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Spiritual Practice: Violet Flame Meditation

No matter how we choose to cleanse, clear, and heal our body and energy field, it is vitally important to do so regularly. Just as we have physical hygiene, it is really important to have energetic hygiene to maintain our well-being spiritually, mentally and emotionally. We live in a psychic soup. One way to clear our energy field from psychic debris that accumulate is to use Violet Flame Meditation. Violet Flame is a gift from Saint Germain to our world. It is an energy of a high vibration that transmutes all negativity within us into positive energy. I find it best if you keep an attitude of appreciation and a beginner's mind when you first do this spiritual practice so you can fully experience the subtle changes in your energy field. To do this meditation: Get into a comfortable position and close your eyes. Breathe deeply and easily. Quietly, say a decree invoking the violet flame: “Divine Presence and Saint Germain, please charge Violet Flame in, through, and about m

What Enchants You

(This article was first published in the January 2006 issue of Metta Center Newsletter.) When you allow yourself to be enchanted, you are saying yes to life. Saying yes to life opens doors for opportunities and inspirations. Saying yes to life means you are in alignment with the flow of life. Saying yes to life means spending less energy resisting, thus, less pain and suffering. Saying yes to life connects you to your own spirit. You experience more ease, peace and joy. When I feel stuck or restless, I recognize this as signs that I have been in resistance. My old pattern was to grit my teeth and stick it out. “Don't give up, keep at it!” I would think to myself. It was not an option to give myself 5 minutes to pause and to do something that enchant me, whether to admire a beautiful flower, or look at the sky, or feel the breeze or listen to nature. By persistently pushing, I ended up spending a lot of energy in getting myself out of whatever it was that I was stuck in, and not

Happy New Year!

May you easily find yourself surrounded by and recall the feeling of fresh beginnings, a sense of new and wonderful possibilities coming your way, the spirit of joy, and the expectations of hopes fulfilled all year round! A dear friend has forwarded this beautiful music to me as a New Year's gift. Listening to Eric Whitacre's angelic Virtual Choir, "Lux Arumque," transported me to a heavenly realm. May this beautiful and magnificent expression of the spirit of humanity be a gift to you as well. To find out more about this amazing story of how people from all over the world has come together and made this sublime choir: . With love and blessings now and throughout the year, Christine