Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Growing Self

Spring is here! I love watching all the new buds and branches shooting out from plants. It has been magical indeed to watch my plum tree blossoming and then, poof, the blossoms fell and new green leaves came out to adorn the tree. How did the tree know how to do that? Nature's designs are amazingly intelligent and graceful.

Do you ever wonder how we grow? Our bodies just grow, from infant-hood to childhood to adolescence to full grown adult. For most people, the process of growing is very effortless. You don't wake up each day and say "OK, now, I am going to grow 1mm today" or "I am going to grow one more new cell for my nails". It's just done. Simple as that.

Most of us need to enlarge our self-concept. We may see ourselves as a bag of bones but, in truth, we are eternal, multi-faceted and multi-dimensional spiritual beings having a human experience. It's time to think of ourselves as much larger and grander than just a physical and emotional being confined in a body.

So, how do we grow our mind, emotion and spirit? Could that process be just as effortless and simple as we grow our body? Can it be joyful and easy? What has your experience been? How would you like it to be? Declare how you would like your learning and growing experience to be now and let yourself be delighted by nature's prowess to help you grow as you have designed it.

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