Thursday, July 14, 2011

EFT Script: It is Not Safe For Me to Feel Good Enough.

(This EFT script was first published in October 2006 Metta Center Newsletter. If you are not familiar with EFT, you can find a brief introduction to this powerful self-healing technique in my "EFT Tapping Points" webpage. For information regarding EFT trainings, you can visit,, or

Many of our physical and emotional issues stem from not feeling good enough about ourselves (lack of self-esteem). The interesting thing that I often notice is that, for whatever reasons, the thought of letting go of the feeling of inadequacy is terrifying for many people.

Using EFT, let's clear out any anxiety we might have about feeling good enough.

Tap on the Karate Chop point or rub on the Sore Spot as you say the following setup statements:
"Even though I don't believe it ist safe for me to feel good enough, I might become a different person and I might not know who I am anymore, I choose to accept myself and my feelings."

"Even though I don't feel safe yet to be good enough, they might not like the new me and I might not like the new me, I choose to relax and trust that my transformation is for my highest good."

"Even though I don't feel safe to feel good enough, I never have, and I don't think I am supposed to feel good enough, I have decided that I deserve to feel better about myself."

Tap on the indicated EFT points and say the reminder phrases, as suggested below, either aloud or in your mind. You can change the reminder phrases to whatever words that fit you better.

Beginning of the Eyebrow:
"It is not safe for me to feel good enough."
Side of Eye: "I can't feel good enough yet."
Under Eye: "Yes, I can."
Under Nose: "No, I can't!"
Chin: "What if I changed and I don't like the new me?"
Collarbone: "What if I changed and they don't like me anymore? I feel anxious about that!"
Under Arm: "I am afraid to feel good enough. I am not supposed to!"
Top of the Head: "I don't think I am ready to feel good enough. I am convinced it is not safe yet for me to feel good about myself."

Beginning of the Eyebrow: "What if I am wrong about this conviction?"
Side of Eye: "What if it is safe for me to feel good enough?"
Under Eye: "I have decided that I deserve to feel good enough because I am enough no matter what."
Under Nose: "I have decided to feel relaxed about feel better about myself."
Chin: "I choose to trust that it is safe for me to change my opinion about myself."
Collarbone: "I choose to change my energy by changing my thoughts about myself."
Under Arm: "I have decided that I am enough now. I choose to feel good enough now."
Top of the Head: "I love feeling good enough now."

Take a deep breath, and exhale slowly.

Just notice what shifts or changes occur within you: a change of breath? A release of energy? A relaxation somewhere in your body? Any memories or insights? Just notice what unfold for you.

Disclaimer: This EFT script is provided by Christine Metawati as a good faith effort to expand the use of EFT in the world. It represents her ideas and do not necessarily represent those of Gary Craig or EFT. EFT has yielded remarkable results for many people, but they may not yield the same benefits for everyone. They are definitely NOT meant to replace appropriate medical treatment or mental health therapy. No guarantee of results is either stated or implied. If you use the EFT script provided above, you are advised to take complete responsibility for your emotional and physical well-being. Please consult qualified health practitioners regarding your use of EFT, TAT or any other healing modalities.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Angel Healing: Clearing Cords

I love working with angels and beings of light. They are powerful yet gentle beings. They are willing and happy to help us release difficulties and bringing more peace into our lives. However, because they respect the law of free will, they can't interfere with our lives unless we specifically ask for their assistance.

I teach this technique of clearing dysfunctional and imbalanced etheric cords in my Angel Healing workshops. I feel inspired to share with you this easy and effective process to work with the angels.

Etheric cords are invisible energetic cords we form with people we are in relationship with. You can envision these cords as telephone lines made of energy. These cords facilitate the movement of energy between people and form a higher means of communication.

Cording takes places at an unconscious level. Energetically, you are wired to establish a cord to those you are in relationship with. It doesn’t happen when you just pass a stranger. The exchange of energy is almost always mutual but in some cases soul energy can be sent to or taken by another causing an imbalance or loss of soul energy.

I like to think of these cords as cell phone lines. If you don’t hang up your calls, guess who is paying the bill? It is not free to keep these phone lines open unnecessarily!

Why do we want to release relationship cords? Sometimes being corded to a person is not for our highest good because:

We could have ended a relationship but we are still intimately connected with their energy making separation more difficult.
We could be co-dependent and supporting another with our soul energy. Thus, arresting the other person’s and our own empowerment.
When we plugged in to another person whose energy is lower in vibration (holding anger, hatred, etc.), we can feel drained.

In these cases, it is beneficial to remove the cords and reclaim our soul energy. When we release cords, we do not impair nor terminate the relationship (unless that’s what we consciously want). The cords can always be reestablished by mutual consent.

I love asking Archangel Michael to help me with cord-cutting. But, you can ask other angels or Jesus, Buddha, Mother Mary, Kwan Yin, Mohammad, Krishna, Tarra, and other Beings of Light to help you as well.

You ask their help just by saying a decree, a short prayer, in your heart: "Archangel Michael (or another angel of your choice), release all cords of fears that are available to be released for my highest good."

The experience of releasing cords is varied from individual to individual. It takes anywhere from several seconds to 1-2 minutes. Some people experience this process as feeling something being gently unplugged from their body. Others experience a release of energy (heat, or tingling or other sensations) while some experience nothing. When you stop feeling any sensations, or you feel complete, then the cord clearing process is done. Remember to thank the angel or being of light that helped you.

If you feel blocked during this process, say: "Archangel Michael, I choose to trade fear with peace," and your cord clearing will now proceed and be completed. Again, notice what you feel as the process happened.

Many of my clients reported physical pain relief in the areas where the cords were attached to originally. Some clients reported that their lives flows much smoothly after the cord-cutting/release process.

Try this process for yourself as often as you like. I do it at least twice a day, when I wake up and before I go to sleep. The angels and beings of light will always keep your highest good in mind, so you can't harm yourself or anyone else as you release old, dysfunctional etheric cords from your energy space. Notice what positive changes happen in your life as a result of regularly clearing and cutting cords. Thank the angels for helping you. Remember to thank yourself as well for being willing to care for your spiritual hygiene!

Enjoy working with the angels and experiencing their incredible light and love as you create your amazing life!