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Children Full of Life

A deeply moving and inspiring video:

A wise friend said: "I love the way the teacher said when you share/empathize, then you have that person living with you in your heart."

EFT Script: Changing Universe

One of my clients commented, "No matter how good I have been, I still get punished!" This pattern often stems from underlying beliefs such as "Life is not fair!", or "It is not safe to love/to be happy/to be good".

As my client and I tapped through her beliefs, a thought that we all are free to change Universes bubbled up. It was such an a-ha moment! One where you shout, "of course!" What a liberating and delicious thought it is to consider that we can easily change Universes to a new one that fits us better. Who would have thunk it, eh?

Here's a sample EFT script to free yourself from old patterns by changing your universe. Think of a pattern you'd like to let go of, and tap along the script below.

In this script, I use the aforementioned pattern which troubled my client as an example.

Tapping on the Karate Chop or rubbing on the Sore Spot, say the following Setup Statement either aloud or in your mind.

"Even though no matter how good I have been, I still get punished. How fair is that? I accept how frustrating this has been for me."

"Even though nothing ever changed for me, nothing works out for me no matter how hard I tried, I accept how angry/hopeless/sad I feel about this."

"Even though I don't know why I am still punished, after all that I have done to atone for my past mistakes, I am open to healing this pattern."

Tap on the indicated EFT points and say the reminder phrases, as suggested below, either aloud or in your mind. You can change the reminder phrases to whatever words that fit you better.

EB (Beginning of the Eye Brow) : Nothing ever changed for me
SE (Side of the Eye): No matter how hard I tried
UE (Under the Eye) : It's always the same...
UN (Under the Nose): No matter how good I have been
CH (Chin): It's not good enough!
CB (Collarbone): I still get punished!
UA (Under the Arm): I feel so frustrated about this, I feel so ...(state your feelings here) about this!
TH (Top of the Head): Things are supposed to be better but they are not!

EB: This is not fair!
SE: I am tired of this "nothing works for me" pattern!
UE: I hate this "I got punished no matter how good I have been" pattern!
UN: These patterns don't work for me!
CH: I want to let go of these patterns
CB: I want to release these patterns from my life
UA: I want to be free from these patterns
TH: But, how?

EB: Besides, it's scary to let them go...
SE: What will I replace them with?
UE: They are like old friends, I know them well! They are familiar to me, and comforting although I don't like them. They don't work well for me, but at least I know them.
UN: I am wondering that maybe I don't actually want to change that much!
CH: Yet, I also know that a big part of me is ready to move forward to a life without these old patterns. A big part of me is ready to leave my old and familiar Universe.
CB: It is really hard to do that!
UA: I honor how hard it is for me to let these patterns go
TH: I also honor my courage to be willing to support myself in moving on and growing up

EB: It will be easier for me to move on if I no longer hold on to these old patterns
SE: I will feel freer if I let go of these patterns. I wonder what I need to know before I can let go of these patterns?
UE: What if I can trust myself that I no longer need to hold on to these patterns for safety or comfort or familiarity?
UN: What if I am willing to trust that it's safe for me to move on to a new Universe, one that I have been dreaming about in my heart?
CH: What if I can honor and follow my own heart's calling to change my Universe? Life will be very different indeed!
CB: I would like to follow my heart's calling!
UA: I want to give myself the gift of my heart's dreams!
TH: I want to allow myself to change my Universe

EB: I am free to change Universes
SE: It is alright to let go of the old Universe and all the patterns contained in it that no longer serve me
UE: I thank my old Universe for housing me, I honor my old Universe for holding me, it is time now for me to leave my old Universe
UN: Now, I allow myself to follow my heart's guidance and turn towards the new Universe I have dreamed about
CH: I allow myself to gracefully move into this Universe
CB: I allow myself to be delighted in this Universe
UA: I allow myself to live and love in this Universe. I am excited about it!
TH: I thank my new Universe for calling and welcoming me, I honor my new Universe for holding me.

Take a deep breath, or several deep breaths. Exhale slowly and gently.

Notice and honor what changes within you, if any. Allow yourself to receive new insights from deep within as part of your healing. Allow yourself to feel what is different in your body after the tapping. Allow yourself the time to gently integrate into your new Universe.

If you are not familiar with EFT, you can find a brief introduction to this powerful self-healing technique in my "EFT Tapping Points" webpage.

For information regarding EFT trainings, you can visit these various organizations: ACEP, EFTUniverse, or AAMET.
Disclaimer: This EFT script is provided by Christine Metawati as a good faith effort to expand the use of EFT in the world. It represents her ideas and do not necessarily represent those of Gary Craig or EFT. EFT has yielded remarkable results for many people, but they may not yield the same benefits for everyone. They are definitely NOT meant to replace appropriate medical treatment or mental health therapy. No guarantee of results is either stated or implied. If you use the EFT script provided above, you are advised to take complete responsibility for your emotional and physical well-being. Please consult qualified health practitioners regarding your use of EFT, TAT or any other healing modalities. 

~~~~~~~ Notes added February 27, 2012 ~~~~~~

I wrote this EFT script in December 2011 and shared it in my newsletter and blog. Since then, several of my newsletter and blog readers have reported great changes in their lives from tapping along with the script.

One comment that particularly warms my heart:
"I wanted to thank you for your wonderful EFT script Changing Universe. I was in a low place and just happened to find this (was guided) I went through the script a few times then went back and changed some of the phrases to fit myself. I have doing EFT on this issue for a while and finding some relief but still the major part of this issue has been in my thoughts almost every waking moment for weeks. Your script that you were so kind to share with everyone was extremely profound for me. I just needed to personally thank you for your kindness and dedication in helping others, consider me one of those you helped. I thank the Universe for guiding me to your site and thank you again."

Thank you so much for taking the time to let me know how this EFT script have worked for you.  I wrote with the intention that the script will benefit someone, somehow, and somewhere. So, it is really wonderful to hear from you!

Winter Wish

May you have no barriers in your heart.

May all that flows your way bathe you in loving kindness.

May all that flows through you nourish others with loving kindness.

May you know the gift of the open heart.

~ Thich Nhat Hanh