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"Change is the constant, the signal for rebirth, the egg of the phoenix." ~ Christina Baldwin Here autumn comes -- the changing colors of leaves, the pale sunlight, the chills in the air, the leaf-dropping breeze, and rainfall that nourishes the earth. Mother earth is again changing her cloak. She looks so beautiful! Changes take place in life all the time. Life is growth, therefore its nature is to change. Since we are part of life, we are part of the flow of change itself. To me, change is to leave the old behind and welcome the new into our lives. I think suffering comes from resisting the natural rythms and changes inherent in our own unique flow, our own unique imprint of divine life-force. When change comes knocking in your life, open your door and welcome it! Let go of the old thoughts and patterns, welcome the new seeds of hope and follow your own heart's bidding for more growth. Give yourself the chance to see who you are becoming! Wishing y