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Breathing Meditation

One of my clients has taught me this simple and yet profoundly beautiful meditation. The instructions are simple: 1. Breath in love 2. Breath out joy 3. Repeat ad infinitum until you feel done Give it a try. I found that this meditation quickly aligns me with such delicious feelings of well-being! Thank you, R.S., for sharing this wonderful meditation with me.


It is winter here in the Bay Area. The temperature has plummeted, the rain has visited, the sunlight is paler, and many of  the trees have dropped their leaves. Mother Earth is making space for a new beginning. Winter inspires gentle stillness within me. In that stillness, I can feel the acknowledgment of what has been and the quiet excitement of what is to come. Winter teaches how we can hold a graceful balance between the old and the new. It teaches how we can honor the process of transformation. Take a moment to be still and go inward. Honor that place, where what has been and what is coming can come together in peace.

Thank You, 2009!

What are you happy with in 2009? What are you grateful for? What surprised you this year? I love using EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) to tap while naming what I am grateful for and appreciate in my life. This process allows me to embody the vibration of appreciation (which feels really good!) and also shifts my energy even more towards Love. Not only do I feel very peaceful, but I also notice that it is easier to attract what I want in life when I vibrate in this gratitude state! So, here's an example of my Gratitude Tapping that you can use to express your appreciation for 2009 as you welcome 2010! Of course, change the words around to fit what you are truly grateful for. I skip the Karate Chop point and go straight to the meridian points on the face, body and head. I also skip all the tapping points on the fingers, but you can definitely add them back into your gratitude tapping routine. For details on EFT Tapping Points, click here . Eyebrow: I am grateful for a li


The following post was first published as an article in December 2006 Metta Center Newsletter.   As the holiday season approaches, I couldn't help but read all the messages of peace, hope, joy and love everywhere I look. These messages delight me because, whether or not they are consciously noticed at all, they subliminally invite us to explore and experience these wonderful qualities of ourselves. Ask yourself: Do you give yourself the license to feel and accept these high vibration feelings, or do you shrink away from them? This season also brings me to contemplate the topic of faith, particularly faith in oneself. What is “faith” really? Is it a conviction, or is it trust? What does it feel like, to have faith in yourself? How do you know if you have enough of it? And, if you are short of it, where do you get more? To me, having faith in myself means having complete trust that I contain within me all the skills, talents, guidance and wisdom I need to manifest my spirit, m