Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Energy Follows Thought

(This article was first published in the Oct/Nov issue of Metta Center email newsletter.)

When I first heard "Energy follows thought," it was all "hocus-pocus" to me. Life, however, is a great equalizer and teacher. After several "unhappy" life conditions (illness, relationship issues, etc.), I looked deep inside myself and, sure enough, I found that I held many negative beliefs that matched these "conditions". Apparently, I had been manifesting negative thoughts. When I decided to shift the thoughts connected to the issues, I noticed that my outer situation changed as well.

Often times we manifest negative results unconsciously. What we feel, think and believe the most is what we will attract.

Have you found that your positive affirmations don't always work? The problem is that these affirmations are not your prevalent thoughts. They are just a very thin veneer over a bunch of outdated and perhaps negative habitual thoughts. Just saying the positive affirmations won't shift your energy much because you are swimming upstream against a current of old thoughts.

Wouldn't you like to wake up to your ability that you can create what you desire by taking full responsibility for your current thoughts?

To shift any situation in your life, try the following three simple, but powerful, steps:
  • Have clarity on what you want (instead of focusing on what you don't want)
  • Be in appreciation of what you already are, have and do; Trust that what you order from the kitchen of the universe will arrive at the right time for you
  • Healing your emotional clutter and shift your limiting beliefs

To help in shifting your thoughts, ask yourself these questions: is it true? How do I react when I think that thought? Who would I be without that thought?

I believe that we are all wizards, we are already creating what we "want" based on our most prevalent thoughts. We can learn to create our own world by being aware of what we are thinking, feeling and believing. It is a simple concept, but may not always be so simple to do. Start by noticing where you spend most of your thoughts now. That step can give you great big clues as to what you are attracting into your life.

I wish you peace, love and joy!

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