Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Developing Equanimity

(This article was first published in November 2008 Metta Center email newsletter.)

I was asking Spirit about what to write for this newsletter that would be most beneficial for my readers.

Spirit answered, "Remind them of their Truth."

Hmmm, I didn't know what that meant, to tell you the truth. (No pun intended.) So, I asked for more guidance on it.

Spirit showed me that deep inside ourselves, we already know that all is well -- that all has always been well, will always be well and can only be well. Often, however, we don't remember this Truth.

Like many of you, I don't always feel that all is well nor do I think that everything is well all the time. Again, I asked for more guidance.

And, this time, Spirit asked me a question: "Have you ever seen your daughter having a tantrum and feeling anxious about something and you know it was not as big a problem as she thought it was, and that all is well, because you have the advantage of having a broader perspective? Perhaps you even had had similar experience and came out triumphant at the end?" I answered that question with a resounding YES!.

"Wouldn't you comfort her and assure her that whatever the current challenge is will surely pass, that she will have the clarity and resources to resolve her issues, and that she will come out stronger and wiser at the other end?" Again, I answered yes.

That's what equanimity is about: knowing and trusting all is well, despite what transpires in life. It is choosing and allowing ourselves to reconnect to the wealth of peace and joy deep within ourselves and with the blessings in our lives, even if there are parts of our lives that are not feeling well.

But, isn't there a risk of being blinded by the "all is well" philosophy and getting stuck in denial? Doesn't this prevent people from seeking appropriate assistance? I asked about this.

I was shown that when we remember that we are well, we remember our value, we honor our gifts, we respect ourselves, we take care of ourselves, we allow and appreciate our mistakes (and others') as learning tools, we acknowledge the challenges we are facing and we move inspiredly in the direction of solution that is just right for us. When we know we are well, we are not afraid of change and we don't allow ourselves to be stagnant (because we feel rotten when we do that.) When we remember we are well, we trust the bigger perspectives and deeper wisdom of our Soul, and listen to our inner guidance. When we remember we are well, we feel a satisfying sense of deep inner peace as we live in alignment with our deeper Truth. When we remember all is well, we relaxed into the flow of life instead of resisting it.

May you remember how well you are and may you experience your sweet, deep connection with the Well-Being within you.