Friday, December 25, 2009

Breathing Meditation

One of my clients has taught me this simple and yet profoundly beautiful meditation.

The instructions are simple:
1. Breath in love
2. Breath out joy
3. Repeat ad infinitum until you feel done

Give it a try. I found that this meditation quickly aligns me with such delicious feelings of well-being!

Thank you, R.S., for sharing this wonderful meditation with me.


It is winter here in the Bay Area. The temperature has plummeted, the rain has visited, the sunlight is paler, and many of  the trees have dropped their leaves. Mother Earth is making space for a new beginning.

Winter inspires gentle stillness within me. In that stillness, I can feel the acknowledgment of what has been and the quiet excitement of what is to come. Winter teaches how we can hold a graceful balance between the old and the new. It teaches how we can honor the process of transformation.

Take a moment to be still and go inward. Honor that place, where what has been and what is coming can come together in peace.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Thank You, 2009!

What are you happy with in 2009? What are you grateful for? What surprised you this year?

I love using EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) to tap while naming what I am grateful for and appreciate in my life. This process allows me to embody the vibration of appreciation (which feels really good!) and also shifts my energy even more towards Love. Not only do I feel very peaceful, but I also notice that it is easier to attract what I want in life when I vibrate in this gratitude state!

So, here's an example of my Gratitude Tapping that you can use to express your appreciation for 2009 as you welcome 2010! Of course, change the words around to fit what you are truly grateful for.

I skip the Karate Chop point and go straight to the meridian points on the face, body and head. I also skip all the tapping points on the fingers, but you can definitely add them back into your gratitude tapping routine. For details on EFT Tapping Points, click here.

Eyebrow: I am grateful for a life full of growth, joy and well-being that I have been blessed with this year!

Side of Eye: I appreciate my health, my freedom, my body, my family, my friends, my clients, my colleagues, my students and teachers, my home...

Under Eye: I love experiencing new things and discovering more of who I am and what I am capable of...

Under Nose: I appreciate my freedom to be whom I want to be...

Chin: I am so grateful for the opportunities and support to grow in all aspects of my life, to joyfully fulfill my life purpose and to do what I love...

Collarbone: I love knowing and experiencing that there are always beauty and gentleness around us...

Under Arm: I love the insights, guidance and inspiration I receive every day. I love feeling so connected to my Source! I love the synchronicities I experience regularly in my life...

Top of Head: I appreciate all the blessings in my life! I am delighted to know that I live in an abundant Universe and I welcome the many more blessings that are coming my way!

Please note:
The EFT script above is provided as a good faith effort to expand the use of EFT in the world. It represents my ideas and do not necessarily represent those of Gary Craig or EFT. Complete understanding of EFT and the EFT training videos are available at


The following post was first published as an article in December 2006 Metta Center Newsletter.
As the holiday season approaches, I couldn't help but read all the messages of peace, hope, joy and love everywhere I look. These messages delight me because, whether or not they are consciously noticed at all, they subliminally invite us to explore and experience these wonderful qualities of ourselves. Ask yourself: Do you give yourself the license to feel and accept these high vibration feelings, or do you shrink away from them?

This season also brings me to contemplate the topic of faith, particularly faith in oneself. What is “faith” really? Is it a conviction, or is it trust? What does it feel like, to have faith in yourself? How do you know if you have enough of it? And, if you are short of it, where do you get more?

To me, having faith in myself means having complete trust that I contain within me all the skills, talents, guidance and wisdom I need to manifest my spirit, my own unique signature and vibration, into the physical world. When I have faith in myself, everything is possible and doable. When I have faith in myself, in my heart and inspirations, I am one with the universal creative power. When I have faith in myself, I feel engaged in life. Obstacles are not problems, just challenges that are surmountable.

When I have lost faith in myself -- or perhaps more accurately, when I hear fearful thoughts within me and value the fears more than the faith in myself -- I will feel "off". Life becomes a series of tedious and complicated processes. Small problems loom huge. I feel stuck, irritable, anxious, confused, flat or simply depressed. When these symptoms appear in my life, that's a clue to me that I am heading off course.

To stay on my spiritual path, Spirit is constantly inviting me to cultivate more faith in myself, to remember who I really am, and to develop even more trust in my inspirations. I often happily oblige, but when I resist it, that's OK too; it simply means I have more learning to do, particularly on loving myself. This is the time for resolving my shadows, healing past wounds, recognizing my unique contributions and potentials and learning new ways to fill my own needs. As I do my spiritual work on myself, I grow in my understanding of myself. I grow in my compassion and faith in myself, and in all humanity.

Cultivating faith in myself has been a journey of understanding and accepting who I am, where I am and where I am going.

I love this quote from James Thorton: "Ultimately, we must learn to trust ourselves. When we do this intimately and intelligently, the world opens full of meaning before us. We find that we ourselves are the doorway to a fathomless understanding of the source of life itself. We need only to learn to walk through it."

Wishing you great peace, wonders and joy as you walk through your life, learning to unfold your magical self, one inspiring breath at a time!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Accepting Grace

On this coming Thursday, in the U.S. we will be celebrating Thanksgiving Holiday. A special day in the year that is set aside to appreciate our blessings.

Receiving all the myriads of blessings in our lives with joy and gratitude is a powerful and uplifting spiritual practice that can be easily done on a daily basis.

It is easy to be grateful when things are going our way but what about when the events in our life are not to our liking? Accepting our "fate" may feel like defeat and where's the glory in that?

Here are some tips to help you to feel good (and grateful) about your life, even when things are not going well:
  • Take the time to find something in your life that is going well. I found that when I pay attention to the beauty, the peace, the harmony, the quietness, the gentleness, the ease, the spaciousness, the safety, and the love that IS around, the ordinary becomes extraordinary.
  • It is so helpful to remember that we are all worthy to receive grace by virtue of who we truly are: spiritual beings in human form and beloved children of the universe.
  • Think of some of the blessings that other people have brought into your life. Perhaps a stranger offered a kind word of support or comfort during a difficult time, or maybe a friend offered a word of guidance or inspiration that helped take you to a new vantage point. Focus on your heart and visualize a gentle glow in your chest. Feel your heart swell with gratitude as you reflect that all these blessings were offered to you in the spirit of love.
  • Contemplate this possibility: even those whom you have difficulty loving are offering you their love. Maybe it is not the kind of love you want, but it is love the best way they could give you. When you begin to see that all that has ever been offered to you is love, whether or not you like the particular flavor, you will find it easier to accept grace.
  • Use EFT or TAT (or whatever other energy therapy tools that you prefer) to shift your limiting beliefs involving love and worthiness, such as: "Nothing can change for me, I will never be loveable enough, worthy enough or good enough," or "There is nothing in this world that I truly love," or "There is nothing worth loving in this world," etc. You will find yourself in a better-feeling place where you can be open to new perspectives about your situation.
I believe that is the power of grace -- seeing what is already present with new recognition and appreciation. It is a practice of trusting in the abundance of the world around us, and remembering our own true worthiness.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

The Power of Gratitude

 "Gratitude is heaven itself." ~ William Blake

Offering gratitude is way to open your heart. Gratitude is an outflow of positive feelings and, in return, you receive an inflow of positive feelings. This flow of energy exchange keeps your heart soft and open, ready for more blessings and giving. It improves your mood and attitude about life, and it opens you for more wonders in life.

As we approach Thanksgiving Day and the holiday season, I invite you to take some quiet time for reflection. Just remember and appreciate all that you are, all that you have and all that you have done. Notice what that does to your heart chakra.

About five years ago, I started my daily ritual of giving thanks when I woke up in the morning and when I go to bed at night. This daily ritual helps me honor and value the everyday blessings in my life. This practice also helps me be aware of the wonders of the world and be in the child's mind, open and receptive. Here's another gratitude practice that is easy to do and definitely will have a positive effect on your life: keep a gratitude journal where you write for 5 minute each day about what you genuinely feel grateful for in your life. You can usually sense a shift in your energy level afterwards.

If it has been your annual routine to get busy and stressed out around the holidays, perhaps this is the year you could pause to remember what is most important for you this season. Set your holiday intention. Is this a season where you would like to reconnect with yourself and your loved ones? Perhaps this is the season where you would like restore balance in your life and be more relaxed? Or, maybe this is the season for you to count your blessings and rejoice in every moment. Whatever your intention is, align your actions with it, and you will find a different kind of holiday season unfolding for you: one that is more fulfilling, filled with mirth and more ease.

I wish you and your loved ones a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday!

Thursday, November 5, 2009


Divine Energy, which flows through everything and all of us, is always accessible to us.

Accessing the Divine Energy is quite easy. Just intend to do so. Take a moment now, and say to yourself, "I intend to connect with Light", or "I intend to connect with my Divine Source," and wait for an experience. Intend and decide that you can connect and align with your Divine Energy quite effortlessly and it will happen for you in that manner.

Your experience will be different from another person's, for your connection and your relationship with your Divine Energy is uniquely yours. Please don’t compare what you experience with another person's experience.

There are times when it is more challenging to connect with this wonderful, beautiful part of you, especially if you have been focused for a long time on that which is not working, what you do not have yet, or what you are doing wrong still in your life.

How do you get from a place where you feel separated from your Divine Source to a place of alignment and connection with it?

Abraham-Hicks in the book, "Ask and It is Given," teaches a process called "Pivoting." (I love the work of Abraham-Hicks, a non-physical teacher of the Law of Attraction that is channeled through Esther Hicks.) The Pivoting Process helps us turn our attention away from the negatives or the "potholes in life" and deliberately switch our focus to our preferred experiences. In other words, it is a process of changing our vibration so that rather than resisting the negatives or focusing on them, which keeps us in the same vibration and attracts the same stuff again and again, we turn our focus around and thus we offer a different vibration from within our being so that we can experience what we want instead.

Here's how I have done it:
  1. I feel negatively, that is, I notice that I am holding or feeling negative emotions, it is a clue that I am presently looking at something I don't want. As I get intimately clear about what I don't want, I receive clarity about what I do want.
  2. Based on this clarity of what I want, I imagine that what I want is already fulfilled. (I see it, feel it, know it, smell it, taste it, hear it, basically in whichever way that tells me, "Yup, that's what I want.")
  3. I decide to relax and trust that my Source, my Soul, is now experiencing that new state of being, and that what I want to experience is already manifested.
  4. I take the time to move into alignment with my source by deliberately looking around me and finding all the blessings of well-being that are already here in my life and appreciate them.
This is such a simple but powerful process to apply, helping yourself feel better and moving you to a higher vibrational level.

To give you an example, one day I had a splitting headache. The various energy therapy methods I tried on myself didn't help, and, I was despairing. Then, I remembered this process. When the headache happened, I knew what I wanted to feel was well-being. So, I relaxed, and looked around for evidence of well-being around me. I saw a beautiful flower bobbing in the wind, and it was so lovely! In that split second, the headache was gone completely. Then, I went back to notice that my headache was gone, and the headache came back. I did this back and forth several times, and decided that I preferred well-being, and I took my attention off the headache and put it completely on all the beautiful blessings in my life. I was well.

Give this process a try whenever you feel negative, and see how it works for you. Try it for a week. You will be delighted to see and know how capable you are in re-connecting again with your Divine Source.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

A Universe in Balance

I feel so very blessed indeed.

Today, I saw the harvest moon rise over the hills on my right side as the sun set over the San Francisco Bay on my left side! I was witnessing a perfectly balanced moment in life.

Later, my husband told me that on his flight out to Denver early this morning, he saw the moon set and the sun rose. What an amazing synchronicity! He, too, witnessed a perfectly balanced cosmos in motion.


Yin and Yang, the sun and the moon, night and day, dancing in perfect harmony. I sighed in great awe and love for this great gift of an amazingly balanced universe.

My heart is still singing with pure gladness! It feels so brilliant and expansive with joy! I simply LOVE this feeling!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A Message from Archangel Michael

Archangel Michael's name means "he who is like God" or "he who looks like God". To me, his vibration is one of infinite love and patience. I could be throwing a fit, angry at God, and he would still come to my side. I don't always hear him, but he always makes it known he is here with his vibration of love and faith. If you are in a pinch, or just want to try to connect with him, call him. You can say "Archangel Michael, please come to me now. I need to talk." and then just talk like you would with a friend. Don't worry, you are not insane when you hear him. He is very real and very gentle.


Much have you learned, o dear ones. You have come a long way since you began your journey home. Fear not that you must suffer more.

Light is strong now on earth. We are preparing for the return of the Christ consciousness in each of you. Be willing to accept the Love within.

There are sorrow in some of you. Please release them to us. We cannot take your burden away without you giving them to us. We have not abandoned you. We have always been with you. Have faith that you are heard.

Some of you demand a guarantee of safety in passage. Do you know not that there is nothing that can truly harm you, o powerful ones? You fear to know who you truly are.

When you realized that you are Light, you are home.

This message is ended with so much loving energy for all of us. Close your eyes for a moment, and see if you can feel or sense it. Notice your heart area. Give yourself some quiet moment to receive such unconditional love.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Dare to Be Clear

This article was first published in Metta Center email newsletter (October 2, 2007 issue.)

"Learn to get in touch with the silence within yourself, and know that everything in life has purpose. There are no mistakes, no coincidences, all events are blessings given to us to learn from." ~ Elizabeth Kubler-Ross

A while back, a client asked me, "Do you ever get overwhelmed?" To which I replied, "Of course!"

I have come to understand the teachings of this emotion we call "overwhelment." I have learned to appreciate and celebrate its message, and its energy can be harnessed to gain powerful clarity into what is needed to bring my life back to balance.

Feeling overwhelmed is an indicator that we are not centered in our being. Think of it as being out of the range of joy, love and appreciation that is our natural element. When we heed the message of this emotion and choose to apply its wisdom in our life, we can turn our situation around for the better, and grow in the positive direction without having to undergo further downward spiral into blame, procrastination, excuses and so on.

For many people, the key signals of feeling overwhelmed are discomfort and constrictions in the physical body, the feeling of emotional chaos inside, a sense of mental confusion and spiritual disconnection. In other words, our body, mind, emotion and spirit, our whole being, is giving a loud alarm bell to tell us that a new direction is needed so that we can bring ourselves back to peace and well-being. Can you see the gift in this emotion? This emotion is alerting you, "Dude, you're going the opposite way from where you want to go!"

But many of us have become trained to ignore these early signals and too often simply tough it out. Some of us have even been trained to fear these signals. Some of us judge ourselves for having these signals, as if we are not "powerful" or "strong" enough to withstand the conditions. These habitual responses come at a cost to ourselves because instead of gaining the wisdom of clarity we could get from appreciating the signals, we become lost in the symptoms and the dis-ease that comes with them.

So, I encourage you to notice this negative emotion, accept it and thank it for being present to guide you. Then, take the steps to identify and apply its message to help you help yourself.

When you recognize that you are feeling overwhelmed:
1. Allow yourself to stop (or at least slow w-a-a-a-y down,): Take a deep breath, and create space for you to inquire within for the hidden gem of wisdom. Rather than beating yourself up for feeling overwhelmed, honor your emotional information. When you accept and value the higher guidance inherent in this (or any negative emotion) you allow Light to enter and guide you.

2. Dare to be clear: Set your intention to be clear of what your Inner Being is guiding you to know so that you can go back to your center and find peace. You can start with an inquiry: "What do I need to know now to bring me back to peace?" Or, "What is it I am being asked to be clear about here?" Or your can just allow the right question to bubble up from within you. Take the time to evaluate, amend and clarify your values and intentions because these easily have changed as you continue to have new perspectives in life. Your Inner Being is constantly inviting you to expand yourself and your life in an easy and graceful way towards that which you value most and want most in your life.

3. Lead yourself: Honor your inner guidance and change your course. Allow yourself to adjust your priorities and shift your focus to be in alignment with new values and intentions coming from your new clarity. Of course, this means invariably that you enter into new territories -- new ways of thinking, habits and actions. Welcome this opportunity to grow according to your inner rhythm!

This deliberate process of changing and growing is not without effort, but it feels effort-less and wonderfully exhilarating and fulfilling! It is co-creating your life by connecting to the inspiration of your own Divine Self!

So, celebrate your awareness of your feeling of "overwhelment"! Dare to be clear about what you value in life and lead your life by the light of your own clarity!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Meditation: The Joy of Breath

Here's a simple and powerful meditation to help you connect with the true power and magic of your breath.

Often we take our breath for granted. Do you ever wonder what you would experience if you spent time honoring and marvelling at each breath you took in?

Ready to find out?

Here are the steps:
  • Get comfortable, either standing up, seated or lying down. Just allow yourself to feel at ease and deeply supported by the ground, the chair, or whatever surface you are on.
  • Close your eyes and take several nice, deep breaths. Allow your mind and body to relax.
  • Be aware of your breaths. Notice the temperature of your breath coming in and going out. Notice how your chest or your belly gently moves up and down in sync with your breathing. Notice that each breath is so unique and different. Spend some time doing this and you will feel even more relaxed.
  • Next, allow yourself to do something different with your breath: honor it, marvel in it, adore it, love it, enjoy and appreciate it as the most precious gift you have received.
  • As you spend time tuning into and appreciating each breath, notice what feelings, thoughts, sensations or impressions come up for you. If you notice nothing, that's fine. If you notice something, be aware of it.
  • It usually feels really good to just spend time appreciating each breath, because it is such a sacred connection with your Life Force, with your Spirit. So, take your time and continue appreciating your breaths for a few minutes or so. If you find your mind wandering, don't worry. Just come back to your breathing and honor the breath again. You will find yourself feeling more and more relaxed as you appreciate your breaths.
  • Honor your inner experience and sacred deep connection with your Life Force. As you honor your breath, you honor YOU. During this process, you might find yourself accessing your own deeper wisdom, truths and knowing. Insights, inspirations and realizations might pop in spontaneously. Embrace them and thank your Spirit for the information.
  • When you feel complete and ready to return to the here and now, spend some time appreciating yourself for taking the time to do this meditation, and thanking your body for its service to your life.
  • If you find this meditation helpful, you can practice the breath appreciation anytime, even with eyes wide open.

If you have any pains (emotional or physical), often the pain will subside within a few moments as you do this simple practice. I found myself smiling through the aches and pains of the flu I had last week. It was a truly amazing spiritual practice for me.

Remembering Self

If you knew of a very sad, scared, lonely, or angry part of you, what would you give it to heal it? So very often we look outward for sympathy, for assistance, for support, for gifts of love. But we forgot to look inward and give what we want to ourselves.

Recently, I was very ill. While lying in bed, I took the time to go inward and seek the root-cause of my illness and bring healing to it. In my inner journey, I met a very sad part of me deep inside, where both time and I had forgotten her. There she was suddenly, front and center, both a visual image and a knowing. I knew from reading the Abraham-Hicks books that if whenever I feel a powerful negative emotion that means there is something really important that I want. I noticed how sad this part of me was, so I asked her what she wanted to feel better. She just looked at me, confused, as if she didn't know what to do with that question. No one had ever asked her before what she wanted. She started wailing because she realized how long it had been since she asked for anything for herself, and she had forgotten what she wanted. She couldn't even remember who she was anymore, and that upset her even more.

Can you imagine how my heart just ached to see this part of me so miserable? I was basking in the glory of Light every day, and there she was, confused, not knowing who she was.

I gently guided her back to her right to ask for what she wants, for her right to know who she really is. I invited her to consider she might be coming from the same Source I do. She spent a long time just gazing into what seemed like a forever-space for me. It was a field of void. Carolyn Myss called this field "Potentiality." I didn't know what this part of me was thinking; I just waited by her side patiently. She turned to me slowly, still with a sad smile, saying that she would explore the time-space continuum and find what she was looking for. She finally remembered that she was free as the wind, and that was good enough to start her on her own journey.

I cried lots and lots. I never knew that a part of me felt so lost. I knew I was being shown how to find my lost self and bring her back to Light in a new way. This was a process of reuniting the parts to the whole. As the interaction came to a close, I felt warm feelings radiating out of my chest, throughout my torso and back. I felt movement in the shape of eternity (the sideways figure 8) on my 3rd eye, my shoulders, my hips and my ankles, weaving in and out, connecting my left side and right side. It was as if I was being weaved or re-knitted.

I think this incredible spiritual experience taught me that a simple gesture of self-love and kindness can powerfully move a person towards wholeness and healing.

I invite you to consider reaching inward, listening deeply, and giving to yourself that which you seek from the outside world. Then, be ready for the magic to unfold from within you, helping you remember who You really are!

Monday, September 14, 2009

You Can Have It All!

There is no limit to the joy you can have

There is no limit to the love you can receive

This is the message I received from Spirit and I want to pass it along to you. Close your eyes for a moment, and take a deep breath. Just let yourself feel the great love that surrounds you and is available to you at each moment, with each breath. Yup, right now, if you want to. Go ahead, the world can wait...

Isn't it simply delicious?

The Power of Now vs. To-Do List

A client of mine recently e-mailed me, "Don't you think 'The Power of Now' and to-do lists are polar extremes?"

I was struck by his astute observations. Sometimes I do feel that my to-do list is taking me away from being present in the moment.

Interestingly, earlier that same morning, I was being presented with the opportunity to choose: go with the flow and do what I want to do (visit the U.C. Botanical Garden), or do what is on my to-do list.

I decided that, since my priority in life is: my Spiritual Self first, my family second and work third, I chose to go to the Botanical Garden. It feels very good whenever I stick to my priorities and connect with my Self first.

When I arrived at the garden, I noticed that I was feeling quite excited with anticipation of the wonders I would see there. By the time I reached the Garden of Old Roses, I was positively elated and giddy like a child. I wondered why aren't we more joyous as adults? I heard myself answering, "Because it is more important to be 'together' than to be happy." This is funny, because I can see how that has been true for me many times, and perhaps it is true for you as well. We, as adults, are expected to be calm and collected even if we are happy. The expression of joy often is expected to be contained and controlled, especially in public places. one must "act like a sensible adult."

After appreciating my subconscious for bringing up the limiting belief so I could shift it, I decided right then and there to allow myself to fully express the delight I felt inside me. I decided to let my joy flow out of me in whatever way it wanted to. I blessed the world I saw with love, poems, songs, laughter and appreciation. And what a powerful and unparalleled NOW I experienced in that time-space: each moment was sweet, special and beautiful. I was having a wonderful date with Life!

I noticed that as I appreciated Life, I was feeling appreciated, blessed and fulfilled in return. I felt very spacious inside!

I sat on a bench just smiling and loving life. And it only took one hour out of my day.

Later, when I was ready to begin with my to-do list, I was eager, energized and inspired. I was very excited to begin my work. I loved that the first email I read was from my client with the question above. I saw it as a sign from the Universe that taking care of my Spirit first was the right choice for me.

Because of the spaciousness I felt within, it was so much easier for me to be present when I took care of my to-do list. I also had the extra added benefit: my Presence infused my tasks with a new level of joy and lightness of being!

If you find yourself fighting your to-do list, perhaps you might consider that you are being invited to take care of your Self by connecting with your Spirit first. Accept that invitation! And be open to be delightfully surprised at how effortlessly and effectively you can take care of your to-do list.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

There is No Limit to How Much Joy We Can Receive

I was sitting on the grass in my garden, looking at the blue sky, and I asked myself, "How am I feeling now?" And, the answer came, "I am happy." I was feeling happy for no reason at all. Just pure happiness. Simple and pure. I felt like a child, so delighted and in love with life!

I laughed with such great joy!

In that moment of clarity, I realized that there is no limit to how much joy we can receive. There is absolutely no limit! To top off this sweetness, we don't even need a reason before we can allow ourselves to feel so happy. We don't have to win, or to be right, or to be well, or to be whatever we think we need to be, to have or to do before we can allow ourselves to be in joy.

We can be joyous because we are Joy incarnate.

A client told me once that, to him, happiness is elusive like a butterfly. It never comes when you want it to.

I think happiness comes when we allow ourselves to receive it without putting a condition on when we can receive it or how much of it we are allowed to have.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Meditation: Going to Your Source

Inside Michael J. Tamura's book, "You Are the Answer," there are several simple exercises to help you nurture your intuition and awareness. (To find out more about his work and his lectures, visit his website at

For fun, I practiced one that is called, "Awareness Exercise: Seeking First That Which Gives Everything." It is so wonderful that I want to share it with you!

When I do this meditation, eyes opened or closed, I connect to a beautiful energy of peace, love and joy. I can feel how deeply accepted and loved I am by my own Spirit. Not only that, I am aware that my awareness is aware of many things at once, which is simply amazing to me.

So, here are the steps, adapted from Michael's book:
  • When you are new to this meditation, you might want to do it with your eyes closed to help you focus more easily. Find a time where you can be free of interruption for about 10-15 minutes, and find a place to be comfortable in. Close your eyes.
  • Relax your body, take several deep breaths, easily and gently.
  • First, bring your awareness to your breathing.
  • Next, bring your awareness to your body, noticing your toes, your legs, your hip, your abdominal area, your chest, your back, your neck and your head.
  • Next, allow yourself to be aware of your emotions and your thoughts. Allow whatever you are feeling or thinking to just be there. There is no need to fix or change anything.
  • By now, you are aware that you have an awareness.
  • Say "Hi!" to your awareness like you would to a friend. Michael Tamura says, "Your awareness is your friend!"
  • Then, gently, ask your awareness to go "towards that which gives me everything," and it knows how to find this. Just relax and observe.
  • Allow yourself to be surprised with where your awareness takes you to.
  • When your awareness is first given this task, there could be some confusion and it might first go to your mom, your dad or a person whom you have had assigned the role of "the giver of everything I need." But, you will notice that your awareness has an incredible way of discerning that these people are not truly your Source. Keep reminding your awareness to go toward that which gives you everything. Your awareness will move on until it finds your Source.
  • Notice what you observe when you feel that your awareness has arrived at its destination.
  • Notice what changes within you as you connect with your Source. Notice what changes in your awareness. Take a deep breath.
  • Allow yourself a few moments with your Source, taking deep breaths as necessary.
  • When you feel complete, say, "Thank you" to your awareness and yourself.
  • Take a gentle deep breath, stretch and open your eyes.
  • Notice how differently you feel after this meditation, before you get up and continue on with your day.
  • Allow yourself to bring back with you the best feeling from the meditation.
Just for fun, after you are familiar with this meditation, do it with your eyes wide open!

I noticed that when I did this meditation with my eyes wide open, I was in love with everything I see. I was amused and delighted with life. Looking with the eyes of my Source, everything was beautiful and perfect as it was -- nothing to fuss about. I simply love the glorious and liberating feeling of deep peace and contentment I felt inside of me!

Enjoy this meditation! I would love to hear about your experience practicing it.

A Healing Song

H.P., whose story I shared below, has written a beautiful song that I want to share it with you (with her permission, of course.)

I love her uplifting lyrics and soothing voice. I hope you find this song healing and inspiring for you as well.

This is how she described her song to me,

"I went out to watch the sunset and it was wonderful... I also felt inspired to write a song after our session, so i came home and recorded it... It is not done, I need to fine tune it, but here is what I have so far. I am not playing the guitar, it is prerecorded on garage band."

Thank you, H.P., for sharing the beauty of your spirit.

Click here to listen to it.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Taking Care of Self

How would you like to care for yourself? How would you like to be cared for? What does caring for yourself look like? What within you is asking for your care and attention?

We all care for ourselves, one way or another. We care for our physical selves in obvious ways like driving carefully, brushing our teeth, eating nutritious food, dressing and housing ourselves, and so on.

There are also numerous ways we can care for ourselves emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

My client, H.P., recently wrote me her insights about what taking care of herself is about. I hope you find it as inspiring as I do.

I got to communicate with my dad.

At first, I was just watching myself as a one year old playing with him... Christine then asked me how it feels to be with him... It felt safe, comforting,and free, like I was "home."

Then Christine said, "He lives on a higher plane and h.e has a lot to teach you, what is he saying?" ... And then it got really quiet and I heard him say, "I love you, and please don't take life so seriously," and then he hugged me as the one year old and me as I am now... We were all three hugging...

Then the one year old was left alone, he went away.

Christine asked how she feels, and I said confused, sad, afraid... She told me to hug the one year old, and ask her what she needs from me... She said she just needed me to be there to hold her and love her and not try to fix how she is feeling... so I did just that... And all of a sudden, I felt so free and light, and my anger, confusion, grief... all that stuff I must have felt then and carried with me until today... was leaving my body...

It was so crazy... I am experiencing that, when you take the time to go in and look at old wounds and face them honestly, they heal... I feel like a huge weight has lifted off of me. It is so hard to even explain...

For the first time ever, I understand what it means and feels like to take care of yourself. It means deep listening and finding the origin of your pain and then shining your light of unconditional love onto those parts of you that are screaming for your attention, and then giving them a hug.

Gently Held

"In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks." ~ John Muir

I haven't been feeling well lately. Yet, I was inspired to go to nature for some sunshine and to celebrate life anyway.

As I walked in the meadow up the hill from my home, admiring the gentle ripple of the grasses, I felt a gentle and peaceful energy enveloping me. It was as if Mother Earth had embraced me in her arms. As I walked down the path, I felt all tension and resistance just melt away from my body. I felt like there was a cocoon of softness around my physical body. It was a new and strange sensation, and I loved it!

I allowed myself the experience and appreciated every sweet moment of it.

The tranquility available in nature is so inspiring, healing and comforting. I invite you to treat yourself and go out there to commune with nature. May you feel yourself touched by Grace, and held in gentleness and love.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Making Space for Spirit

The following post was first published as an article in June 2008 Metta Center Newsletter.

Sometimes we are afraid to say "no!" to the outside obligations that inch into our lives. I have learned to say "know," instead of "no": it is up to me to know what is most important for me at this moment. This strategy helps me set clear boundaries and create more space for me to focus my energy on being, having and doing what's truly meaningful for me.

Creating space for yourself is creating space for your Spirit. It is really not difficult at all, actually. Definitely not rocket science. In only requires your commitment to the key concept that you are an important person in your life.

When we make room for our Spirit, we make room for ourselves to remember who we are inside: joy-filled beings! We make room for grace, ease and light to be in our daily lives. We make room for being more in balance. Happiness is not just something that comes once in a while, but a state of being that comes from being in full and constant connection with our Divine Self.

Meditating, chanting or toning, praying, self-healing, doing yoga, dancing, listening to and playing music, painting, gardening, walking in nature, writing, reading, laughing and playing with your family or pets are examples of ways you can begin to create room for your Spirit to be part of your life. But, the best way for you is tailored just for you. Ask yourself, in a quiet and gentle way, "What makes my heart smile?" And listen for the unique way you can welcome your Spirit into your life.

Your unique way to make space for your Spirit can be very simple. A client came to me seeking help to create inner peace and relieve her anxiety. Her homework was to find time to nurture herself everyday. She wrote to me, "Instead of eating my toast in the car, I sat in our hammock and listened to the birds while I ate my toast. It only took five minutes but what a difference it made!"

Here are some of my own personal practices to make room for my Spirit:

Before I begin my day, rather than jump out of bed, I revel in the still quiet moments. If the birds are up, the day begins with exuberant joy and I revel in that, too!

After those gentle moments, I make an effort to connect with the Life force within me and ask: "How can I serve You today?" I let a word of guidance gently pop into my consciousness. I contemplate that word throughout the day to remind me throughout the day of how I can serve my Spirit.

Throughout the day, I make room for 5 minutes or so to just be and breathe. I watch the clouds go by, listen to the birds, adore the flowers I see, or just feel the wind on my face. These are some of my favorite times of the day!

At the end of day, I check in with myself: "What am I grateful for today?" I allow myself to bask in the glory of the soft glow of gratitude and joy.

I want to remind you of the "I am too busy, and I don't have enough time for me" trap. In reality, you can afford to make time for yourself even if you think you are super busy. Make a decision that there is enough time and you will have time for yourself. It is even more critical to remember to create space for your Spirit when you have a busy day. That 5 or 10 minutes you take to nourish yourself will serve you immensely.

When you make time for your Spirit, you will begin to express and experience more of your expansive and abundant Light in your life. When you create space for your Spirit, you will imbue your life with wonderful synchronicities. When you welcome your Self to be part of your daily life, you are graceful, at-ease and joyful!

Make the room for and open up to the magic of your Spirit!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

The Meaning of Life

I was contemplating the meaning of life when Spirit reminded me of the emails my clients have written me recently. They wrote about their amazing, powerful and wonderful insights and experiences as they found their connection to their Source.

Here's what one person wrote, "After our class Tuesday, I went fishing on the delta and it was a spectacularly beautiful day... I saw a seal swimming slowly through the water close to where I was fishing... He seemed so totally totally in the moment... I couldn't help but think back to our work together and how feeling and being joyFULL. Not only is good for the individual but to every one around the individual..."

"Last night during a little bout of sleeplessness I decided to observe my breath... It felt smooth and easy, no constriction though I wasn't breathing deeply.... and then I began to be aware of the breather not the breath... that part of the involuntary system that is part of my physical self... It brought me back to being aware of how wonderful it FEELS to be living..."

Another client wrote, "I feel so light, so alive and awake..."

I understood that Spirit is saying, "The meaning of life, Christine, is JOY!"

Wishing you a joy-filled life!

Does It Get Any Better Than This? (Part 2)

In my last newsletter, I wrote about my personal experience with the fear of feeling happier than I was already feeling. (Click here to read that article.)

Here's what unfolded today, about a month since I wrote the article. The timing couldn't have been more perfect!

As I was enjoying my day, adoring my dog and contemplating the meaning of life, feeling free and peaceful, I heard myself thinking, "This is the free-est I can be. I will never be free-er than this." I was keenly aware of a sudden sadness within.

I sat with that information for a bit, choosing to just "be" with that part of me that spoke up. Curious, I did a TAT (Tapas Acupressure Technique) on that thought as I sat with it. I also allowed myself to think that the opposite is possible, "This is not the free-est I can be, and I can be free-er than this."

Immediately, I encountered a confused part of myself, "Who will I be if I am freer? I will lose myself. I will not know what to do. I have lost myself before and I don't want to lose me again. It hurt too much."

With great compassion, I validated and assured myself, "That all did happened, true. And, I am OK now. I now know how to find myself when I am lost again. I will listen to my inner guidance and my emotions to direct me home again. I was lost before because I put other's feelings and opinions before mine and ignored my own inner guidance and my emotions. I am so grateful for my Higher Self and Angels for guiding me, and also for Abraham for teaching me about the function of my emotions, and now I know how to use my emotional guidance system to find my way back to Me, and to know Me! It has been a wonderful journey Home!"

New insights and clarity flooded in like a gush of water: When I am freer, I am happier. When I am happier, I feel better. When I feel better, I am even more myself, which means I am less lost!

There was a huge grin of relief from inside of me, relieved that more freedom and more happiness don't mean more risk of losing myself. Instead, it actually means more connection to my Source, to my greater Self. I can embody more of who I AM.

Ahhh, Sweet Freedom, thank you for knocking at my door and inviting me out to play! I can feel that now I have the permission to have more freedom and be even more joyous than I have been before. I love this wonderfully expansive and liberating feeling!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Spiritual Alchemy

The following post was first published as an article in March/April 2006 Metta Center Newsletter.

Let me tell you one of the stories of Milarepa. He is one of the most widely known Tibetan Saints.

Milarepa had been meditating for years in a cave. The hairs on his body had grown green because all he ate was nettles that he found around his cave. One day, several demons came into his cave, growling fearsomely. They were frothy at their mouths and had red menacing eyes. Enthusiastically, Milarepa invite them to sit with him and offered them his meager sustenance of nettles and water. He treated them as his most honorable guests. Milarepa sang to the monsters he found in his cave, "It is wonderful you demons came today. You must come again tomorrow. From time to time, we should converse."

I love this story because it inspires me to work with the “demons” in my mind. They are the negative voices that created the tensions in my body or beliefs that limit me in some other ways. This story encourages me to be present and open to whatever arises from within and without me with curiosity, instead of with resistance (fear).

Everyone’s “demons” are different and yet serve the same purpose: to show what is negative inside so the Light of your consciousness can transmute the negativity into Light again. This is the art of spiritual alchemy: transforming base metal to gold, transforming the dark recesses of our psyche into well-lit spaces.

We can learn to invite our “demons” in just like Milarepa did, embrace them and get to intimately know them. We can learn a lot about ourselves and understand more the nature of our own mind. We can develop the compassion, grace and wisdom in dealing with the challenges arise in life.

I now have learned to see my “demons” as messengers with important and valuable messages for me that help me grow and develop the life and spiritial qualities I desire.

I have learned that through the challenges and problems where I did not respond the way I wanted to, I have been given a gift of knowledge. I can use this opportunity to see what wounds within me still call for healing. I know now that the people that “push my button” are doing me a favor. Spiritually, they are telling me: “Christine, you still have this button. Do you want to keep that?” What a gift of information! Because of that, I can make conscious choices: yes, keep the button, or no, I rather shift or release it using my energy healing tools or other practices. When I make a choice that is in alignment with my highest good, the “demon” leaves for good, and the same situation doesn't bother me any more.

The next time a different “demon” comes to visit me, I know I am being presented with a new potential for growth and healing. A reason to celebrate because that means the light of my consciousness is growing!

When you decide to invite your “demons” in for a chat, please remember to be gentle with yourself. I found that it is important to cultivate the attitude of self-compassion, relaxation and lightness when you do this important inner work.

May you be in peace and experience lightness of being as you embrace all parts of you!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Law of Attraction = Algebraic Equation

While I was thinking about Math and the Universe, I saw how Law of Attraction works like an algebraic equation. What manifests in your life matches the vibration you give out. In other words, your vibration is on one side of the equation and it equals, on the other side of the equation, what you are living.

To make it simple: your vibration = what your are experiencing and living.

So, to change what you are experiencing and living, doesn't it make sense that you would need to change your vibration?

How do you do that?

Your thoughts and feelings are your vibrations. Think different thoughts than what you are used to thinking, you will feel differently. Better yet, as Abraham-Hicks recommended so eloquently: "Think better feeling thoughts." Then, as you practice thinking better feeling thoughts and feel better, you vibrate differently.

How do you know what you are vibrating? You know what you think, don't you? Besides, your emotions and your experiences tell you that information.

For example, if you are fighting a lot with your child (that is the experience that you are living), then on the other side of the equation are your vibrations of frustration, anger, hopelessness, sadness, etc. plus your thoughts of "This will never change, this is hopeless, she is so unreasonable, I am so mad at her, why does this happen to me, I don't know what to do, etc."

When you observe your thoughts and emotions, you will quickly notice that all of them boil down to just one or two overriding thoughts. They could be "Life is unfair," or "This is so hard," or "I never have it easy," or "I am not good enough," etc. These thoughts are what you vibrate. This vibration is what you send out to the Universe and what is being picked up by Law of Attraction, which gives you other experiences that match these thoughts. Once you change these habitual thoughts to better feeling ones -- even just allowing yourself to think: "It is not true that [original thought]" -- your experience will change.

It has to. Mathematically speaking.

.9 repeating equals 1

Well, my 12-year old daughter just taught me something wonderful tonight! She mentioned to me that .9 repeating is actually equal to 1.

I was awe-struck: what a brilliant mathematical way to explain the paradoxes of the Universe!
  • Even if you don't look or feel whole, you are whole!
  • Even if you aren't perfect or don't think you're perfect, you are perfect!
  • Even in variety, there is harmony
  • Even in chaos, there is balance and order
I simply love how mathematics explains the divine principles of perfection and wholeness!

For those of you who are mathematically inclined, here's a link to a thorough explanation of this mathematical phenomena:

What a brilliant Universe we live in!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Does It Get Any Better Than This?

I was sitting on a tree stump, listening to the wind and looking at the beautiful field of grass dancing in front of me. I felt divine love swirling within and around me. I was in rapture, soaking it all in. It was one of those glorious moments of being so tuned in with nature, one of my sources of joy.

I asked Spirit, "Does it get any better than this?"

Spirit answered, "Yes!" And I was surprised to feel, for a moment, a catch in my heart. I heard myself gasped. I realized that a part of me was scared by Spirit's answer.

Interesting response.

I held myself tenderly to comfort myself. A deep part of me was obviously afraid of receiving "better than this." What I had was good enough.

Later, I checked in with this fearful part of me to find out what I was afraid of. I discovered that it was almost as if I didn't believe I could stand any more joy. This part of me feared that I might cry so hard until there would be nothing left of me.

"There's no rush," I soothed myself. "I can wait to open up to more joy if I, as a whole, wasn't ready to do so yet. I will always be here with me, in joy and sorrows. Yes, what we have created is good enough. More than good -- it's great!" I assured myself. And I trust that when I am ready, I will have the support, the know-how, and the tools I need to welcome more joy.

The interesting question for me then was: "How much joy can I stand?"

Since then, I notice where I purposely sabotage or block myself because I fear that "having it" or "being it" or "doing it" would bring me too much joy. I often laugh at my own antics, while some parts of me are not amused. That's OK; no need to condemn myself for the self-sabotage. Doing so will only make me curl backward and reticent. Instead, I feel grateful for the information that I was so openly given, and honor my own courage to look at myself with clarity.

For me, it's a refreshing and new approach to not just rush in and try to "fix it." It's delightful to see how I'm handling my own resistance. No rushing, no pressuring to be more, no hurrying, no fixing. Just being pure gentleness.

Why am I telling you this? Because if you are finding yourself out of joy, out of peace and in stress, there is a big chance that you might also be resisting receiving more joy yourself. I invite you to be easy, light and gentle with yourself about your resistance. Be kind to yourself.

I notice that, with this gentle attitude towards myself, I have been feeling softer, more allowing and more spacious within. And, interestingly, there is a deeper level of joy in my heart. With that spaciousness, I can feel the pulsing of the life force within me. I can feel the excitement and anticipation gently and surely building up. I can feel that delicious feeling of looking and moving forward with my Spirit to new frontiers in my life. Life is great and it keeps getting better!

Wishing you lightness and joy in this glorious adventure called Life!


Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Dream Story

by Christine Metawati

The following post was first published as an article in March 2005 Metta Center Newsletter.

This story was given to me in a dream about a year ago. I feel that I am blessed with this incredible dream so that I can share this profound story, rich with symbolisms, with others. May you enjoy it as much as I have had. It continues to be a great medicine for me.

A young man of was sitting by the river. He seemed busy working with his hands. On a closer look, he was busy working with a piece of wood, shaving the bark of the wood with his knife to reveal the smooth white inside of the wood.

Earlier, he had a desire in his heart to make himself a walking stick. As he walked by the river, he found this piece of wood that was just perfect for what he had in mind. The wood was the right height and about the thickness he wanted. He wanted to have a walking stick that was smooth to his touch, and the bark on this wood was rough so he decided to smooth it out with his knife.

He worked diligently like this for a while, sitting by the river. He gently turned the wood from side to side as he shaved the bark off from one end of the wood to the other. He was very happy working like that.

Suddenly, he noticed there were two eyes of the wood staring right at him, and the wood spoke to him angrily: "Curse you! Curse you for defiling my body!" Unbeknownst to this young man, he had picked up a Shaman's walking staff. This piece of wood was enchanted and could talk!

"From now on, every person you look in the eyes will die an instant death!" cursed the wood.

The young man dropped the wood he was so busily working on just a minute ago, and ran back to his village.

There, he found a wooden bucket by the well, and he hurriedly put it on his head. From then on, and for many years afterwards until he was no longer a young man, he had the bucket on his head to protect others from his cursed gaze.

For years, when he spoke to others in his village and to those he met in his travels, he would only looked at their feet. He felt sad and lonely, even though people were kind to him and still spoke to him. He was gladdened, however, that no one had died yet from his gaze.

Then, one day, as he was sitting outside his home, gazing on the ground, he noticed a pair of finely covered feet approached him. He knew that the owner of these feet was not from his village for they were usually bare-footed.

"I am your King," said a regal voice. "I was told in my dream that if I find a man with a bucket on his head, and have him look at my eyes, I shall be healed."

The man didn't know quite what to do. He didn't want to disobey his King for fear of his life for he had heard that to disobey a King's order bore the penalty of death. On the other hand, he felt quite sure that the King would die an instant death if he took off his bucket and looked at the King in the eyes. "What am I to do?" he asked himself in confusion.

At this part, I woke up. So , I suppose this is where we each get to see what medicine this could be for us. How have you limit yourself? What do you believe now that is limiting you? Will you honor your inner King's request to heal yourself? Will you take the plunge and look at your Spirit in the eye? Will you trust yourself enough to accept the challenge to heal your soul?

I wrote the above dream-story in March 2005. In November 2007, I read an article, "Dreaming the Secret Wishes of the Soul" by Robert Moss. I was so moved by his article, I sent him my dream-story to hear his thoughts about it.

His reply:
"What a great dream story! If it were my dream, instead of psychologizing over it, I would want to expand the narrative, give it a great ending, and try to get it published somewhere. It has the just-so-ness of the best dream-guided writing."

Since then, following his wonderful idea, I have come back to this dream many times and have been exploring different great endings for it. One of these days, I might just publish it with my favorite new ending.

You can find out more about Robert Moss at

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


On one of my walks in the beautiful nature, these encouraging words flowed right into my consciousness. May they comfort and inspire you as they do for me.

"Find the Peace inside you
It is always there, you never lost it nor can you
You can connect with it
Easier than you think
Claim It
Rejoice in It
Celebrate It
Adore It
Honor It
Love It
Delight in It
Protect It, not with fear
But with gentle compassion and understanding
Let your Peace guide you
Surrender to It
And It will show you what you are made of."

Natural Treasures

I love going to the meadow up the hill from my house.

It's on a hilltop with clusters of monterey pine trees. It slopes down to a small lush forest in the valley and looks out to the green hills yonder.

I was sitting on a fallen tree branch and looking out at the vista when the trees spoke to me and told me that they love me. I told them I love them, too. I told the wind that blew gently on my hair and face, "I love you!" I said the same to the sun that warmed and soothed me. I could feel love in the air.

The grass shone brilliantly and I let them know how I enjoyed their fresh scent. The sky was blue with little puffy clouds, so serene. The birds sang happily as if joining in my delight.

I saw a red-tailed hawk, nary 50 feet from me. First, it flew to rest on a 20-foot tall tree stump. (I wonder if it can still be called a stump being that tall?) Then, it flew down to the grassy area to eat something on the ground. This majestic bird stayed there and looked my way for a few moments to say to me, "It's all OK!" Then it flew gracefully away.

Nothing was funny about our interaction, and yet I felt this powerful delight rise up from my belly. My joyous laughter rang out clear and loud. Such sweet freedom!

I felt deeply refreshed.

Yes, beautiful hawk, all is well indeed.

Monday, March 9, 2009

We are all glorious!

I am glorious.
You are glorious.
He is glorious.
She is glorious.
They are glorious.
Yes! We are all glorious!

The Art of Deliberate Creation

Founder of Metta Center, Christine Metawati, CCHT, RMT, CET, offers energy therapy and spiritual coaching. Christine specializes in helping people to increase self-awareness, transform their consciousness, and deliberately create the life that they want.

You probably have heard of the Law of Attraction: like attracts like. Where your attention goes, your energy flows. What you vibrate, you attract. What you give out, you receive.

I really like the definition of Law of Attraction as defined by Abraham in the book "Ask and It is Given" by Jerry and Esther Hicks ( This law is simply explained as "That which is likened unto itself is drawn."

This law means that, as powerfully vibrating beings, we can mold our energy to attract our life experiences. In other words, if we choose to exercise our power to direct our own vibrations, we have total freedom and creative control over our life.

Obviously, not all of us feel that way. How often do you truly feel in control of your life? How often do you feel that if such-and-such happened or didn't happen, you would be happier or healthier or better off?

Having applied this law to myself over and over again, I am constantly delighted and amazed at how much my life is matching more and more what I want. It is really eye-opening to realize how much power we actually have in creating our life. I love how reliable, simple and consistent this law is. Creating my life on a conscious level has been one of the most satisfying and magical experiences in my life. I love experiencing synchronicity, experiencing my connection with all there is in such exciting ways.

To give you an example, a couple years ago, I set my intention to have meaningful work that is flexible, satisfying, magical, and allowed me to be in balance with other aspects of my life. I love the fact that I am currently typing this article from my garden, sitting outside enjoying the afternoon sun and wonderful smell of honeysuckle. I am now living my intended creation! If I can do it, you can, too!

Using Emotions to Guide Your Creation Process

You can use your feelings/emotions as a gauge to check where you are in terms of allowing or disallowing your intention to manifest.

Think of three qualities of life that you want in your life, right now. Write them down, and check in with your heart on each one. Ask yourself, "What do I feel when I think of this desire?"

Do you feel peaceful about it? Joyful? Optimistic? Frustrated? Discouraged? Hopeless? Fearful? Despair? Be honest with yourself. Your feelings are really your inner guidance telling you how close you are to attracting that desire into your life. You may be surprised by what you learn.

The way you feel about your desire shows you how aligned you are with it. The more positively you feel about your desire means the more your consistent thoughts (your focus) are aligned with and supporting the desire. This also means you are vibrationally in alignment with this desire and you are in attracting (allowing) mode: the object of your desire will manifest into your life effortlessly.

The more negatively you feel when you think about your desire means the more your consistent thoughts are currently out of alignment with your desire, and thus you are in repelling mode: you will repel or push away what you desire no matter how hard you wish for it or work towards it.

Feeling negative about your desire doesn't mean you will never get it. The negativity you feel actually teaches you quite a bit about yourself. Check in with your inner self to find out whether this negativity is because your inner guidance is telling you that this is not your desire but rather someone else's desire for you, or whether it is because you have negative beliefs about this desire as well as limiting beliefs about your deservingness to have this desire.

If the negativity you feel is because the desire is actually someone else's desire, then drop the "desire" (which could be your mom's, dad's, wife's, husband's or someone else's) and check in again with your inner self to discover what it is you really want for yourself. This is your life, you get to decide what you want to experience. If you find yourself feeling afraid to find out about your own desire, use EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) or other processes to release issues around that.

If, on the other hand, it is your limiting belief that is creating the negativity, then allow yourself to transform or reframe that belief. Your soul is constantly inviting you to embrace your unlimitedness. When you transform your negative belief, you acknowledge your unlimited potential. You accept your power and freedom as you unbind yourself from limiting beliefs. As you continue to shed limiting beliefs and allow yourself to choose more empowering thoughts (Abraham called them "a better-feeling thoughts",) you are realigning your energy with your heart's desire. You are allowing yourself to attract what you want.

According to Abraham, to deliberately or consciously create our lives, the process is:
1. Ask (we do this part)
2. It is answered (by Source, Spirit, God, Being, Universe, whatever you want to call this source of energy)
3. Allow (we do this part, too)

Now, if this is so simple, how come not everyone is doing it?

Actually, everyone is using the Law of Attraction all the time, and very successfully, at that, too. The Law of Attraction is always operating, but people often do not intentionally guide their asking (step 1) or the allowing (step 3) steps.

For example, you might sabotage the step of asking for what you want by refusing to take the time to think about what you want to create and refuse to state your intention for fear of disappointment. However, you might spend a lot of time focusing and complaining how you don't have this or that in your life. If you spend a lot of time focusing on the lack, on what didn't go well, on fear and dissatisfaction, that's what you are vibrating at and that's what the Law of Attraction will attract more of.

Or, you might think that you have wanted wealth for a long time, and you think that you have focused on getting more money, doing the visualizations of being wealthy and yet you are still struggling. What you may not be aware of is that, deep down inside, you might be afraid of having too much money, of not knowing how to handle it or not feeling deserving of it. The constant focus, unconsciously, is to stall the arrival of money to prevent your feeling bad. In this case, you unconsciously feel safer if you are vibrating at scarcity, so the Law of Attraction gives you more of the same until you choose to shift your vibration. In this second example, you didn't block the asking step; you blocked the allowing step.

Three Tips to Deliberately Creating Your Life

Here are three tips to fully harness the Law of Attraction in consciously creating your life:

1. Be clear of what you want and why. There is an art to asking for what you want: are you clear about why you want what you want? Is it really your desire or someone else's? Do you make a request or do you demand? Does thinking of what you want bring you joy or despair? Are you aware of what you want or need that brings you true joy? Do you allow yourself to hear your inner guidance about what would be meaningful or best for you? Are you waiting for someone to rescue you and therefore you won't take the time to design your life for yourself? Whatever you are feeling about your desire, the Law of Attraction will bring more of the same to you. If you are not clear or consistent in what you ask, you won't get a clear or consistent result. If you ask because your whole being feels happy and relaxed when you think about it, which means that you are vibrating in happiness and ease, then the Law will attract more happiness and ease to you, as well as what you have asked for.

2. Stay connected with your Source, your Spirit, through gratitude. There is an art to waiting for the answer to come. The vibration of gratitude is very high and with it comes trust and the feeling of fulfillment. This vibration not only allows you to be in full connection with your Spirit, your Source, but also attract more fulfillment into your life. Don't fall into the trap of habit of focusing on what is still lacking while you are waiting. If you are in a rush to receive an answer or to see a result, you will feel uptight and vibrate in the negative zone, thus disallowing your connection to Spirit. It can be hard to hear your own Spirit and maintain a clear connection when there's so much static on the line. The easiest way to stay in tune with your Spirit and be open to more blessings is to recognize and feel appreciative of all the blessings that you already have.

3. Clear out the obstacles. There is an art to allowing. What are you thinking most when you ask for what you want? Do you fear that you can't get it (focusing on can't), must get out of this mess (focusing on the mess), worry can't make it (focusing on won't), etc.? This is where being aware of your feelings and thoughts really help in getting you in a place of allowing and receiving that which you have asked. Practice being aware of where you are blocking what you have asked for and release all obstacles. More often that not, the obstacles are limiting beliefs and judgments that we have taken on as we go through our lives. EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), self-inquiry processes and meditation are great tools for releasing limiting beliefs, and so are many other excellent processes and energy therapy tools such as Reiki, Psych-K, BSFF, etc. Use any of these self-help techniques to help you shift your energy. You will find that by changing your vibration, you increase the power of your consciousness, your light, and your power of creation.

I highly recommend that you take the attitude of the beginner's mind and be patient with yourself when you decide to consciously create your life. This is a skill, and you will get good at it with time. Enjoy your process of discovery. Just like when we first learn how to walk, we generally go through several development stages in our skills: our neck muscles strengthened so we can lift our head, we learned to roll over, we learned to crawl, we practiced our balance standing on both feet, fall down several times, hold on to supportive hands or furniture as we practice the movements of putting one foot in front of the other, and then we walk. So, will our skill and proficiency grow as we practice molding our energy to create our lives consciously.

I invite you to peek at, try out, check into, dabble, practice and practice again the art of deliberate creation. You are indeed magnificent creators! You create all the time. Practice consciously creating your life. You are worth it!

Wishing you joy in exercising your power of creativity!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Tap into Connection

I was watching two blue jays in my front garden, and listening to the songs of larks and other birds. Oh, how beautiful they sounded as they celebrated the start of a new day! I was listening with awe and appreciation.

I had a beautiful realization: "I am not alone. I am NEVER alone."

My first response was, "Huh?" My second response was a deep smile from within me. I felt the new light of understanding unfolding from deep within. It was like watching a flower bloom after long winter days.

With life so abundant and beautiful, how can I ever be alone? All I have to do is tune into whatever pleases me, and I am no longer alone. When I am admiring life, I am connected to the Life Force itself. I am connected to all the possibilities that Life offers. The truth is, I am never alone even if I am by myself or feel alone. If I feel lonely, it's because I have chosen to disconnect from Life for whatever reason. Life doesn't disconnect from me!

This deep and comforting knowing has kept me smiling all day.

So, if you ever feel lonely and wants company, I invite you to tune into life and open your heart to connect with it deeply. You can connect on a soulful level: recognizing the wonder and beauty in the myriad forms of life.

Maybe the wind will touch your heart today, or perhaps a blossom or butterfly will whisper to you about how wonderful you are. Maybe the clouds can help put a skip in your steps.

May you discover your own unique and special ways to tap into the Flow of Life that connects us all.

Connecting with Nature

Nature is very healing. I have found that observing the wonders of nature can bring us into contact with our own spiritual qualities of love, peace, joy, creativity, abundance, wisdom and beauty.

Wherever you go in nature, be mindful and acknowledge the spirits of the land. Sit or walk quietly and tune into the quality of the place. Breathe deeply, be fully present and notice the colors, smells, shapes, sounds, air temperature, wind directions, and sun warmth or lack of it. Allow yourself to become one with the land, the sky, the grass, the trees, the birds. Communicate gently, reverently, appreciatively and joyously with nature. Notice and feel your Spirit stir as it recognizes its own beauty and wonder.

Allow yourself to feel the warmth of gentle love and the true joy of appreciation in your heart. You will feel renewed and replenished.

Before you leave, take some time to express your gratitude. Bless nature with your joy and love.

"I frequently tramped eight or ten miles through the deepest snow to keep an appointment with a beech tree, or a yellow birch, or an old acquaintance among the pines." -- Henry David Thoreau

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Asking for Help from Spirit

I have found that life is an excellent Teacher, always bringing me the most appropriate materials for practicing how I can better align myself with Spirit.

In my healing journey, I have observed that when I feel stuck, very often I attempt to get unstuck on my own. It's a point of pride to prove that I can unstick myself. "Yes, I can do this myself, thank you. No, I don't need your help, thank you!"

For some cases, sure, that's what I can do and is what I need to do to learn that I can help myself. But for other situations, insisting that I take care of the issue myself just plain doesn't work out. I found myself needlessly stuck by being determined to resolve things on my own. These are places in life where I have the opportunity to learn the beauty and joy of asking for help from another person, and that no man is an island. And in many such moments of crisis, I get to learn to surrender, ask for and be open to help from the Spirit.

Asking help from Spirit can be challenging for many people. It is so easy to fall prey to the thought, "Well, God/Spirit/Universe wasn't there before, why would She or He be here now for me?" or "What's the point asking, I won't get the help I need anyway."

I find that when we are faced with a very difficult period in our life, that's when we are willing enough to seek assistance from Spirit. The hard-shelled illusion that we are in control of our life are usually cracked at that time. The healing, growing and learning possibilities in the times of crisis are tremendous. My own humbling process of healing and remembering Light began in such a situation. I learned first hand that help and guidance from the Higher Realm is always gladly given when we asked for it, and we are not alone.

"Ask and You Shall Receive" indeed happens, especially if what you have asked for is for the highest good of everyone involved. I experience this often. But, even then, I have moments of doubting that Spirit is actually listening to me. I learned, however, that when we doubt that the Universe will help us when we ask for it, we are really not asking for help at all. We are asking to prove that we are right about no one will come to help us.

And that is exactly what we get.

If we ask for help and are truly open for the assistance we seek, we shall receive it. Each and every time. The key here is to be "open" to receive help. When we are open, we receive solutions from unusual and wonderful sources.

How do we stay open to receiving help from Spirit? There are many ways. Remembering that you are a beloved part of the Universe is one way. Trusting Spirit, remembering all is well despite appearances, is another. Knowing that it is safe and that you deserve to receive all the good in the Universe is yet another way. You probably have your own unique way of keeping your line with Spirit open, so learn to ask a specific question to Spirit: "What is the best way for me to stay open in receiving the assistance I asked from You?" Let the answer come to you in wonderful and unusual ways.

May you be open and ready to receive all the love and blessings that are coming your way.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Is It Safe Yet?

I was using TAT (Tapas Acupressure Technique) to help myself soothe this anxious feeling in my chest this morning. (If you haven't checked out TAT yet, I recommend that you visit

This anxious feeling was definitely all inside-driven. I am truly blessed with many good things in my outer life: beauty, harmony, love, peace, joy, abundance, and grace. So, the anxious feeling stuck out like a sore thumb. I was guessing that it was the "old shoe gonna drop" syndrome that I sometimes feel when things are going really well in my life.

So, I proceeded to do Step 1 of TAT: "Everything that resulting in me resonating, identifying and connecting with this feeling happened." And I sat with that statement for a minute or two, just being with it. I was making space for energies, impressions, sensations, thoughts and feelings to move through me.

I moved on to Step 2: "Everything that resulting in me resonating, identifying and connecting with this feeling happened, and it's over now. I am OK, I am safe and I am no longer resonated, identified, or connected with this feeling."

I noticed a resistance in my chest as if there was something stuck in it. And, a new thought made itself known. I have long worked with parts of selves, and have gotten very adept at discerning which thought are my adult-self's and which ones are not.

A part of me was very afraid of the healing I was intending. This part said many things. Among which: "I have to have this feeling to be safe, I don't know what I am doing and something very bad can happen to me because of this healing. I don't have the right to no longer feel anxious..."

While my adult self know these are all limiting beliefs that I can transform, release and heal with the energy therapy tools I have learned, my young self -- the one that felt afraid and spoke up -- believes in her thoughts 100%. For some reasons that I am not conscious of, this healing I had just initiated was threatening to her.

So, I took the time to soothe this younger me. I gently held the opposite thoughts without forcing my younger child-self to change her mind. No one likes to be changed. I was just musing and invited her to contemplate with me the possibility of the truth of what I was about to think. She didn't have to change her mind if she didn't want to. It was all very gentle and honoring to me and to my younger self.

Using the thoughts that I received from this part, I created the opposite thoughts, as a way to open up the possibilities and widening my horizon consciously (which is step 2 in TAT anyway):
"I don't have to have this anxious feeling to be safe. It is possible that I don't know what I am doing and yet this healing is still safe for me. It is possible I have the right to no longer feel anxious..."

More new thoughts came in. I was having more communication with my younger self. How wonderful, she was responding to me! More data from her: "I feel really afraid to no longer resonate, connect or identify with the earlier feeling. It's a familiar feeling" I soothed her/myself again, and offered my thoughts: "Whatever that has caused me to feel so afraid to do this healing happened, it's over now and I am REALLY OK. It's safe now for me to continue and complete this healing. It's safe for me to let go of what feels familiar and to feel something better. I choose to no longer resonate, identify and connect with the earlier feeling. I am not abandoning anybody by choosing to resonate with peace and joy."

I felt an inner "OK." There was this "allowing" feeling to go ahead with the healing I had started ten minutes ago. The fear I felt from my younger self slowly dissipated. The stuck feeling in my chest softened and melted. This younger part of me must have felt safe enough to let me continue with my healing process.

As I write this entry, my healing is completed. No more feeling like something bad was bound to happen. And, I feel peace, warmth and relaxation in my chest. An open and gentle feeling. It feels really good inside. A match to the world I see outside my window: fresh, welcoming and gentle! I like this very much!

I have learned that when I (the adult self) honor and be gentle with all parts of me that is "blocking" me or "unallowing" of me to be, do, have what I want, I create a safer world for me internally and a more peaceful world externally.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Having Your Miracles

Happy New Year!

My intentions for this New Year are simple: miracles, abundance and healing.

Miracles are wonderful to experience and really not as hard to manifest as we often make them out to be. To have miracles, first we need to redefine and expand our definition of what a miracle is. Does it have to come with an angel voice, or does it have to be the impossible made possible? Is it enough if the miracle is simply a single tiny life in a barren landscape?

I have learned that when we allow our eyes to open and truly see that there are miracles already happening right now around and within us, we invite even more miracles into our lives. Life is a miracle itself, precious and full of wonders. Our body is an amazing miracle as well!

We allow more miracles into our lives when we allow ourselves to do something different than what we normally would, even if that difference is very small.

Let me tell you about my miracle today.

It was a beautiful and exquisite day today: the sky was blue, the sun shone brilliantly and the cold winter wind was gentle. I decided to go for a walk in my favorite regional park up the hill from my home.

As I walked along the well-loved path, marveling at the verdant green meadow ahead of me, my eyes rested on a fallen tree-trunk. It was silvery, polished by rain and sun for many years, I supposed. I decided to lie down on top of it. No real reason why, other than it looked like fun to lie on it.

I laid myself down gently on it and closed my eyes. I felt the warmth of the sun on the right side of my body and the wintry breeze on my left side. I opened my eyes, and appreciated the pine trees above me with their sparkling needles. I looked beyond them. Lo and behold, on the beautiful blue sky above, there were two beautiful long rainbows on the cloudless blue sky!

A double rainbow for all to see!

What a miracle for me! I laughed delightedly. I wouldn't have noticed this quiet and beautiful gift of joy if I had just continued walking and looking straight ahead. My decision to change my course and to lie down on a tree trunk gave me a different perspective, upward. And that perspective allowed me this experience of wonder and joy.

I chuckled gently at the Universe. I love how playfully the Universe teaches me how to manifest more miracles in my life.

Miracles can happen in big and small ways. To learn to have them, we will need to allow ourselves to make small changes, everyday, even if it's just a change in our perspectives.

I invite you to allow your miracles to unfold!

Wishing you abundance, healing and miracles in 2009!