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Children Full of Life

A deeply moving and inspiring video: A wise friend said: "I love the way the teacher said when you share/empathize, then you have that person living with you in your heart."

EFT Script: Changing Universe

One of my clients commented, "No matter how good I have been, I still get punished!" This pattern often stems from underlying beliefs such as "Life is not fair!", or "It is not safe to love/to be happy/to be good". As my client and I tapped through her beliefs, a thought that we all are free to change Universes bubbled up. It was such an a-ha moment! One where you shout, "of course!" What a liberating and delicious thought it is to consider that we can easily change Universes to a new one that fits us better. Who would have thunk it, eh? Here's a sample EFT script to free yourself from old patterns by changing your universe. Think of a pattern you'd like to let go of, and tap along the script below. In this script, I use the aforementioned pattern which troubled my client as an example. Tapping on the Karate Chop or rubbing on the Sore Spot, say the following Setup Statement either aloud or in your mind. "Even though no mat

Winter Wish

May you have no barriers in your heart. May all that flows your way bathe you in loving kindness. May all that flows through you nourish others with loving kindness. May you know the gift of the open heart. ~ Thich Nhat Hanh