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Divine Blessings

"The most beautiful experience we can have is the mysterious." ~ Albert Einstein Several nights ago, I was out looking at the stars during my "blue time," the time in the early evening when the sun has just set and the world seems to be under water with blue hues everywhere. I love that time of the day, it feels magical and wondrous to me. During that time, as I ran my fingers along the blueness as if I could touch its essence of gentleness, I felt and heard the blessings: "All this peace, beauty and love is for you, for your family and for the world, Christine." In that moment, I felt deeply connected to a such delicious source of contentedness and I found my body tingling in ease. I said "I accept, I accept, I accept." It felt really good to allow and accept blessings. At that moment I remembered again that there is nothing but love, even if I sometimes forget. I love opening up, tapping into and allowing myself to connect to the Divin