time with (myself/my kids/my family/etc.), I forgive myself for not being a super (mom/dad/brother/daughter/etc.) I accept myself and I accept that I am doing the best that I can. I wonder what changes I need to make so that I can spend more time with the people who are important to me.
  • Even though I am afraid I will get frustrated (in the family dinner/with my husband/mom/kids/etc.) when they ...(fill in the blanks with the person's behavior that usually triggers you), I choose to be surprised by how patient and understanding (or whatever state of being you would prefer) I can be.
  • Even though I can't help but worry about money around the holiday season, it has always been that way in my family and will always be that way, I choose to accept myself and decide to release this association of money anxiety and the holidays. I choose to let it be surprisingly easy for me to feel relaxed and at peace this holiday season and in all future holidays.
  • Even though the holiday season often brings up painful memories about ...(fill in the blanks with whatever memories that bother you still), I accept myself and the holiday season anyway. Maybe it is time to let this memory go (if that feels appropriate to you) and I am ready for a wonderful and lovely holiday season, and that begins this year!
  • Even though I typically  feel (stress/sad/resentful/...) during the holidays, I deeply and profoundly accept who I am and how I feel. I have decided that it is possible for me to feel peaceful, at ease and joyful this holiday.
  • Tune in to whatever feelings you have related to the Setup Phrase you have chosen, or pick a reminder phrase that works for you, and tap on the EFT points on your face and your body.

After each EFT round, take a deep breath, exhale slowly.

When you feel complete, take a moment to notice any shift or change within you. A change of breath? A big yawn? A release of energy? A relaxation somewhere in your body? There is no right or wrong answer. Just notice what unfolds for you. You can further neutralize any "yes, buts..." (called "tail-enders" in EFT parlance) or any bothersome memories that come up after each round.

I love hearing your feedback. Please feel free to send me an email about your experiences using this EFT Tapping Tip.

Note: For those who are not yet familiar with Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), you can check the "Resources" section of my website to learn about EFT tapping points. Please visit to download the free EFT manual and to browse through the rich library of EFT articles.

Giving Thanks

Giving thanks to all the good in our lives can be done every day, as I am sure you all do in one fashion or another. We can do it quite effortlessly with a simple nod, a wink, a pat, a thought, a smile, a hug, a "thanks!", a kiss, a dance, an appreciative whoop -- all are ways to express appreciation.

The best thing about appreciating someone or something is that we can't help but tuned into the energy of love. As we tune into that vibration of love, we are not only the generator but also the recipient of this beautiful connective energy. It really is an amazing feeling to be giving and receiving love in the same instant!

I was recently in a meeting where the person I was meeting with brought her two-year old son along. He was a VERY shy boy, and didn't say a word during the entire one-hour meeting. For a young child, one hour must feel like an eternity. He tried to amuse himself as best as he could, playing with his yellow toy bus as he positioned himself close to his mother. There were times when he seemed really bored with his toy and he would put his head on his mother's lap. She would stroke his head gently, acknowledging him and soothing him with her touch. At the end of our meeting, I caught the boy's eyes as he happened to look my way. I smiled at him and whispered, "Thank you!" This quiet little boy's eyes sparkled and he flashed a big and brilliant smile. He clearly understood that his efforts were being recognized and appreciated. This boy, who didn't utter a word for an entire hour, was giving me an ear-to-ear smile! Yes, I was the one who technically "gave" thanks, but I sure felt like a million bucks receiving that smile!

The next time you give your appreciation to something or someone (even yourself) notice how good it feels as you give thanks. I wouldn't be surprised if, with each appreciation you offer, you are bringing heaven closer to earth.