Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Oh, How Sweet It Is to be Love...

(This article was first published in the February 2008 Metta Center Newsletter.)

It is interesting for me to observe that the more I appreciate, adore and accept all of life, the sweeter I find life and the more loved I feel.

Of course, it feels so counter-intuitive to feel loved when I am the one doing the loving.  But, here in lies the wisdom of love - when you give it freely, without expecting anything in return, you receive it in return. I believe that when we love, we feel good inside because we are in complete harmony and integrity with who we truly are, Love itself.

I enjoy being Love and allowing love to flow through me, or should I say more accurately, allowing myself to flow with the energy of my Source, the Love within me. Sometimes, it feels like my stomach and chest is being tickled with mirth and laughter. So much joy, love and wonder flow through me. I feel expansive, clear, peaceful, safe, powerful, free, playful, soft, happy, compassionate and kind, all at the same time. It is truly an amazing and glorious feeling!

My journey to love hasn't been all rosy and sweet. Yet, during this journey (still on it), I have grown wiser, clearer, healthier, happier, and freer. I have many friends and teachers, physical and non-physical, along the way, and all have helped me come to learn to trust, to love, to honor and to recognize the love that I truly am as well as to see the love that we all are and surrounded by.

One of my biggest A-ha moments was to realize that at each moment, I have the freedom to accept my Soul and Life's invitation to resonate with Love and Light, or to decline it. For quite some time, I struggled with that, believing that it would be very difficult for me to hold the Love and Light resonance if I still held remaining dark resonance (fear), and that it would take me a long time to build the faith and courage to leave what I was familiar with and plunge ahead to the unknown. It dawned on me later that it really was not as hard as I believed it would be. To be the Love that I am, I was not required to go through such contrast of darkness one moment, and brilliant Light, the next. I had the expansiveness to hold both as I allowed my healing journey from darkness to light. That was such a liberating thought: to allow myself to accept who I am now as I embrace and become the deeper Me. That was one of the cornerstones of my practices of love: accepting myself where I am now and allowing myself to be.

Words don't teach, life does. As I allow myself to be, I am more allowing of others to be as well. When I hold the perception that nobody has to be different (not even myself) for me to feel good, my relationships with others (and with myself) have improved tremendously. It is indeed eye-opening for me to see that the best way for me to be in harmony with others, especially with my loved ones, is for me to be in harmony with Me! When I do that, I can see that I am co-creating peace and harmony!

Inspired by the teachings of Abraham-Hicks, my idea of self-love is to be selfish enough to want to feel good, and to allow myself to feel good by choosing to maintain my connection with the Source of my well-being. I do this through appreciating, acknowledging, accepting, honoring, respecting, adoring, recognizing the beauty, wonder and goodness in me, in others and in life.

One of my intentions is to walk on this beautiful earth with love and appreciation of life in every moment. I make it my practice to find what is good in me, in others, in life and in everything. Sometimes, I find it difficult to do so. In these cases, I remember that these challenges are life's invitation for me to remember to resonate with Love again.

When I adore, accept and appreciate, I experience not only this warm glowy feeling inside me, I also feel full and filled with abundant well-being. We all can connect to our Inner Source of well-being and powerful love. We all can experience the wonderful and delicious feeling of being Love itself! It begins with appreciating ourselves, the one person whom we are with 24/7.

May you discover, enjoy and bask in the joy and beauty of the Love that you truly are!

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