Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Love and Grace

Our relationships can help us grow personally and spiritually. They invite us to rise to the challenge to be our true Selves. They invite us to allow ourselves to align with the unconditional Love we are inside, the love we want to give and receive.

The most important of all the relationships we have is our relationship with our deep inner Self - the Love we hold within us and the Life that is us.

Gently, just observe how often you accept and love yourself on a daily basis. How much do you trust your own goodness and gifts? How do you treat yourself? How do you perceive yourself? How do you soothe, comfort, care and support yourself? Do you bother to give your Self the time of day? Are you caging the Love you hold within, keeping it from radiating out and thus depriving yourself of your own fulfillment?

You can't afford to deny the importance of You, the importance of being the Love that you are. It hurts deeply when others invalidate the love you have to offer and it hurts even more when you resist your own Self from expressing fully.

How can our relationships help us to be the full expressions of ourselves? The conflicts that arise within these relationships challenge us to see what limiting stories we have insisted on keeping. It is often unpleasant to have these conflicts, yet their purpose is holy: to help us free our Self! Through these conflicts, we are given plenty of opportunities to re-author our old stories. You know when you have successfully rewritten your stories when you see your relationships change, improve and flourish. Truly, your relationships can be the path to your own liberation. So bless all your relationships, difficult ones or not, for they give you plenty of opportunities to consciously realign with your Inner Self and express the abundant Love that you are!

I recently received an inspiring email from a dear client of mine which illustrates how her work to be true to her Self helped her come to a wondrous space in her life: "I have been meaning to share an amazing experience with you for weeks now. You have been helping me throughout the Fall to release the resentment I felt towards my husband. Well, one moment about three weeks ago - I think this is what people call Grace - it went away. It just was all gone. I felt free and different. It never comes back. It's not like I forgot everything. It was that nothing had charge anymore!! I was only filled with love towards him. It still makes me want to weep because it was so beautiful."

I love what she added: "If it can happen to me, it can happen to anybody. Hope we all continue to believe in miracles and live a magical life."

I invite you to tend and nurture your most sacred relationship, the one with your Inner Self. And create the Grace-filled life that is possible for you!

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