Thursday, October 21, 2010

Meeting Angels and Beings of Light

(The following post was first published as an article in May 2005 Metta Center email Newsletter)

How do you connect with Angels and Beings of Light? How do you know who your guardian angel is? You can connect to Archangel Michael, Archangel Raphael, Archangel Gabriel, Buddha, Jesus, Mohammad, Krisna, Tara, etc. And, since there is no ego in their realm, they really don't care whom you called upon. They are just happy that you are willing to turn your attention to the Light Realm for assistance.

No, you don't need incense or candles to make contact with them. If the act of lighting incense and candles brings you to a relaxed state of being then, by all means, enjoy your ritual. But, know that it is not a requirement to connect with these loving beings.

You don't need to believe in them either, even though trusting them will bring clarity to the communication line between you and your angel. Think of doubt as static noise in your communication line.

So, how do you connect? For a first timer, I would suggest that you relax, you can be sitting up or lying down, close your eyes if that helps you cut out distractions. Make an intent in your heart to connect with the Angelic Realm. You can say something like this "I intent to connect with the realm of the Light. I would enjoy a connection with an angel or being of light." After that, just wait. Notice what unfold as your request is being honored. Be open to experience something different than what you expected.

Some people may feel an immense sense of joy or peace enveloping them. Some experience a wonderful flower scent. That's how I first connected with mine!. Some people connect with their Angels through pictures or images. Some people hear a gentle and loving thought or a word flash in their mind. Some people hear some sounds, perhaps not voices but more like simple sounds. Just relax and explore how your unique way of connecting with the Higher Realm feels to you.

Keep in mind that when the angels speak to you, it might sound like your own voice, so you may discount it as your imagination. But, pay attention to the quality of that thought or voice. The angelic communication has a very clear, crisp and loving quality to it and yet is very powerful in its certainty. It is never boastful or demanding. Not even commanding. Those of you who have watched the "Ten Commandments" may be disappointed that the voice of angels are not booming loud.

For a first time experience, I recommend that you keep your angelic connection simple. Just enjoy the experience of sensing and knowing the Angel or Being of Light. No need to ask any questions that takes you to your head instead of staying in your heart. Later, you can start communicating in words, ask your questions and listen for guidance.

If, after a first try, you still do not connect, don't give up. Like I said before, your request to connect with the Angelic Realm will always be honored. Perhaps there's too much static (self doubt) that muddle the connection. Try again.

Connecting with Angels is a very satisfying experience for me. I hope you would enjoy it too. I would enjoy hearing your feedback/comment about your experiences. Please email me with your stories!

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