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A Message from Archangel Michael

Archangel Michael's name means "he who is like God" or "he who looks like God". To me, his vibration is one of infinite love and patience. I could be throwing a fit, angry at God, and he would still come to my side. I don't always hear him, but he always makes it known he is here with his vibration of love and faith. If you are in a pinch, or just want to try to connect with him, call him. You can say "Archangel Michael, please come to me now. I need to talk." and then just talk like you would with a friend. Don't worry, you are not insane when you hear him. He is very real and very gentle. Beloved, Much have you learned, o dear ones. You have come a long way since you began your journey home. Fear not that you must suffer more. Light is strong now on earth. We are preparing for the return of the Christ consciousness in each of you. Be willing to accept the Love within. There are sorrow in some of you. Please release them to us. We cannot take

Dare to Be Clear

This article was first published in Metta Center email newsletter (October 2, 2007 issue.) "Learn to get in touch with the silence within yourself, and know that everything in life has purpose. There are no mistakes, no coincidences, all events are blessings given to us to learn from." ~ Elizabeth Kubler-Ross A while back, a client asked me, "Do you ever get overwhelmed?" To which I replied, "Of course!" I have come to understand the teachings of this emotion we call "overwhelment." I have learned to appreciate and celebrate its message, and its energy can be harnessed to gain powerful clarity into what is needed to bring my life back to balance. Feeling overwhelmed is an indicator that we are not centered in our being. Think of it as being out of the range of joy, love and appreciation that is our natural element. When we heed the message of this emotion and choose to apply its wisdom in our life, we can turn our situation around for the better,

Meditation: The Joy of Breath

Here's a simple and powerful meditation to help you connect with the true power and magic of your breath. Often we take our breath for granted. Do you ever wonder what you would experience if you spent time honoring and marvelling at each breath you took in? Ready to find out? Here are the steps: Get comfortable, either standing up, seated or lying down. Just allow yourself to feel at ease and deeply supported by the ground, the chair, or whatever surface you are on. Close your eyes and take several nice, deep breaths. Allow your mind and body to relax. Be aware of your breaths. Notice the temperature of your breath coming in and going out. Notice how your chest or your belly gently moves up and down in sync with your breathing. Notice that each breath is so unique and different. Spend some time doing this and you will feel even more relaxed. Next, allow yourself to do something different with your breath: honor it, marvel in it, adore it, love it, enjoy and appreciate it a

Remembering Self

If you knew of a very sad, scared, lonely, or angry part of you, what would you give it to heal it? So very often we look outward for sympathy, for assistance, for support, for gifts of love. But we forgot to look inward and give what we want to ourselves. Recently, I was very ill. While lying in bed, I took the time to go inward and seek the root-cause of my illness and bring healing to it. In my inner journey, I met a very sad part of me deep inside, where both time and I had forgotten her. There she was suddenly, front and center, both a visual image and a knowing. I knew from reading the Abraham-Hicks books that if whenever I feel a powerful negative emotion that means there is something really important that I want. I noticed how sad this part of me was, so I asked her what she wanted to feel better. She just looked at me, confused, as if she didn't know what to do with that question. No one had ever asked her before what she wanted. She started wailing because she realized ho