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The Absolute Joy of Giving

(This article was first published in November 2007 Metta Center email newsletter.) Yesterday, I was sitting outside in my garden. I closed my eyes for a moment, enjoying the sun and feeling the gentle wind on my face. I heard the hummingbird calls and the songs of robins. The air was perfumed with the late-blooming roses. I decided to open my eyes, and invited my Inner Being to see the world with me. I noticed that sun felt warmer. There was joy reflected on the leaves as the sunrays bounced off them. The air smelled so sweet. I felt so alive! My heart was filled with warm, glowing feelings of joy and I loved it! I felt like jumping up and down like a kid for the sheer joy of being in love with life itself. Then I heard, "It is from this place of abundance that you can truly give what you have." I was reminded that joyful giving comes from a place of fullness, not lack. From a place filled with love, not fear. From a place of ease, not striving. From non-attachment, not fro

Thank You, Universe, for...

the sun, gentle and warm on my skin the soft wind that dances with the leaves and caresses my hair the brilliant, sparkling colors I see the blue skies of the morning, the white clouds, the turquoise sky with pink clouds at sunsets, the red trees and orange vines the vibrant green grass in November, glistening under the sun the beautiful and gentle woods with smells so sweet the songs of birds reminding me to celebrate life a life so filled with wonders and amazing gifts... Thank You.