Friday, June 12, 2009

Meditation: Going to Your Source

Inside Michael J. Tamura's book, "You Are the Answer," there are several simple exercises to help you nurture your intuition and awareness. (To find out more about his work and his lectures, visit his website at

For fun, I practiced one that is called, "Awareness Exercise: Seeking First That Which Gives Everything." It is so wonderful that I want to share it with you!

When I do this meditation, eyes opened or closed, I connect to a beautiful energy of peace, love and joy. I can feel how deeply accepted and loved I am by my own Spirit. Not only that, I am aware that my awareness is aware of many things at once, which is simply amazing to me.

So, here are the steps, adapted from Michael's book:
  • When you are new to this meditation, you might want to do it with your eyes closed to help you focus more easily. Find a time where you can be free of interruption for about 10-15 minutes, and find a place to be comfortable in. Close your eyes.
  • Relax your body, take several deep breaths, easily and gently.
  • First, bring your awareness to your breathing.
  • Next, bring your awareness to your body, noticing your toes, your legs, your hip, your abdominal area, your chest, your back, your neck and your head.
  • Next, allow yourself to be aware of your emotions and your thoughts. Allow whatever you are feeling or thinking to just be there. There is no need to fix or change anything.
  • By now, you are aware that you have an awareness.
  • Say "Hi!" to your awareness like you would to a friend. Michael Tamura says, "Your awareness is your friend!"
  • Then, gently, ask your awareness to go "towards that which gives me everything," and it knows how to find this. Just relax and observe.
  • Allow yourself to be surprised with where your awareness takes you to.
  • When your awareness is first given this task, there could be some confusion and it might first go to your mom, your dad or a person whom you have had assigned the role of "the giver of everything I need." But, you will notice that your awareness has an incredible way of discerning that these people are not truly your Source. Keep reminding your awareness to go toward that which gives you everything. Your awareness will move on until it finds your Source.
  • Notice what you observe when you feel that your awareness has arrived at its destination.
  • Notice what changes within you as you connect with your Source. Notice what changes in your awareness. Take a deep breath.
  • Allow yourself a few moments with your Source, taking deep breaths as necessary.
  • When you feel complete, say, "Thank you" to your awareness and yourself.
  • Take a gentle deep breath, stretch and open your eyes.
  • Notice how differently you feel after this meditation, before you get up and continue on with your day.
  • Allow yourself to bring back with you the best feeling from the meditation.
Just for fun, after you are familiar with this meditation, do it with your eyes wide open!

I noticed that when I did this meditation with my eyes wide open, I was in love with everything I see. I was amused and delighted with life. Looking with the eyes of my Source, everything was beautiful and perfect as it was -- nothing to fuss about. I simply love the glorious and liberating feeling of deep peace and contentment I felt inside of me!

Enjoy this meditation! I would love to hear about your experience practicing it.

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