Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Spiritual Practice: Violet Flame Meditation

No matter how we choose to cleanse, clear, and heal our body and energy field, it is vitally important to do so regularly. Just as we have physical hygiene, it is really important to have energetic hygiene to maintain our well-being spiritually, mentally and emotionally.

We live in a psychic soup. One way to clear our energy field from psychic debris that accumulate is to use Violet Flame Meditation.

Violet Flame is a gift from Saint Germain to our world. It is an energy of a high vibration that transmutes all negativity within us into positive energy. I find it best if you keep an attitude of appreciation and a beginner's mind when you first do this spiritual practice so you can fully experience the subtle changes in your energy field.

To do this meditation:
  • Get into a comfortable position and close your eyes.
  • Breathe deeply and easily.
  • Quietly, say a decree invoking the violet flame: “Divine Presence and Saint Germain, please charge Violet Flame in, through, and about my body and energy field, consuming all negative energy.”
  • Visualize, or sense, yourself surrounded by the violet flame.
  • Allow yourself to enjoy your transmutation experience. Notice any subtle sensations that you experience during the process.
  • When it feels complete, say, "Thank you" and see or sense the violet flame disappear.
Notice how differently you feel after this meditation.

You can send violet flames to your family and friends, and even a city, to help them transmute negativity into positive energies. You send it as you would send a prayer or as you send thoughts of love.

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