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Is It Safe Yet?

I was using TAT (Tapas Acupressure Technique) to help myself soothe this anxious feeling in my chest this morning. (If you haven't checked out TAT yet, I recommend that you visit .) This anxious feeling was definitely all inside-driven. I am truly blessed with many good things in my outer life: beauty, harmony, love, peace, joy, abundance, and grace. So, the anxious feeling stuck out like a sore thumb. I was guessing that it was the "old shoe gonna drop" syndrome that I sometimes feel when things are going really well in my life. So, I proceeded to do Step 1 of TAT: "Everything that resulting in me resonating, identifying and connecting with this feeling happened." And I sat with that statement for a minute or two, just being with it. I was making space for energies, impressions, sensations, thoughts and feelings to move through me. I moved on to Step 2: "Everything that resulting in me resonating, identifying and connecting with this feelin

Having Your Miracles

Happy New Year! My intentions for this New Year are simple: miracles, abundance and healing. Miracles are wonderful to experience and really not as hard to manifest as we often make them out to be. To have miracles, first we need to redefine and expand our definition of what a miracle is. Does it have to come with an angel voice, or does it have to be the impossible made possible? Is it enough if the miracle is simply a single tiny life in a barren landscape? I have learned that when we allow our eyes to open and truly see that there are miracles already happening right now around and within us, we invite even more miracles into our lives. Life is a miracle itself, precious and full of wonders. Our body is an amazing miracle as well! We allow more miracles into our lives when we allow ourselves to do something different than what we normally would, even if that difference is very small. Let me tell you about my miracle today. It was a beautiful and exquisite day today: the