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The Gifts of a New Year

New Year is an exciting time for me. It is true that we can start anew any day, any time and every day. However, New Year always holds a special energy of growth for me. There is an energy of excitement, and anticipation of all wonderful things. And, the New Year bears with it powerful potentiality ready to express itself. Setting your sacred intention for the New Year is a powerful step to consciously create the year that you want. Unlike a New Year's resolution, setting a sacred intention for the New Year is not about just setting goals to be reached. It is more about setting the "flavor" for the year: what spiritual qualities would you fill your new year with? For example, if you would like to have a year of meaningful work and deep connection with others, your intention could be something along the line, "I intend to create a meaningful life for me filled with fulfilling work and loving relationships with others." Maybe what you would like is to explo


I call this the other "F" word. No, not because it is insulting or derogatory in any way. It is just that it has so much charge associated with it, almost like the word "God". Many people are turned off by it, and some people  get defensive when this word is mentioned as a possibility to heal and change a situation. I think that is because we each have such varied definitions of forgiveness. Oh yes, I have heard about forgiveness since I was a little girl.  What I thought as of forgiveness was simply not to talk about the issue or think about it anymore. On the surface, all was "forgiven", but not really. In my early 30s, something happened in my life that shook me to the core and brought out all my fears. I felt bewildered, trapped and scared. Right around that time, someone gave me a book by Gary Zukav "The Seat of the Soul". I read it to take my mind off the situation. And, somewhere in it, I remembered reading that when we are face

Happy New Year!

You suppose you are the trouble But you are the cure You suppose that you are the lock on the door But you are the key that opens it It's too bad that you want to be someone else You don't see your own face, your own beauty Yet, no face is more beautiful than yours. - Rumi Here's to your blossoming and growing in bliss, peace, joy, abundance and light! Namaste, Christine