Friday, January 22, 2010

The Gifts of a New Year

New Year is an exciting time for me. It is true that we can start anew any day, any time and every day. However, New Year always holds a special energy of growth for me. There is an energy of excitement, and anticipation of all wonderful things. And, the New Year bears with it powerful potentiality ready to express itself.

Setting your sacred intention for the New Year is a powerful step to consciously create the year that you want.

Unlike a New Year's resolution, setting a sacred intention for the New Year is not about just setting goals to be reached. It is more about setting the "flavor" for the year: what spiritual qualities would you fill your new year with?

For example, if you would like to have a year of meaningful work and deep connection with others, your intention could be something along the line, "I intend to create a meaningful life for me filled with fulfilling work and loving relationships with others." Maybe what you would like is to explore and enjoy life beyond what you are familiar with, then your intention could be "I intend to experience more joy and wonder in my life. I intend to grow with ease." Make sure that you set sacred intention that resonates with you at a very deep level and that you feel delighted at the thought of this intention guiding you throughout the year.

Once you set this intention, visualize or feel what it looks like to be living your intention. If you can't imagine or guess what a meaningful life looks or feels like, just relax and tune in to the feeling of being fulfilled. If there is mind chatter that diminishes your intention, thank it for its input and turn your focus back to the good feelings and your sacred intention. Don't worry about the "how-to"s at this stage. This is the stage where you plant the seed. You can trust that there is information available within the seed to guide its germination and growth.

If you like, you can do a mini-ritual where you write down your sacred intention on a small piece of paper. Then, plant this paper into the ground under a plant that you love.

Throughout the year, your sacred work will be to nurture this intention. Take stock of your current life to see how it is aligned with your sacred intention. What parts of your life are no longer in alignment with it? To be in integrity with your intention, some parts of your life will need to be let go and you may need to learn new ways of being. Regularly check with yourself: What do I need now to further support my sacred intention?

Remember to focus on gratitude, hope and faith. These are energies with high vibrations that will speed up the manifestation of life experiences that fulfill your sacred intention.

Wishing you a year filled with delight, peace, and joy!

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