Sunday, September 25, 2011

Cultivating Faith in Yourself

(This article was first published in December 2006 Metta Center Newsletter.)

Coming to have faith in myself has been quite a discovery process for me. It has been, and still is, very enlightening, sometimes frustrating and always very fulfilling.

I have learned to cultivate self-faith in these various ways:

  • Clear the fearful thoughts/perspectives whenever I recognize and feel them. I meditate on the thoughts and release them to Light to transmute the energy, or use EFT, TAT, Reiki or Angel Healing work to shift the thought patterns. I also reframe my thoughts by choosing different and more empowering thoughts.
  • When I find that I am doubting myself, I focus on the various ways I have come through for myself or others in the past. Here, I practice being aware of my self-talk, and change the pattern from being self-critical to self-supportive. When we remember own past resourcefulness, we remind ourselves of the capacity we have but have forgotten (or didn't give ourselves credit for), and we also invites surprising talents and untapped potential to show up in our lives.
  • Be still, listen to the calling of my heart and allow it to lead. This practice was the most challenging one for me for it requires the utmost willingness within me to surrender and embrace the unknown.
  • If I can't get in touch with the powerful faith from within myself for whatever reason, I ask the Angels to fill me with the vibration of faith, and focus my attention on that vibration.
These are just practices and ways that I have found worked well for me. There are many approaches that can help one grow one's faith. If you are ready to develop more faith in yourself, contact me and we can design a mentoring program to suit your needs of healing, growing and learning.

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