Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Dream Story

by Christine Metawati

The following post was first published as an article in March 2005 Metta Center Newsletter.

This story was given to me in a dream about a year ago. I feel that I am blessed with this incredible dream so that I can share this profound story, rich with symbolisms, with others. May you enjoy it as much as I have had. It continues to be a great medicine for me.

A young man of was sitting by the river. He seemed busy working with his hands. On a closer look, he was busy working with a piece of wood, shaving the bark of the wood with his knife to reveal the smooth white inside of the wood.

Earlier, he had a desire in his heart to make himself a walking stick. As he walked by the river, he found this piece of wood that was just perfect for what he had in mind. The wood was the right height and about the thickness he wanted. He wanted to have a walking stick that was smooth to his touch, and the bark on this wood was rough so he decided to smooth it out with his knife.

He worked diligently like this for a while, sitting by the river. He gently turned the wood from side to side as he shaved the bark off from one end of the wood to the other. He was very happy working like that.

Suddenly, he noticed there were two eyes of the wood staring right at him, and the wood spoke to him angrily: "Curse you! Curse you for defiling my body!" Unbeknownst to this young man, he had picked up a Shaman's walking staff. This piece of wood was enchanted and could talk!

"From now on, every person you look in the eyes will die an instant death!" cursed the wood.

The young man dropped the wood he was so busily working on just a minute ago, and ran back to his village.

There, he found a wooden bucket by the well, and he hurriedly put it on his head. From then on, and for many years afterwards until he was no longer a young man, he had the bucket on his head to protect others from his cursed gaze.

For years, when he spoke to others in his village and to those he met in his travels, he would only looked at their feet. He felt sad and lonely, even though people were kind to him and still spoke to him. He was gladdened, however, that no one had died yet from his gaze.

Then, one day, as he was sitting outside his home, gazing on the ground, he noticed a pair of finely covered feet approached him. He knew that the owner of these feet was not from his village for they were usually bare-footed.

"I am your King," said a regal voice. "I was told in my dream that if I find a man with a bucket on his head, and have him look at my eyes, I shall be healed."

The man didn't know quite what to do. He didn't want to disobey his King for fear of his life for he had heard that to disobey a King's order bore the penalty of death. On the other hand, he felt quite sure that the King would die an instant death if he took off his bucket and looked at the King in the eyes. "What am I to do?" he asked himself in confusion.

At this part, I woke up. So , I suppose this is where we each get to see what medicine this could be for us. How have you limit yourself? What do you believe now that is limiting you? Will you honor your inner King's request to heal yourself? Will you take the plunge and look at your Spirit in the eye? Will you trust yourself enough to accept the challenge to heal your soul?

I wrote the above dream-story in March 2005. In November 2007, I read an article, "Dreaming the Secret Wishes of the Soul" by Robert Moss. I was so moved by his article, I sent him my dream-story to hear his thoughts about it.

His reply:
"What a great dream story! If it were my dream, instead of psychologizing over it, I would want to expand the narrative, give it a great ending, and try to get it published somewhere. It has the just-so-ness of the best dream-guided writing."

Since then, following his wonderful idea, I have come back to this dream many times and have been exploring different great endings for it. One of these days, I might just publish it with my favorite new ending.

You can find out more about Robert Moss at www.mossdreams.com

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


On one of my walks in the beautiful nature, these encouraging words flowed right into my consciousness. May they comfort and inspire you as they do for me.

"Find the Peace inside you
It is always there, you never lost it nor can you
You can connect with it
Easier than you think
Claim It
Rejoice in It
Celebrate It
Adore It
Honor It
Love It
Delight in It
Protect It, not with fear
But with gentle compassion and understanding
Let your Peace guide you
Surrender to It
And It will show you what you are made of."

Natural Treasures

I love going to the meadow up the hill from my house.

It's on a hilltop with clusters of monterey pine trees. It slopes down to a small lush forest in the valley and looks out to the green hills yonder.

I was sitting on a fallen tree branch and looking out at the vista when the trees spoke to me and told me that they love me. I told them I love them, too. I told the wind that blew gently on my hair and face, "I love you!" I said the same to the sun that warmed and soothed me. I could feel love in the air.

The grass shone brilliantly and I let them know how I enjoyed their fresh scent. The sky was blue with little puffy clouds, so serene. The birds sang happily as if joining in my delight.

I saw a red-tailed hawk, nary 50 feet from me. First, it flew to rest on a 20-foot tall tree stump. (I wonder if it can still be called a stump being that tall?) Then, it flew down to the grassy area to eat something on the ground. This majestic bird stayed there and looked my way for a few moments to say to me, "It's all OK!" Then it flew gracefully away.

Nothing was funny about our interaction, and yet I felt this powerful delight rise up from my belly. My joyous laughter rang out clear and loud. Such sweet freedom!

I felt deeply refreshed.

Yes, beautiful hawk, all is well indeed.

Monday, March 9, 2009

We are all glorious!

I am glorious.
You are glorious.
He is glorious.
She is glorious.
They are glorious.
Yes! We are all glorious!

The Art of Deliberate Creation

Founder of Metta Center, Christine Metawati, CCHT, RMT, CET, offers energy therapy and spiritual coaching. Christine specializes in helping people to increase self-awareness, transform their consciousness, and deliberately create the life that they want.

You probably have heard of the Law of Attraction: like attracts like. Where your attention goes, your energy flows. What you vibrate, you attract. What you give out, you receive.

I really like the definition of Law of Attraction as defined by Abraham in the book "Ask and It is Given" by Jerry and Esther Hicks (www.abraham-hicks.com). This law is simply explained as "That which is likened unto itself is drawn."

This law means that, as powerfully vibrating beings, we can mold our energy to attract our life experiences. In other words, if we choose to exercise our power to direct our own vibrations, we have total freedom and creative control over our life.

Obviously, not all of us feel that way. How often do you truly feel in control of your life? How often do you feel that if such-and-such happened or didn't happen, you would be happier or healthier or better off?

Having applied this law to myself over and over again, I am constantly delighted and amazed at how much my life is matching more and more what I want. It is really eye-opening to realize how much power we actually have in creating our life. I love how reliable, simple and consistent this law is. Creating my life on a conscious level has been one of the most satisfying and magical experiences in my life. I love experiencing synchronicity, experiencing my connection with all there is in such exciting ways.

To give you an example, a couple years ago, I set my intention to have meaningful work that is flexible, satisfying, magical, and allowed me to be in balance with other aspects of my life. I love the fact that I am currently typing this article from my garden, sitting outside enjoying the afternoon sun and wonderful smell of honeysuckle. I am now living my intended creation! If I can do it, you can, too!

Using Emotions to Guide Your Creation Process

You can use your feelings/emotions as a gauge to check where you are in terms of allowing or disallowing your intention to manifest.

Think of three qualities of life that you want in your life, right now. Write them down, and check in with your heart on each one. Ask yourself, "What do I feel when I think of this desire?"

Do you feel peaceful about it? Joyful? Optimistic? Frustrated? Discouraged? Hopeless? Fearful? Despair? Be honest with yourself. Your feelings are really your inner guidance telling you how close you are to attracting that desire into your life. You may be surprised by what you learn.

The way you feel about your desire shows you how aligned you are with it. The more positively you feel about your desire means the more your consistent thoughts (your focus) are aligned with and supporting the desire. This also means you are vibrationally in alignment with this desire and you are in attracting (allowing) mode: the object of your desire will manifest into your life effortlessly.

The more negatively you feel when you think about your desire means the more your consistent thoughts are currently out of alignment with your desire, and thus you are in repelling mode: you will repel or push away what you desire no matter how hard you wish for it or work towards it.

Feeling negative about your desire doesn't mean you will never get it. The negativity you feel actually teaches you quite a bit about yourself. Check in with your inner self to find out whether this negativity is because your inner guidance is telling you that this is not your desire but rather someone else's desire for you, or whether it is because you have negative beliefs about this desire as well as limiting beliefs about your deservingness to have this desire.

If the negativity you feel is because the desire is actually someone else's desire, then drop the "desire" (which could be your mom's, dad's, wife's, husband's or someone else's) and check in again with your inner self to discover what it is you really want for yourself. This is your life, you get to decide what you want to experience. If you find yourself feeling afraid to find out about your own desire, use EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) or other processes to release issues around that.

If, on the other hand, it is your limiting belief that is creating the negativity, then allow yourself to transform or reframe that belief. Your soul is constantly inviting you to embrace your unlimitedness. When you transform your negative belief, you acknowledge your unlimited potential. You accept your power and freedom as you unbind yourself from limiting beliefs. As you continue to shed limiting beliefs and allow yourself to choose more empowering thoughts (Abraham called them "a better-feeling thoughts",) you are realigning your energy with your heart's desire. You are allowing yourself to attract what you want.

According to Abraham, to deliberately or consciously create our lives, the process is:
1. Ask (we do this part)
2. It is answered (by Source, Spirit, God, Being, Universe, whatever you want to call this source of energy)
3. Allow (we do this part, too)

Now, if this is so simple, how come not everyone is doing it?

Actually, everyone is using the Law of Attraction all the time, and very successfully, at that, too. The Law of Attraction is always operating, but people often do not intentionally guide their asking (step 1) or the allowing (step 3) steps.

For example, you might sabotage the step of asking for what you want by refusing to take the time to think about what you want to create and refuse to state your intention for fear of disappointment. However, you might spend a lot of time focusing and complaining how you don't have this or that in your life. If you spend a lot of time focusing on the lack, on what didn't go well, on fear and dissatisfaction, that's what you are vibrating at and that's what the Law of Attraction will attract more of.

Or, you might think that you have wanted wealth for a long time, and you think that you have focused on getting more money, doing the visualizations of being wealthy and yet you are still struggling. What you may not be aware of is that, deep down inside, you might be afraid of having too much money, of not knowing how to handle it or not feeling deserving of it. The constant focus, unconsciously, is to stall the arrival of money to prevent your feeling bad. In this case, you unconsciously feel safer if you are vibrating at scarcity, so the Law of Attraction gives you more of the same until you choose to shift your vibration. In this second example, you didn't block the asking step; you blocked the allowing step.

Three Tips to Deliberately Creating Your Life

Here are three tips to fully harness the Law of Attraction in consciously creating your life:

1. Be clear of what you want and why. There is an art to asking for what you want: are you clear about why you want what you want? Is it really your desire or someone else's? Do you make a request or do you demand? Does thinking of what you want bring you joy or despair? Are you aware of what you want or need that brings you true joy? Do you allow yourself to hear your inner guidance about what would be meaningful or best for you? Are you waiting for someone to rescue you and therefore you won't take the time to design your life for yourself? Whatever you are feeling about your desire, the Law of Attraction will bring more of the same to you. If you are not clear or consistent in what you ask, you won't get a clear or consistent result. If you ask because your whole being feels happy and relaxed when you think about it, which means that you are vibrating in happiness and ease, then the Law will attract more happiness and ease to you, as well as what you have asked for.

2. Stay connected with your Source, your Spirit, through gratitude. There is an art to waiting for the answer to come. The vibration of gratitude is very high and with it comes trust and the feeling of fulfillment. This vibration not only allows you to be in full connection with your Spirit, your Source, but also attract more fulfillment into your life. Don't fall into the trap of habit of focusing on what is still lacking while you are waiting. If you are in a rush to receive an answer or to see a result, you will feel uptight and vibrate in the negative zone, thus disallowing your connection to Spirit. It can be hard to hear your own Spirit and maintain a clear connection when there's so much static on the line. The easiest way to stay in tune with your Spirit and be open to more blessings is to recognize and feel appreciative of all the blessings that you already have.

3. Clear out the obstacles. There is an art to allowing. What are you thinking most when you ask for what you want? Do you fear that you can't get it (focusing on can't), must get out of this mess (focusing on the mess), worry can't make it (focusing on won't), etc.? This is where being aware of your feelings and thoughts really help in getting you in a place of allowing and receiving that which you have asked. Practice being aware of where you are blocking what you have asked for and release all obstacles. More often that not, the obstacles are limiting beliefs and judgments that we have taken on as we go through our lives. EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), self-inquiry processes and meditation are great tools for releasing limiting beliefs, and so are many other excellent processes and energy therapy tools such as Reiki, Psych-K, BSFF, etc. Use any of these self-help techniques to help you shift your energy. You will find that by changing your vibration, you increase the power of your consciousness, your light, and your power of creation.

I highly recommend that you take the attitude of the beginner's mind and be patient with yourself when you decide to consciously create your life. This is a skill, and you will get good at it with time. Enjoy your process of discovery. Just like when we first learn how to walk, we generally go through several development stages in our skills: our neck muscles strengthened so we can lift our head, we learned to roll over, we learned to crawl, we practiced our balance standing on both feet, fall down several times, hold on to supportive hands or furniture as we practice the movements of putting one foot in front of the other, and then we walk. So, will our skill and proficiency grow as we practice molding our energy to create our lives consciously.

I invite you to peek at, try out, check into, dabble, practice and practice again the art of deliberate creation. You are indeed magnificent creators! You create all the time. Practice consciously creating your life. You are worth it!

Wishing you joy in exercising your power of creativity!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Tap into Connection

I was watching two blue jays in my front garden, and listening to the songs of larks and other birds. Oh, how beautiful they sounded as they celebrated the start of a new day! I was listening with awe and appreciation.

I had a beautiful realization: "I am not alone. I am NEVER alone."

My first response was, "Huh?" My second response was a deep smile from within me. I felt the new light of understanding unfolding from deep within. It was like watching a flower bloom after long winter days.

With life so abundant and beautiful, how can I ever be alone? All I have to do is tune into whatever pleases me, and I am no longer alone. When I am admiring life, I am connected to the Life Force itself. I am connected to all the possibilities that Life offers. The truth is, I am never alone even if I am by myself or feel alone. If I feel lonely, it's because I have chosen to disconnect from Life for whatever reason. Life doesn't disconnect from me!

This deep and comforting knowing has kept me smiling all day.

So, if you ever feel lonely and wants company, I invite you to tune into life and open your heart to connect with it deeply. You can connect on a soulful level: recognizing the wonder and beauty in the myriad forms of life.

Maybe the wind will touch your heart today, or perhaps a blossom or butterfly will whisper to you about how wonderful you are. Maybe the clouds can help put a skip in your steps.

May you discover your own unique and special ways to tap into the Flow of Life that connects us all.

Connecting with Nature

Nature is very healing. I have found that observing the wonders of nature can bring us into contact with our own spiritual qualities of love, peace, joy, creativity, abundance, wisdom and beauty.

Wherever you go in nature, be mindful and acknowledge the spirits of the land. Sit or walk quietly and tune into the quality of the place. Breathe deeply, be fully present and notice the colors, smells, shapes, sounds, air temperature, wind directions, and sun warmth or lack of it. Allow yourself to become one with the land, the sky, the grass, the trees, the birds. Communicate gently, reverently, appreciatively and joyously with nature. Notice and feel your Spirit stir as it recognizes its own beauty and wonder.

Allow yourself to feel the warmth of gentle love and the true joy of appreciation in your heart. You will feel renewed and replenished.

Before you leave, take some time to express your gratitude. Bless nature with your joy and love.

"I frequently tramped eight or ten miles through the deepest snow to keep an appointment with a beech tree, or a yellow birch, or an old acquaintance among the pines." -- Henry David Thoreau

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Asking for Help from Spirit

I have found that life is an excellent Teacher, always bringing me the most appropriate materials for practicing how I can better align myself with Spirit.

In my healing journey, I have observed that when I feel stuck, very often I attempt to get unstuck on my own. It's a point of pride to prove that I can unstick myself. "Yes, I can do this myself, thank you. No, I don't need your help, thank you!"

For some cases, sure, that's what I can do and is what I need to do to learn that I can help myself. But for other situations, insisting that I take care of the issue myself just plain doesn't work out. I found myself needlessly stuck by being determined to resolve things on my own. These are places in life where I have the opportunity to learn the beauty and joy of asking for help from another person, and that no man is an island. And in many such moments of crisis, I get to learn to surrender, ask for and be open to help from the Spirit.

Asking help from Spirit can be challenging for many people. It is so easy to fall prey to the thought, "Well, God/Spirit/Universe wasn't there before, why would She or He be here now for me?" or "What's the point asking, I won't get the help I need anyway."

I find that when we are faced with a very difficult period in our life, that's when we are willing enough to seek assistance from Spirit. The hard-shelled illusion that we are in control of our life are usually cracked at that time. The healing, growing and learning possibilities in the times of crisis are tremendous. My own humbling process of healing and remembering Light began in such a situation. I learned first hand that help and guidance from the Higher Realm is always gladly given when we asked for it, and we are not alone.

"Ask and You Shall Receive" indeed happens, especially if what you have asked for is for the highest good of everyone involved. I experience this often. But, even then, I have moments of doubting that Spirit is actually listening to me. I learned, however, that when we doubt that the Universe will help us when we ask for it, we are really not asking for help at all. We are asking to prove that we are right about no one will come to help us.

And that is exactly what we get.

If we ask for help and are truly open for the assistance we seek, we shall receive it. Each and every time. The key here is to be "open" to receive help. When we are open, we receive solutions from unusual and wonderful sources.

How do we stay open to receiving help from Spirit? There are many ways. Remembering that you are a beloved part of the Universe is one way. Trusting Spirit, remembering all is well despite appearances, is another. Knowing that it is safe and that you deserve to receive all the good in the Universe is yet another way. You probably have your own unique way of keeping your line with Spirit open, so learn to ask a specific question to Spirit: "What is the best way for me to stay open in receiving the assistance I asked from You?" Let the answer come to you in wonderful and unusual ways.

May you be open and ready to receive all the love and blessings that are coming your way.