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Nature as Elixir of Peace

(This article was first published in March 2007 Metta Center email newsletter.) Nature has always inspired the feelings of peace and joy in me. However, I haven't always understood the value of spending time in it and accessing the magic it offers. There were times where beautiful days, rain or shine, were presented to me and I didn't even notice because my focus was elsewhere (to past, present and future problems). That was my old habit. One day, it dawned on me that I have this programming to fix all of my problems before I allow myself to be at peace. I realized that this programming had been in place because it was useful at some level. It had kept me from being too lackadaisical and complacent, and from running away from my issues and not dealing with them. So, it served me a great and holy purpose. Since this programming no longer served me, I decided to clear it by first thanking it for its loyal service and send it to the Light for release. Next, I claim my new pro

Miracles of Spring

What a beautiful day it is today! The sky is blue, the blades of grass dancing in the gentle wind, the sun light bouncing off the leaves creating such an ethereal scene in front of me. The birds are singing happily. The rain had nourished the Earth with its liquid joy and blessings of growth. I think flowers are Heaven's messengers on earth reminding us of the delights in life. Just looking at them, I feel all tickled inside, happy and light. Spring is so filled with life renewed and remembered. It is a celebration of Life itself. Ah, life is so beautifully, intensely, gloriously, and magnificently alive! What a delicious feeling that is! Wishing you blessed and light-filled days in your world!

EFT Script: Releasing the Limiting Belief " I Have to Struggle or Fail Financially."

(This EFT script assumes that you already have a working knowledge of EFT. If you are not familiar with EFT, you can find a brief introduction to this powerful self-healing technique in my " EFT Tapping Points " webpage. For information regarding EFT trainings, you can visit , , or ) Here's an EFT script to help you release the pattern of struggling financially, or have challenges on getting your finances on a healthy track. Say this statement to yourself, "I have to struggle or fail financially." Check how true it feels in your gut (not how logical it is). Give this "truth-meter" a measurement: 0 = not true at all, 10 =  most true. Make a note of it. Take a deep breath, and let's do some tapping. Ready? Tap on your Karate Chop, or rub on your Sore Spot, while saying the following setup phrases (the words are suggestion only, please feel free to change them to whatever words that

Hope Springs Eternal

In one of my recent meditations, I was reminded by Spirit that we bring the energy of hope and love onto the planet, by allowing ourselves to be happy and appreciative of our lives. Like the rain that comes in spring time, inviting seeds to grow into seedlings, our feelings of happiness and appreciation nurture the energetic seedlings of hope and wholeness for the collective consciousness. When I asked how we can best support those who are affected by the latest current events (Japan, Middle East, etc.) Spirit answered, "Appreciate them."  How can our feelings of happiness and appreciation help anyone, or make any significant contribution, especially to people who live far away? At the energetic level, when we allow ourselves to be happy and feel appreciative, we feel amazing! And this beautiful, radiant energy invites everyone across the globe to rise up to that vibration as well. This life-giving energy helps others on the planet permit themselves to hope and love d