Thursday, November 5, 2009


Divine Energy, which flows through everything and all of us, is always accessible to us.

Accessing the Divine Energy is quite easy. Just intend to do so. Take a moment now, and say to yourself, "I intend to connect with Light", or "I intend to connect with my Divine Source," and wait for an experience. Intend and decide that you can connect and align with your Divine Energy quite effortlessly and it will happen for you in that manner.

Your experience will be different from another person's, for your connection and your relationship with your Divine Energy is uniquely yours. Please don’t compare what you experience with another person's experience.

There are times when it is more challenging to connect with this wonderful, beautiful part of you, especially if you have been focused for a long time on that which is not working, what you do not have yet, or what you are doing wrong still in your life.

How do you get from a place where you feel separated from your Divine Source to a place of alignment and connection with it?

Abraham-Hicks in the book, "Ask and It is Given," teaches a process called "Pivoting." (I love the work of Abraham-Hicks, a non-physical teacher of the Law of Attraction that is channeled through Esther Hicks.) The Pivoting Process helps us turn our attention away from the negatives or the "potholes in life" and deliberately switch our focus to our preferred experiences. In other words, it is a process of changing our vibration so that rather than resisting the negatives or focusing on them, which keeps us in the same vibration and attracts the same stuff again and again, we turn our focus around and thus we offer a different vibration from within our being so that we can experience what we want instead.

Here's how I have done it:
  1. I feel negatively, that is, I notice that I am holding or feeling negative emotions, it is a clue that I am presently looking at something I don't want. As I get intimately clear about what I don't want, I receive clarity about what I do want.
  2. Based on this clarity of what I want, I imagine that what I want is already fulfilled. (I see it, feel it, know it, smell it, taste it, hear it, basically in whichever way that tells me, "Yup, that's what I want.")
  3. I decide to relax and trust that my Source, my Soul, is now experiencing that new state of being, and that what I want to experience is already manifested.
  4. I take the time to move into alignment with my source by deliberately looking around me and finding all the blessings of well-being that are already here in my life and appreciate them.
This is such a simple but powerful process to apply, helping yourself feel better and moving you to a higher vibrational level.

To give you an example, one day I had a splitting headache. The various energy therapy methods I tried on myself didn't help, and, I was despairing. Then, I remembered this process. When the headache happened, I knew what I wanted to feel was well-being. So, I relaxed, and looked around for evidence of well-being around me. I saw a beautiful flower bobbing in the wind, and it was so lovely! In that split second, the headache was gone completely. Then, I went back to notice that my headache was gone, and the headache came back. I did this back and forth several times, and decided that I preferred well-being, and I took my attention off the headache and put it completely on all the beautiful blessings in my life. I was well.

Give this process a try whenever you feel negative, and see how it works for you. Try it for a week. You will be delighted to see and know how capable you are in re-connecting again with your Divine Source.

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