Tuesday, January 25, 2011

What Enchants You

(This article was first published in the January 2006 issue of Metta Center Newsletter.)

When you allow yourself to be enchanted, you are saying yes to life. Saying yes to life opens doors for opportunities and inspirations. Saying yes to life means you are in alignment with the flow of life. Saying yes to life means spending less energy resisting, thus, less pain and suffering. Saying yes to life connects you to your own spirit. You experience more ease, peace and joy.

When I feel stuck or restless, I recognize this as signs that I have been in resistance. My old pattern was to grit my teeth and stick it out. “Don't give up, keep at it!” I would think to myself. It was not an option to give myself 5 minutes to pause and to do something that enchant me, whether to admire a beautiful flower, or look at the sky, or feel the breeze or listen to nature. By persistently pushing, I ended up spending a lot of energy in getting myself out of whatever it was that I was stuck in, and not being very effective at helping myself either.

Now, I have learned that spending just 5 minutes to pause, reflect, admire and appreciate life in all its myriad of forms is all I need to bring me back in touch with ease and peace, which is the power of Spirit. This is the power of my spirit, your spirit, our spirit.

Each of us has the ability to connect with our divinity 24/7. One way to consciously connect with this divine power within is to give ourselves the permission to be in joy. When I spend 5 minutes to be enchanted and in wonder, I find myself filled with delight and a sense of aliveness, effortlessly. When we feel good, we vibrate higher and we invite more of the joys and ease in life. We also find that we increase our capacity to respond to life challenges with more grace and trust.

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