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How to Create Effective Positive Affirmations

(This article was first published in May 2007 Metta Center email newsletter.) Our thoughts are something we can control. At some deep level, we choose our thoughts. What we choose, we focus on and it grows! Be willing to be aware of every thought you have without fear or judgment. This is how we can be "in control" of our lives. Not through controlling others, but by being aware of our thoughts and knowing we have the freedom to choose a new way of thinking when we realize the old thoughts don't serve us. This is a process of self-realization. Every thought we think is an affirmation. To borrow a computer acronym, what you think is what you get (WYTIWYG) in your life. Your thoughts create your life experiences. Negative thoughts are negative affirmations and create life-alienating experiences. Positive thoughts are positive affirmations that support the creation of a life that you prefer. Positive affirmations can really help shift your energy vibration to be more align