Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Do you trust your intuition?

(This article was first published in May 2006 Metta Center Newsletter.)

Intuition is our great ally, a great force, to help in our journey of realizing who we are. It is one of our greatest gifts, and yet we don't always trust it.

One of the issues that many of us have about trusting our intuition is that we can't distinguish which voice is intuition and which voice is just habitual mind-chatter. When we feel that "warning" in our stomach and start feeling anxious, is that our intuition? Or, is that habitual fear-based thoughts talking?

The power of discernment is what we need to distinguish the voice of inner guidance vs. the other voices. Ask the Universe to help you grow this power so that you can hear your inner guidance the loudest, and give you the courage to follow it. As you learn to discern your voices, watch yourself and your life unfold in magical ways.

Another issue we have about trusting our intuition is one of safety. Because intuition often will call us to new and unfamiliar places, we might sense or feel the perceived "danger" in following its call, especially if we hold fear of strange places. We might feel threatened by the unfamiliariaty of new situations and we might even judge our intuition as "faulty" or "untrustworthy" if we find ourselves in challenging places. What we often unconsciously want is a guarantee that we'll be OK if we follow our intuition.

But, what if our intuition is a tool for our spirit to challenge us to find out that, as spiritual beings, we are always safe, and that we can survive the unknown? What if intuition is a tool so that we can explore our strengths, discover and grow ourselves?

What if we let go of our need for guarantees that we'll be OK if we follow the intuition and start developing a practice of trust?

Can you imagine a life where you rely on this inner power to help, guide and support you?

This beautiful partnership between you and your intuition is like any other relationships, it thrives on trust, respect and love. Acknowledge the presence of this power and develop the thoughts and beliefs that support self-trust, self-worth and self-love. You will have a reliable and most loyal companion in your journey on the river of life.

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