Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Tap into Connection

I was watching two blue jays in my front garden, and listening to the songs of larks and other birds. Oh, how beautiful they sounded as they celebrated the start of a new day! I was listening with awe and appreciation.

I had a beautiful realization: "I am not alone. I am NEVER alone."

My first response was, "Huh?" My second response was a deep smile from within me. I felt the new light of understanding unfolding from deep within. It was like watching a flower bloom after long winter days.

With life so abundant and beautiful, how can I ever be alone? All I have to do is tune into whatever pleases me, and I am no longer alone. When I am admiring life, I am connected to the Life Force itself. I am connected to all the possibilities that Life offers. The truth is, I am never alone even if I am by myself or feel alone. If I feel lonely, it's because I have chosen to disconnect from Life for whatever reason. Life doesn't disconnect from me!

This deep and comforting knowing has kept me smiling all day.

So, if you ever feel lonely and wants company, I invite you to tune into life and open your heart to connect with it deeply. You can connect on a soulful level: recognizing the wonder and beauty in the myriad forms of life.

Maybe the wind will touch your heart today, or perhaps a blossom or butterfly will whisper to you about how wonderful you are. Maybe the clouds can help put a skip in your steps.

May you discover your own unique and special ways to tap into the Flow of Life that connects us all.

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