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Accepting Grace

On this coming Thursday, in the U.S. we will be celebrating Thanksgiving Holiday. A special day in the year that is set aside to appreciate our blessings. Receiving all the myriads of blessings in our lives with joy and gratitude is a powerful and uplifting spiritual practice that can be easily done on a daily basis. It is easy to be grateful when things are going our way but what about when the events in our life are not to our liking? Accepting our "fate" may feel like defeat and where's the glory in that? Here are some tips to help you to feel good (and grateful) about your life, even when things are not going well: Take the time to find something in your life that is going well . I found that when I pay attention to the beauty, the peace, the harmony, the quietness, the gentleness, the ease, the spaciousness, the safety, and the love that IS around, the ordinary becomes extraordinary. It is so helpful to remember that we are all worthy to receive grace by v

The Power of Gratitude

 "Gratitude is heaven itself." ~ William Blake Offering gratitude is way to open your heart. Gratitude is an outflow of positive feelings and, in return, you receive an inflow of positive feelings. This flow of energy exchange keeps your heart soft and open, ready for more blessings and giving. It improves your mood and attitude about life, and it opens you for more wonders in life. As we approach Thanksgiving Day and the holiday season, I invite you to take some quiet time for reflection. Just remember and appreciate all that you are, all that you have and all that you have done. Notice what that does to your heart chakra. About five years ago, I started my daily ritual of giving thanks when I woke up in the morning and when I go to bed at night. This daily ritual helps me honor and value the everyday blessings in my life. This practice also helps me be aware of the wonders of the world and be in the child's mind, open and receptive. Here's another gratitude p


Divine Energy, which flows through everything and all of us, is always accessible to us. Accessing the Divine Energy is quite easy. Just intend to do so. Take a moment now, and say to yourself, "I intend to connect with Light", or "I intend to connect with my Divine Source," and wait for an experience. Intend and decide that you can connect and align with your Divine Energy quite effortlessly and it will happen for you in that manner. Your experience will be different from another person's, for your connection and your relationship with your Divine Energy is uniquely yours. Please don’t compare what you experience with another person's experience. There are times when it is more challenging to connect with this wonderful, beautiful part of you, especially if you have been focused for a long time on that which is not working, what you do not have yet, or what you are doing wrong still in your life. How do you get from a place where you feel separated from you

A Universe in Balance

I feel so very blessed indeed. Today, I saw the harvest moon rise over the hills on my right side as the sun set over the San Francisco Bay on my left side! I was witnessing a perfectly balanced moment in life. Later, my husband told me that on his flight out to Denver early this morning, he saw the moon set and the sun rose. What an amazing synchronicity! He, too, witnessed a perfectly balanced cosmos in motion. Wow. Yin and Yang, the sun and the moon, night and day, dancing in perfect harmony. I sighed in great awe and love for this great gift of an amazingly balanced universe. My heart is still singing with pure gladness! It feels so brilliant and expansive with joy! I simply LOVE this feeling!