Friday, December 3, 2010

Giving Thanks

Giving thanks to all the good in our lives can be done every day, as I am sure you all do in one fashion or another. We can do it quite effortlessly with a simple nod, a wink, a pat, a thought, a smile, a hug, a "thanks!", a kiss, a dance, an appreciative whoop -- all are ways to express appreciation.

The best thing about appreciating someone or something is that we can't help but tuned into the energy of love. As we tune into that vibration of love, we are not only the generator but also the recipient of this beautiful connective energy. It really is an amazing feeling to be giving and receiving love in the same instant!

I was recently in a meeting where the person I was meeting with brought her two-year old son along. He was a VERY shy boy, and didn't say a word during the entire one-hour meeting. For a young child, one hour must feel like an eternity. He tried to amuse himself as best as he could, playing with his yellow toy bus as he positioned himself close to his mother. There were times when he seemed really bored with his toy and he would put his head on his mother's lap. She would stroke his head gently, acknowledging him and soothing him with her touch. At the end of our meeting, I caught the boy's eyes as he happened to look my way. I smiled at him and whispered, "Thank you!" This quiet little boy's eyes sparkled and he flashed a big and brilliant smile. He clearly understood that his efforts were being recognized and appreciated. This boy, who didn't utter a word for an entire hour, was giving me an ear-to-ear smile! Yes, I was the one who technically "gave" thanks, but I sure felt like a million bucks receiving that smile!

The next time you give your appreciation to something or someone (even yourself) notice how good it feels as you give thanks. I wouldn't be surprised if, with each appreciation you offer, you are bringing heaven closer to earth.

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