Friday, December 31, 2010

Luxuriate in You!

I was walking in the meadow up the hills from my house, communing with Nature, when I found myself singing a ditty I made up at the spot. "It's getting greener every day," was what I sang to the grass.

Then, as I was basking in the feeling of pure joy, celebrating the grass, the song morphed into, "There is more love every day..." When I first noticed that the words had changed by themselves, I stopped singing. But, in the next breath, I found myself smiling even bigger and so I decided to sing it all the way home, "There is more love every day..."

It was so much fun! I felt brilliantly alive and grand like a majestic oak tree. I was deliriously happy! I don't think it's because the song I was singing was going to be a hit song by any means.

Interestingly, later on the same day, I read Tapas Fleming's wise words in her newsletter: "When we're actually luxuriating in who we really are, we're not having problems and there aren't lessons to learn or things to figure out about core issues. Things may come up that aren't to our liking, but from the relaxed perspective of being at home in ourselves, they're not problems."

I realized that was what I was doing: luxuriating in who I really am - simple joy and peace! No wonder I was feeling so awake and happy! And yeah, there were no problems that day, either! (There might be, but from the point of view of being so alive, I couldn't tell if there were any problems. I just knew that life is great!)

Try it for yourself.  Give yourself time to enjoy who you really are. And love the fact that you're allowing yourself to do it. I think you'd like it very much.

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