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Angel Healing Tip: Clearing Other People's Energy From Your Auric Space

In relationships, we often are operating on the assumption that the emotions we are feeling are our own. However, in many cases, the emotions you felt while engaging with another person are not yours but the other person's. This is a shocking thing to discover for many people, and they are often totally unaware that emotions are shared among people. We are rarely aware of the origin of the emotion we are feeling. So much difficulty arises in relationships because we don't understand this fact. Imagine how you might be behaving because you are taking on someone else's anger as yours, for instance. Fortunately, each one of us has a Divine Presence, our Higher Self, which will act on our behalf, and this part of us have a solution to help us maintain our energy system so that we can respond from a place of clarity. To clear other's energy (thoughts and emotions) from your auric space as well as from your physical body, use the decree: "Divine Presence clear my

Miracles 'R' Us

 (This article was first published in May 2007 Metta Center email newsletter. While the birds were long gone now, the message of the article still holds true in my heart today. I invite you to consider the miracle that YOU are!) My family and I have been watching a bird making a nest on top of a beam under our eaves. We think it is the future mama bird that is making the nest. There is a red one (we think this is the papa bird) who is always nearby singing to her as she works. It has been four days now since the birds started their nest, and we've seen how the nest is built piece by piece from blades of dried grass, small twigs, dried forget-me-nots. The colors are really lovely, a little baby blue from the flowers, green from the grass and soft greys from the twigs. (I wonder if the mama bird thought of color swatches as she builts her nest!) When I see how much care she is putting into preparing and creating a home for the new lives that are coming, I feel very touched and