Wednesday, March 3, 2010

An Invitation to Blossom

(This article was first published in the March 2006 edition of Metta Center Newsletter.)

"And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom." ~ Anaïs Nin

When I first read this quote, years ago, I was struck by the enormity of the truth resonating from these words. I felt it with my entire being. It has since been one of my favorite quotes that I go back to when I need an inspiration to renew my hope and grow my courage.

This quote is so poignant to me now as we move into Spring where renewal and growth are obvious to the senses. Spring is practically bursting with new life: the flower buds are swollen and some even have blossomed, new branches are extending, soft green shoots are poking out from the cold ground, fresh flower fragrance is in the air. Mother nature is renewing herself after a winter of quietly gathering her potential for growth. It is as if She is telling us, “Trust that spring comes after winter. Enjoy the show.”

I remembered how my whole body felt quiet as I absorbed the impact of Anaïs’ words in my being. I remembered feeling deeply touched, teary-eyed and relieved at the same time. I was reminded, in a very gentle way, that the universe has a built-in and fail-safe mechanism to help me grow to my fullest potential, if I ever decide to do so. I was reminded to have faith that change always happens, even if it doesn’t look like anything had or could or would. I was also reminded that it is up to the flowers, not the farmer or the gardener, to decide when to blossom.

It is up to us to decide when we will change from bud to blossom. It is up to us decide when we will stop playing small and embrace our magnificence. It is up to us when we will transform our pains to joy. It is up to us to decide how much pain we want to endure before we decide to recognize and answer our spirit’s invitation for us to heal, change, grow and shine.

That’s a lot of power and responsibility, you say.

Yes, that is. And, when you decide to take the risk to change, you can trust that you have the wisdom within you to guide you through the fascinating process of renewal and growth.

Enjoy the show.