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Soul Wisdom

(This article was first published in the July 2007 Metta Center email newsletter.) When we embrace the soul's prompting to follow our inner desires and timing, the deeper wisdom of the soul is expressed. Here is an example from a Reiki/EFT session where I had the joy to witness the soul at work. This is why I love my work: when we trust our inner guidance, everyone involved is uplifted --  it is pure magic in action! This client had been a shy person for most of his life.  He came to our session without really knowing what to work on next. So, we decided to leave it to his Higher Self to guide us. As we did our Reiki session, I felt his inner yearning to become more of the person he is capable of being, and yet there was a voice that indicated how shy and fearful he was feeling about becoming who he really is. Here was an inner conflict about moving forward. I mentioned this inner conflict to the client, and we agreed to use EFT to peel the onion and go to the next laye