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Donna Eden's Energy Exercises

I love Donna Eden's work. Donna Eden has taught thousands of people how to understand the body as an energy system, to recognize their aches and pains as signals of energy imbalance, and to reclaim their natural healing capabilities. She has written many books on the subject, and one of my favorites is "Energy Medicine." I have sent the link to Donna Eden's short video-clip to many of my clients, and many have emailed me back telling me that her exercises are very beneficial and effective in helping them shift their energy. Here's her wonderful little video showing you a 5-minute daily energy exercise that is bound to pep your energy up. You can find out more about her work in her website:

Constricted Breathing Technique

Gary Craig, the creator of EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), developed this tapping exercise and noticed that people were getting wonderful healing results by doing this process 2-5 times a day. It can greatly reduce anxiety and bring a sense of deep relaxation. Perhaps you have noticed that when you feel fearful or stressed or anxious or angry, your breathing is shallower than if you were feeling relaxed. When faced with a traumatic or shocking experience, or any experience we don't want to accept, we often hold our breath as a way to say "NO" to the incoming data. It is basically a defense mechanism that many of us develop, often on an unconscious level. When we do this tapping exercise, often our body will simply release the unconsciously-held trauma and we just feel better. That's a wonderful experience! Sometimes, as a result of doing this exercise, we will be in touch with some long-forgotten (or repressed) emotional issue because it is time to bring heali