Friday, December 31, 2010

Appreciation Virtual Circle

One of my dear clients asked me to join a little experiment in appreciation. We spend a minute each day, at 9pm exactly, to send appreciation to each other and ourselves. This circle now is 3 people strong, and you are invited to join us if you would like to participate in this beautiful experience that transcends time and space.

If you would like to join us, it's easy:
  • Set an intention to join the appreciation circle for one minute at 9pm every night. You don't need to know anyone in the circle to join.

    When we send out appreciation, it is a well-being wish. It is one of the most potent forms of prayer.
  • You can send your appreciation about life, people in your life, or about yourself in whatever way that feels right to you. There's no right or wrong way to do it. A general attitude of gratitude is fine, a simple thankful thought is fine, you can simply wish well-being to yourself, others and the whole Universe... Truly, whatever feels best for you at the time is fine.
  • Some variations (the credit for these go to R.S.): you can put your hands on your chest and visualize your smiling heart, or you can put your hands on your heart while breathing into the belly, or your can put your hands on your heart while breathing in love in the inhale, and radiating joy on the exhale.

    Be creative and follow your intuition as to how you would like to celebrate and appreciate life, others and yourself.

One of the participants in the circle recently shared this with me: "It's really great! Because what happens to me when I do it is I feel like the top of my head blows open and things come out of it. I think it really changes how I look at different things in my life. It has been really cool. I just never realized how powerful a minute is in a day!"

Luxuriate in You!

I was walking in the meadow up the hills from my house, communing with Nature, when I found myself singing a ditty I made up at the spot. "It's getting greener every day," was what I sang to the grass.

Then, as I was basking in the feeling of pure joy, celebrating the grass, the song morphed into, "There is more love every day..." When I first noticed that the words had changed by themselves, I stopped singing. But, in the next breath, I found myself smiling even bigger and so I decided to sing it all the way home, "There is more love every day..."

It was so much fun! I felt brilliantly alive and grand like a majestic oak tree. I was deliriously happy! I don't think it's because the song I was singing was going to be a hit song by any means.

Interestingly, later on the same day, I read Tapas Fleming's wise words in her newsletter: "When we're actually luxuriating in who we really are, we're not having problems and there aren't lessons to learn or things to figure out about core issues. Things may come up that aren't to our liking, but from the relaxed perspective of being at home in ourselves, they're not problems."

I realized that was what I was doing: luxuriating in who I really am - simple joy and peace! No wonder I was feeling so awake and happy! And yeah, there were no problems that day, either! (There might be, but from the point of view of being so alive, I couldn't tell if there were any problems. I just knew that life is great!)

Try it for yourself.  Give yourself time to enjoy who you really are. And love the fact that you're allowing yourself to do it. I think you'd like it very much.
You are Amazing!
You are Marvelous!
You are Wonderful!

These are the words that Spirit would like me to tell you. If no one has said these words to you today, please let me be the first one to do so.

2010 has been a glorious year! It has been a year filled with delights, healing, miracles, and abundance for me. You are a part of this deliciously joyous year, and I want to thank you for your presence in my world.

Wishing you a New Year filled with exciting possibilities and joyous adventures! Happy New Year 2011!

Friday, December 3, 2010

EFT Tapping Tip: Reduce Holiday Stress

As November rolls to an end, the holiday season is also just around the corner for many people. For some, the festive season can bring added stress as well as painful memories.

There are many ways to manage the holiday season so that you can enjoy the season with more ease, grace and peace.

Here are some tips:
  • Set your intention as to how you would like to feel during the holiday season.
  • Decide what activities you would enjoy doing. Let go of or delegate activities you don't enjoy.
  • If you find yourself feeling resentful or uptight, use EFT and tap. 
  • If painful memories come up, acknowledge your feelings. Use EFT to help dissolve these painful memories and bring more peace to yourself. 
  • Eat healthily, avoid sugars and alcohol as much as possible. Just because festivities are typically associated with these substances, doesn't mean your body does well with them.  
  • Take time to nurture yourself with quiet moments to journal, walk in nature, and breathe fully and consciously. 
  • Remember that there's always something or someone you can appreciate; find it and spend time in appreciation for it. Think of some wonderful things that are happening in your life right now, no matter how small they might be. It will uplift your mood and energize you.

Here are some EFT Setup Phrases that might help you reduce some of the holiday stress. Feel free to change the words to suit your particular situation and to make the phrase resonate with you better.

You can choose one Setup Phrase for each EFT round (and say it three times) or you can mix-n-match three Setup Phrases from the list. Tap on your Karate Chop point or rub on your Sore Spot as you say your Setup Phrase:

  • Even though I feel so stressed out and uptight right now, and I am dreading the holiday season, I accept myself and my feelings.
  • Even though I feel exhausted just thinking of Thanksgiving (or whatever holiday it is you celebrate), and it is not even here yet, I choose to be relaxed about it and perhaps I might even enjoy it.
  • Even though I don't enjoy Thanksgiving (or whatever holiday it is you dislike) and all that comes with it, I deeply and profoundly accept and appreciate myself.
  • Even though I feel so guilty because I am so busy and can't spend enough time with (myself/my kids/my family/etc.), I forgive myself for not being a super (mom/dad/brother/daughter/etc.) I accept myself and I accept that I am doing the best that I can. I wonder what changes I need to make so that I can spend more time with the people who are important to me.
  • Even though I am afraid I will get frustrated (in the family dinner/with my husband/mom/kids/etc.) when they ...(fill in the blanks with the person's behavior that usually triggers you), I choose to be surprised by how patient and understanding (or whatever state of being you would prefer) I can be.
  • Even though I can't help but worry about money around the holiday season, it has always been that way in my family and will always be that way, I choose to accept myself and decide to release this association of money anxiety and the holidays. I choose to let it be surprisingly easy for me to feel relaxed and at peace this holiday season and in all future holidays.
  • Even though the holiday season often brings up painful memories about ...(fill in the blanks with whatever memories that bother you still), I accept myself and the holiday season anyway. Maybe it is time to let this memory go (if that feels appropriate to you) and I am ready for a wonderful and lovely holiday season, and that begins this year!
  • Even though I typically  feel (stress/sad/resentful/...) during the holidays, I deeply and profoundly accept who I am and how I feel. I have decided that it is possible for me to feel peaceful, at ease and joyful this holiday.
  • Tune in to whatever feelings you have related to the Setup Phrase you have chosen, or pick a reminder phrase that works for you, and tap on the EFT points on your face and your body.

After each EFT round, take a deep breath, exhale slowly.

When you feel complete, take a moment to notice any shift or change within you. A change of breath? A big yawn? A release of energy? A relaxation somewhere in your body? There is no right or wrong answer. Just notice what unfolds for you. You can further neutralize any "yes, buts..." (called "tail-enders" in EFT parlance) or any bothersome memories that come up after each round.

I love hearing your feedback. Please feel free to send me an email about your experiences using this EFT Tapping Tip.

Note: For those who are not yet familiar with Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), you can check the "Resources" section of my website to learn about EFT tapping points. Please visit to download the free EFT manual and to browse through the rich library of EFT articles.

Giving Thanks

Giving thanks to all the good in our lives can be done every day, as I am sure you all do in one fashion or another. We can do it quite effortlessly with a simple nod, a wink, a pat, a thought, a smile, a hug, a "thanks!", a kiss, a dance, an appreciative whoop -- all are ways to express appreciation.

The best thing about appreciating someone or something is that we can't help but tuned into the energy of love. As we tune into that vibration of love, we are not only the generator but also the recipient of this beautiful connective energy. It really is an amazing feeling to be giving and receiving love in the same instant!

I was recently in a meeting where the person I was meeting with brought her two-year old son along. He was a VERY shy boy, and didn't say a word during the entire one-hour meeting. For a young child, one hour must feel like an eternity. He tried to amuse himself as best as he could, playing with his yellow toy bus as he positioned himself close to his mother. There were times when he seemed really bored with his toy and he would put his head on his mother's lap. She would stroke his head gently, acknowledging him and soothing him with her touch. At the end of our meeting, I caught the boy's eyes as he happened to look my way. I smiled at him and whispered, "Thank you!" This quiet little boy's eyes sparkled and he flashed a big and brilliant smile. He clearly understood that his efforts were being recognized and appreciated. This boy, who didn't utter a word for an entire hour, was giving me an ear-to-ear smile! Yes, I was the one who technically "gave" thanks, but I sure felt like a million bucks receiving that smile!

The next time you give your appreciation to something or someone (even yourself) notice how good it feels as you give thanks. I wouldn't be surprised if, with each appreciation you offer, you are bringing heaven closer to earth.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Meeting Angels and Beings of Light

(The following post was first published as an article in May 2005 Metta Center email Newsletter)

How do you connect with Angels and Beings of Light? How do you know who your guardian angel is? You can connect to Archangel Michael, Archangel Raphael, Archangel Gabriel, Buddha, Jesus, Mohammad, Krisna, Tara, etc. And, since there is no ego in their realm, they really don't care whom you called upon. They are just happy that you are willing to turn your attention to the Light Realm for assistance.

No, you don't need incense or candles to make contact with them. If the act of lighting incense and candles brings you to a relaxed state of being then, by all means, enjoy your ritual. But, know that it is not a requirement to connect with these loving beings.

You don't need to believe in them either, even though trusting them will bring clarity to the communication line between you and your angel. Think of doubt as static noise in your communication line.

So, how do you connect? For a first timer, I would suggest that you relax, you can be sitting up or lying down, close your eyes if that helps you cut out distractions. Make an intent in your heart to connect with the Angelic Realm. You can say something like this "I intent to connect with the realm of the Light. I would enjoy a connection with an angel or being of light." After that, just wait. Notice what unfold as your request is being honored. Be open to experience something different than what you expected.

Some people may feel an immense sense of joy or peace enveloping them. Some experience a wonderful flower scent. That's how I first connected with mine!. Some people connect with their Angels through pictures or images. Some people hear a gentle and loving thought or a word flash in their mind. Some people hear some sounds, perhaps not voices but more like simple sounds. Just relax and explore how your unique way of connecting with the Higher Realm feels to you.

Keep in mind that when the angels speak to you, it might sound like your own voice, so you may discount it as your imagination. But, pay attention to the quality of that thought or voice. The angelic communication has a very clear, crisp and loving quality to it and yet is very powerful in its certainty. It is never boastful or demanding. Not even commanding. Those of you who have watched the "Ten Commandments" may be disappointed that the voice of angels are not booming loud.

For a first time experience, I recommend that you keep your angelic connection simple. Just enjoy the experience of sensing and knowing the Angel or Being of Light. No need to ask any questions that takes you to your head instead of staying in your heart. Later, you can start communicating in words, ask your questions and listen for guidance.

If, after a first try, you still do not connect, don't give up. Like I said before, your request to connect with the Angelic Realm will always be honored. Perhaps there's too much static (self doubt) that muddle the connection. Try again.

Connecting with Angels is a very satisfying experience for me. I hope you would enjoy it too. I would enjoy hearing your feedback/comment about your experiences. Please email me with your stories!

Chinese Bamboo Tree Fable

You take a little seed, plant it, water it, and fertilize it for a whole year, and nothing happens.

The second year you water and fertilize it, and nothing happens.

The third year you water it and fertilize it, and nothing happens. How discouraging this becomes!

The fourth year you water it and fertilize it, and nothing happens. This is very frustrating.

The fifth year you continue to water and fertilize the seed and then sometime during the fifth year, the Chinese bamboo tree sprouts and grows ninety feet in six weeks!

Sometimes, our healing journey and growth process can feel like the story above. Nothing happens after all this work! Have heart. Allow time for the process itself. In other words, what may appear to be "not working" or "not healing" is often a deeper need to experience growth, learning lessons of patience or receiving, learning to appreciate the present, learning to respect and care for yourself, and so on. And, at the end of this nurturing period, when all pieces fell into place, you'd either notice the changes you had hoped for, or you'd move to a different state of being such that your desire is no longer the same as when you started.

A Rumi Poem: A Garden Beyond Paradise

Everything you see has its roots in the unseen world.
The forms may change,
    yet the essence remains the same.

Every wondrous sight will vanish, every sweet word will fade.
    But do not be disheartened,
The Source they come from is eternal—
growing, branching out,
    giving new life and new joy.

Why do you weep?—
That Source is within you,
and this whole world
    is springing up from it.

The Source is full, its waters are ever-flowing;
    Do not grieve,
    drink your fill!
Don't think it will ever run dry—
This is the endless Ocean!

From the moment you came into this world,
a ladder was placed in front of you
    that you might transcend it.

From earth, you became plant,
from plant you became animal.
Afterwards you became a human being,
endowed with knowledge, intellect and faith.

Behold the body, born of dust—
    how perfect it has become!

Why should you fear its end?
When were you ever made less by dying?

When you pass beyond this human form,
no doubt you will become an angel
and soar through the heavens!

But don't stop there.
Even heavenly bodies grow old.

Pass again from the heavenly realm
    and plunge into the ocean of Consciousness.
Let the drop of water that is you
    become a hundred mighty seas.

But do not think that the drop alone
becomes the Ocean—
    the Ocean, too, becomes the drop!

~ Jelaluddin Rumi

"A Garden Beyond Paradise: The Mystical Poetry of Rumi"
(translated by Jonathan Star), Bantam Books, NY, 1992.

Friday, September 17, 2010

EFT Script: Releasing the Fear that Success Creates More Opportunities for Failures

(This EFT script was first published in Metta Center newsletter, September 2010.)

Success and failure are siblings, I believe.

Failures are great learning opportunities and help us build a strong foundation for future successes. Success brings us to new experiences where further successes (and failures) are possible.

Sometimes, we keep ourselves small and not very successful in life because we fear that our success might lead to unwanted failure.

So here's an EFT script to release the fear that success can create more opportunities for failure.

Tap on the Karate Chop point or rub on the Sore Spot as you say the following setup statements:

"Even though I am afraid that my success can create more opportunities for me to fail, I deeply and completely accept this fear and myself."

"Even though I don't like the thought of failing after my success, so a part of me would rather sabotage me from achieving my success to protect me from further failures, I deeply and completely accept who I am without judgment. I appreciate all of me."

"Even though I feel this fear of more painful failures, and this fear often holds me back in my movement forward in my life, I forgive myself, I forgive this fear, I forgive everyone involved, and I am willing to heal this fear. I know I deserve to move freely and joyously towards my success. I am willing to consider that it can be safe and fun for me to be successful."

Tap on the indicated EFT points and say the reminder phrases, as suggested below, either aloud or in your mind. You can change the reminder phrases to whatever words that fit you better.

Beginning of Eyebrow: "I am afraid that my success can create more failures for me."
Side of Eye: "I don't want to fail anymore. I don't like failures. I don't want to be open to more failures. I have enough of failures in my life."
Under Eye: "I am angry about the times I failed myself or others, or the times others failed me."
Under Nose: "Success feels like it can open possibilities for more failures. I don't like what success can mean to me."
Chin: "A deep part of me is not keen about being successful and all that it means and all that it might bring."
Collarbone: "Success doesn't feel safe for me."
Under Arm: "I am not certain success is safe for me."
Inside of Wrist: "I have no idea how negatively I have thought of success. No wonder I sabotage my success as a way to keep myself safe."
Top of Wrist: "I wonder if it is time to release this fear. What if success also can create more opportunities for more success?"
Top of Head: "Would I like that?"

Beginning of Eyebrow: "I am open to healing this fear. I am open to letting go of all the anger, resentment, grief, disappointment and other negative emotions I have held connected to my past failures. I am even open to forgiving others for their failures."
Side of Eye: "I am open to experiencing that success can be safe for me."
Under Eye: "I realize that what I do with my success is up to me. Yes, there are opportunities for failure but there are also opportunities for success. And I am open to experiencing that my each of my success inspire me to create more successes in my life."
Under Nose: "I have decided not to be afraid of failures anymore. I have decided not to be afraid of successes either."
Chin: "A deep part of me might still feel afraid of my successes. I wonder what it needs to feel comforted and calm."
Collarbone: "I choose to listen to my inner guidance as to what would be comforting and calming for me as I create and embrace my success."
Under Arm: "I choose to be open to considering that success is safe for me."
Inside of Wrist: "I choose to view success as a positive experience. I no longer need to sabotage my successes as a way to keep me safe."
Top of Wrist: "I invite and direct my whole being to heal this fear and to release this old pattern of sabotaging my success. I am eagerly anticipating my successes and having fun at creating my fulfilling life."
Top of Head: "I would love that very much!"

Tap as often as you like to shift your energy on this topic. If you find that you continue to have residual fear that success leads to potential failures, it can be very helpful to tap on specific past events connected to this. Usually it is not the failures that we fear, but the backlash of negative emotions connected to those failures.

Remember that we have the power to release our own negative emotions and shift our thoughts. We no longer need to fear either failure or success.

This EFT script is provided by Christine Metawati as a good faith effort to expand the use of EFT in the world. It represents her ideas and do not necessarily represent those of Gary Craig or EFT. Complete understanding of EFT and the EFT training videos are available at

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Whispers from the Universe

What shall I write about today, my dear friends, other than that you are loved more than you realized. You are valued and treasured. You are more powerful and resourceful than you give yourself credit.

It is sometimes difficult to believe these words.

I wonder, what do you need in order to know that you are loved, valued and treasured? What do you need in order to recognize that you are powerful and resourceful?

Make a list of these needs, if you like. But, when it is all said and done, throw the list out.

Just simply allow yourself to feel the love that is here for you, right now, in this present moment. Let the Universe show you the myriad ways you are loved and appreciated for just who you are, as you are. No list needed, no achievements required, no debts to be paid. The key here is simply to let, to allow. Allow yourself to be delightfully surprised and deeply touched by how creative the Universe is in reaching out to you.

How powerful and resourceful do you think you are? You are powerful and resourceful enough that you can turn your thoughts around. You can create new thoughts. You can think better feeling or worse feeling thoughts. You can turn your negative emotions into positive ones by merely changing your thoughts. You can turn your life around. You can deliberately create what you want to experience in life. My heart sings just imagining the moment you realize you are in charge of your amazing power of creation that has always been there, waiting for you to recognize it and use it deliberately to enhance your life.

Yes, my fellow travelers, we may have different paths in realizing our well-being. But the message is the same: we are loved and we are powerful love itself.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Celebrating You

I was sitting in contemplation when an inner voice said to me, "Do you realize that we often criticize ourselves when we make the smallest mistakes, and we don't celebrate ourselves or feel proud of ourselves until we accomplish something 'grand,' whatever that thing is? And, when we finally reach that big-goal, often after much stress and effort, before we even have time to savor our success and celebrate ourselves, we immediately give ourselves the next thing to do. We are bad if make a small mistake and only good if we make a good, huge, achievement. Don't you think that is out of balance when we do so to ourselves?"

Hm, a good point, I thought.

Looking at my own life, I can see places and times where I did just that, I got upset with myself for a small mistake and I didn't even realize when I did something significantly important for myself, my family or the world around me.

Have you done that? Do you do so often?

Well, how about joining me in a daily practice of being aware of and validating our successes, our accomplishments, all the things we do well, no matter how small? We can start small, just doing it for a week or so. If it feels right and good for you to continue this practice after a week, feel free to do so.

Here's the plan.

We do so many things right every day. If you think about it, our body knows how to do so many miracles of life for us: breathing, processing food, standing straight up, walking, seeing, eliminating toxins, and so much more. Do you know that just to stand upright, the body orchestrated an amazing amount of coordination among muscles, bones, and nerves?

Most of us know how to brush our teeth. It is something we do quite effortlessly. Think of the many various little tasks that go with that small act of caring for ourselves: we are able to squeeze the toothpaste tube and put the paste on our toothbrush just so, we can maneuver our nimble fingers to grab the brush and move it around our mouth in just the right amount of pressure so that we don't hurt ourselves, and some of us probably go through great length choosing a specific toothpaste to use. Imagine all the effort just to clean our teeth. How about all the other ways we take care of ourselves? Thank yourself for driving safely to work, for crossing the street safely, for nourishing yourself. (Never mind if it's junk food now, you'll get out of that habit as you find balance within yourself.) How about all the various ways we contribute to our family, our community and our world?

When I invite you to celebrate your successes and brilliance, in whatever size they come in, I don't mean for you to go around being righteous and telling people off when they criticize you or find fault with you. No. I mean for you to look at yourself with a fresh eye, be aware of all the wonderful things you are already doing so well on daily basis, and validate your amazingness reverently.

If, say, after a week of doing so, you begin to feel the sweetness of appreciation naturally welling up from within you and radiating out towards others, spend a moment to hug yourself and whisper to yourself, "Thank you for paving the way and bringing me closer to Love's Presence."

And, you and the Universe can wink at each other and celebrate your finding the sweet balance within yourself. Congratulations!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

The Blessings of Motherhood

I have my daughter to thank for my spiritual awakening. Prior to her arrival on Earth, I knew very little about myself. (Although I didn't know it at the time!)

Recently, a client shared with me that she believes when a woman becomes a mother, she has to give up her freedom to make choices. This is probably a perspective that many modern women hold. I certainly remember thinking that way myself. I was afraid of children.

Yet, I have one of my own despite the fears of being a mother. After all the trials and tribulations of motherhood, I have grown so much emotionally and spiritually that I do not wish to trade the experience for anything else. My daughter is one of the most important teachers in my life. Because of my desire to connect deeply with my daughter, I have learned how to honor who I really am so that I can honor who she really is. I learned how important it is to communicate clearly and listen deeply. I learned how to set clear intention and create from my inner world. I learned to take responsibility for my own feelings, and that it is my job, not hers, to make me feel good. I learned how to trust in the unseen. I learned how to play like a child again and find delights in life. I learned how to be forgiving and compassionate. And, most importantly, I learned how to profoundly love. Yes, I feel blessed beyond measures!

So, to all the children in the world -- including you! -- thank you for your sweet and abiding love, and for having the courage to shake up the generation that came before you. Your joy and strength of spirit are inspiring. Thank you for being here!

Gift From a Buddhist Monk

A client, who is currently in Japan, emailed me her personal experience. It is such a beautiful story, I want to share it with all of you. Thank you, N.M., for giving me the permission to include it in this newsletter!

It was a long weekend, so we went to Kyoto to our favorite temples. I went to the Tenryuji temple, which is the Zen Buddhist temple, but it was so crowded-I didn't feel that peaceful.

My Buddhist monk moment came right here, in Okayama, in front of Big Camera, one of the biggest electronic stores.

Often times, I see monks doing a standing chant in random places with a bowl for donations. (They are holding it, so it must make their arm sour -- that what I think about.) There was one in front of the Big Camera.  It was so hot, and I kind of felt sorry for him since nobody was giving any money, so I gave him 1000 yen (about 10 dollars) as I was walking, without slowing down.

Then he yelled, "Stop!" And when I approached, I saw his monk hat had duct tape all over and he had the biggest smile.

He then quickly asked me when was I born. I was confused but told him, and he said that this year is going to be a great year for me. I guess it wasn't the information, but just talking to him that made me so happy. I felt really like screaming joy noises!

I went into Big Camera (where my son was doing research on video games for his classmate) so that he could meet the monk.  The monk told my son, wow you had a really crappy year last year (no kidding) and he said hang in there for 6 more months and you will have 5 great years. As he was saying this, the monk was so joyful and happy. I noticed that his kimono was full of holes, though very clean and pressed.

I was thinking for the rest of the day that I wish I had a ton of money so I can give him that money. But even one of the world's richest men, Bill Gates, needed more money from Warren Buffet to save part of the world, so my thought is flawed. This monk was incredibly happy -- one of the happiest person I have ever met in my life. He really does not need my help. In fact, he helped me! I needed his help.

I just need to wrap my mind around the fact that the "usual needs" are really social needs. I am still feeling like I need to help him with money. (Why does the world boil down to this? The currency of life for so many of us.) I got the message though. In exchange for 1000 yen, just a piece of paper in my wallet, I got sunshine in my heart and singing in my soul. Was he God? Definitely. Can I take that with me when I go?  Definitely.  So I was the one who was given the "nasake." (In Japanese, compassion for the one who should be felt sorry for.) I am hoping to live for slightly longer because Life is actually fun now.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Do you trust your intuition?

(This article was first published in May 2006 Metta Center Newsletter.)

Intuition is our great ally, a great force, to help in our journey of realizing who we are. It is one of our greatest gifts, and yet we don't always trust it.

One of the issues that many of us have about trusting our intuition is that we can't distinguish which voice is intuition and which voice is just habitual mind-chatter. When we feel that "warning" in our stomach and start feeling anxious, is that our intuition? Or, is that habitual fear-based thoughts talking?

The power of discernment is what we need to distinguish the voice of inner guidance vs. the other voices. Ask the Universe to help you grow this power so that you can hear your inner guidance the loudest, and give you the courage to follow it. As you learn to discern your voices, watch yourself and your life unfold in magical ways.

Another issue we have about trusting our intuition is one of safety. Because intuition often will call us to new and unfamiliar places, we might sense or feel the perceived "danger" in following its call, especially if we hold fear of strange places. We might feel threatened by the unfamiliariaty of new situations and we might even judge our intuition as "faulty" or "untrustworthy" if we find ourselves in challenging places. What we often unconsciously want is a guarantee that we'll be OK if we follow our intuition.

But, what if our intuition is a tool for our spirit to challenge us to find out that, as spiritual beings, we are always safe, and that we can survive the unknown? What if intuition is a tool so that we can explore our strengths, discover and grow ourselves?

What if we let go of our need for guarantees that we'll be OK if we follow the intuition and start developing a practice of trust?

Can you imagine a life where you rely on this inner power to help, guide and support you?

This beautiful partnership between you and your intuition is like any other relationships, it thrives on trust, respect and love. Acknowledge the presence of this power and develop the thoughts and beliefs that support self-trust, self-worth and self-love. You will have a reliable and most loyal companion in your journey on the river of life.

Energy Follows Thought

(This article was first published in the Oct/Nov issue of Metta Center email newsletter.)

When I first heard "Energy follows thought," it was all "hocus-pocus" to me. Life, however, is a great equalizer and teacher. After several "unhappy" life conditions (illness, relationship issues, etc.), I looked deep inside myself and, sure enough, I found that I held many negative beliefs that matched these "conditions". Apparently, I had been manifesting negative thoughts. When I decided to shift the thoughts connected to the issues, I noticed that my outer situation changed as well.

Often times we manifest negative results unconsciously. What we feel, think and believe the most is what we will attract.

Have you found that your positive affirmations don't always work? The problem is that these affirmations are not your prevalent thoughts. They are just a very thin veneer over a bunch of outdated and perhaps negative habitual thoughts. Just saying the positive affirmations won't shift your energy much because you are swimming upstream against a current of old thoughts.

Wouldn't you like to wake up to your ability that you can create what you desire by taking full responsibility for your current thoughts?

To shift any situation in your life, try the following three simple, but powerful, steps:
  • Have clarity on what you want (instead of focusing on what you don't want)
  • Be in appreciation of what you already are, have and do; Trust that what you order from the kitchen of the universe will arrive at the right time for you
  • Healing your emotional clutter and shift your limiting beliefs

To help in shifting your thoughts, ask yourself these questions: is it true? How do I react when I think that thought? Who would I be without that thought?

I believe that we are all wizards, we are already creating what we "want" based on our most prevalent thoughts. We can learn to create our own world by being aware of what we are thinking, feeling and believing. It is a simple concept, but may not always be so simple to do. Start by noticing where you spend most of your thoughts now. That step can give you great big clues as to what you are attracting into your life.

I wish you peace, love and joy!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Explore and Soar.

I read these words on a cover of a magazine recently and started thinking how glad I am that I have given myself permission to explore my spiritual side and learn so much from so many different sources. My life has changed in such profound ways.have changed.

Now, I am inviting you to give yourself the permission to explore the realm of the divine both within you and outside of you. Explore the realm of energy, of everything and nothing. Find out how high you can soar. How would your life be different if you give yourself permission to explore and soar? Where would you be?

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Know Your Mind

(This article was first published in Metta Center Newsletter, April 2005)

I would love to introduce you to the term "writing on the wall". Coined by Gary Craig, the founder of Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), it refers to the sets of beliefs, shoulds, shouldn'ts, can, can'ts, etc. that we have agreed to, consciously or unconsciously, as "truths" in our individual consciousness.

How did the writing get on our wall? In childhood, we received numerous messages from our well-meaning parents, teachers, friends, leaders, media, etc. We often formed our self-image and hoped to make sense of the world based on these "truths". We consult the writing on our walls to determine whether something is appropriate or acceptable to us, whether it is a "good" or "bad" idea, etc.

The writing on the wall can be very positive and supportive in helping us achieve success in the world. At the same time, many of these "truths" limit not only our self-concept but also hold us back.

Perhaps, you remember the time at a young age when you heard someone you respected said something like "Susie is so rude!" or "That's a terrible shot!" in a disapproving tone, etc. The writing on your wall may look like this: "Perfect = safe, imperfect = not safe."

This type of writing on the wall may propel you to be determine to do your best, but it can also create a feeling of constantly insecure because you might just fail to be perfect at any given moment. That could lead to fear of making mistakes, fear of changes, procrastinating, feeling inadequate, fear of intimacy, etc. The accumulation of stress from these issues could create dis-ease in the physical realm.

So, when you find yourself feeling limited or stuck in a particular area in your life (feeling frustrated is usually a good clue that you are stuck), it is time to find what writing on your wall is holding you back. Do remember that you can always erase the writing on your wall, i.e. change your mind, anytime. Then, sit back, and notice how things shift and flow more effortlessly now that you have created more space by the mere act of changing your mind!

Growing Self

Spring is here! I love watching all the new buds and branches shooting out from plants. It has been magical indeed to watch my plum tree blossoming and then, poof, the blossoms fell and new green leaves came out to adorn the tree. How did the tree know how to do that? Nature's designs are amazingly intelligent and graceful.

Do you ever wonder how we grow? Our bodies just grow, from infant-hood to childhood to adolescence to full grown adult. For most people, the process of growing is very effortless. You don't wake up each day and say "OK, now, I am going to grow 1mm today" or "I am going to grow one more new cell for my nails". It's just done. Simple as that.

Most of us need to enlarge our self-concept. We may see ourselves as a bag of bones but, in truth, we are eternal, multi-faceted and multi-dimensional spiritual beings having a human experience. It's time to think of ourselves as much larger and grander than just a physical and emotional being confined in a body.

So, how do we grow our mind, emotion and spirit? Could that process be just as effortless and simple as we grow our body? Can it be joyful and easy? What has your experience been? How would you like it to be? Declare how you would like your learning and growing experience to be now and let yourself be delighted by nature's prowess to help you grow as you have designed it.

Friday, April 2, 2010

What a "Full" I am!

This morning, I was thinking how so many of us (including me) are afraid to be a fool or make a fool of ourselves. Then, all of a sudden, the word "full" just floated in my mind, replacing the word "fool."

And with that simple change I saw things with a different light! It dawned on me that when we are afraid of being a fool, we are afraid to be a full or abundant being in our own right. We are afraid to make ourselves full and be filled with our own Spirit. Hah! What a new thought for me!

I was painfully aware of the various (and creative ways) I have chosen to stay small and withhold the fullness that I am because I didn't want to be a "fool." I know I have patterns where the "fool" in me got pushed aside for the voice of reason.

So with this realization I have decided to no longer be afraid to be either a fool or "full" anymore. I choose to fully embrace the fool in me and honor the gifts of this archetype. I choose to live a life full with delicious possibilities and delightful wonders. I choose to live a life where I AM the limitless and joyous possibilities.

Oh, what a liberating feeling this is!

"It's no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society." ~ Jiddu Krishnamurti

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Stop and Hear the Music

(Collected from email, March 2010) Worth thinking about...

In Washington, DC, at a Metro Station, on a cold January morning in 2007, this man with a violin played six Bach pieces for about 45 minutes. During that time, approximately 2,000 people went through the station, most of them on their way to work. After about 3 minutes, a middle-aged man noticed that there was a musician playing. He slowed his pace and stopped for a few seconds, and then he hurried on to meet his schedule.

About 4 minutes later:
The violinist received his first dollar. A woman threw money in the hat and, without stopping, continued to walk.

At 6 minutes:
A young man leaned against the wall to listen to him, then looked at his watch and started to walk again.

At 10 minutes:
A 3-year old boy stopped, but his mother tugged him along hurriedly. The kid stopped to look at the violinist again, but the mother pushed hard and the child continued to walk, turning his head the whole time. This action was repeated by several other children, but every parent - without exception - forced their children to move on quickly.

At 45 minutes:
The musician played continuously. Only 6 people stopped and listened for a short while. About 20 gave money but continued to walk at their normal pace. The man collected a total of $32.

After 1 hour:
He finished playing and silence took over.  No one noticed and no one applauded. There was no recognition at all.

No one knew this, but the violinist was Joshua Bell, one of the greatest musicians in the world. He played one of the most intricate pieces ever written, with a violin worth $3.5 million dollars. Two days before, Joshua Bell sold-out a theater in Boston where the seats averaged $200 each to sit and listen to him play the same music.

This is a true story. Joshua Bell, playing incognito in the D.C. Metro Station, was organized by the Washington Post as part of a social experiment about perception, taste and people's priorities.

This experiment raised several questions:
  • In a common-place environment, at an inappropriate hour, do we perceive beauty?
  • If so, do we stop to appreciate it?
  • Do we recognize talent in an unexpected context?

One possible conclusion reached from this experiment could be this:
If we do not have a moment to stop and listen to one of the best musicians in the world, playing some of the finest music ever written, with one of the most beautiful instruments ever made . . .

How many other things are we missing as we rush through life?

Monday, March 8, 2010

River of Gold

"Each moment is actually a stepping stone--another chance at bliss." ~ N.M.

Last Friday, I had the opportunity to see "Man of La Mancha". In one of the scenes, Don Quixote was observing that as he held dying comrades in his arms, their eyes seemed to ask him why. He said: "I do not think they were asking why they were dying... but why they had ever lived."

That line struck a chord inside me. Why do we live at all?

I have been contemplating that question. Why do we bother to live at all? Why do we come here?

Many of us might think that we didn't choose to be here and were just plunked down by happenstance. We could have been dropped on a different planet, but here we are on Earth right now, reading this newsletter.

But, what if we did choose our presence here? Why did we come to live in this body, in this particular time-space?

A few days later, as I was walking in nature, enjoying the spring-like weather, I found my answer.

I was walking on this muddy rocky path, looking at the green hills yonder, basking in the gentle breeze. The sun shining just ahead of me made the muddy path looked like it had a river of gold streaming in the middle of it. It was magical!

My brain knew it was muddy, wet clay underneath my shoes. My heart skipped a beat seeing the beauty and marveling at what I saw. That great feeling, an instant only, was enough to answer my question.

For that instant, I knew that the mud path was a blessing to me! It had value beyond its physical appearance. It had given me a safe place to put my feet on the ground and, at the same time, it uplifted my spirit to a higher perspective to touch the divine! The existence of this path was a blessing to all that crossed it. It was a glorious path!

I knew, then, that I live because life is glorious! I live because I am a glorious life, and like that path, I am a blessing to All There Is!

You live because you, too, are a glorious life! You are a blessing to All There Is! I invite you to surrender to this delicious possibility. Allow yourself to believe it, be it and live it!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Secret of Happiness

(From "The Beggar King and the Secret of Happiness" by Joel ben Izzy. This book is about the author, a storyteller, who lost his voice due to cancer and his healing journey. This is an inspiring and wonderful book!)

Story Origin: Sufi Muslim, Turkey

Nasrudin is known much for his wisdom as his foolishness, and many are those who have sought out his teaching.

One devotee tracked him down for many years before finding him in the marketplace sitting atop a pile of banana peels - no one knows why.

"Oh great sage, Nasrudin," said the eager student. "I must ask you a very important question, the answer to which we all seek: What is the secret to attaining happiness?"

Nasrudin thought for a time, then responded. "The secret of happiness is good judgment."

"Ah," said the student. "But how do we attain good judgment?"

"From experience," answered Nasrudin.

"Yes," said the student. "But how do we attain experience?

"Bad judgment."

An Invitation to Blossom

(This article was first published in the March 2006 edition of Metta Center Newsletter.)

"And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom." ~ Anaïs Nin

When I first read this quote, years ago, I was struck by the enormity of the truth resonating from these words. I felt it with my entire being. It has since been one of my favorite quotes that I go back to when I need an inspiration to renew my hope and grow my courage.

This quote is so poignant to me now as we move into Spring where renewal and growth are obvious to the senses. Spring is practically bursting with new life: the flower buds are swollen and some even have blossomed, new branches are extending, soft green shoots are poking out from the cold ground, fresh flower fragrance is in the air. Mother nature is renewing herself after a winter of quietly gathering her potential for growth. It is as if She is telling us, “Trust that spring comes after winter. Enjoy the show.”

I remembered how my whole body felt quiet as I absorbed the impact of Anaïs’ words in my being. I remembered feeling deeply touched, teary-eyed and relieved at the same time. I was reminded, in a very gentle way, that the universe has a built-in and fail-safe mechanism to help me grow to my fullest potential, if I ever decide to do so. I was reminded to have faith that change always happens, even if it doesn’t look like anything had or could or would. I was also reminded that it is up to the flowers, not the farmer or the gardener, to decide when to blossom.

It is up to us to decide when we will change from bud to blossom. It is up to us decide when we will stop playing small and embrace our magnificence. It is up to us when we will transform our pains to joy. It is up to us to decide how much pain we want to endure before we decide to recognize and answer our spirit’s invitation for us to heal, change, grow and shine.

That’s a lot of power and responsibility, you say.

Yes, that is. And, when you decide to take the risk to change, you can trust that you have the wisdom within you to guide you through the fascinating process of renewal and growth.

Enjoy the show.

No More Singing Jitters!

Diane (not her real name) felt stage-fright singing in front of a huge audience. She knew she was a talented singer because she had received many accolades for her work. Yet, when it came to singing in front of a big audience, she would fumble, forget her lyrics or just feel ill with anxiety.

When we talked, she was a few days away from performing in front of an audience of 200. She felt nervous just thinking about it, with an intensity of about 3 or a 4. She said that perhaps if she was sick before the performance then she would have an excuse for not performing perfectly. I asked her what would happen if she “failed.” And she replied that it would be the end of the world for her.

With such a strong statement, I suspected that her intensity was in fact higher than what she reported.
I inquired into why she needed to be perfect, and she recounted the story of hearing her brother being hit by her father because he wasn’t “perfect.”

We tapped:
“Even though I feel nervous, I don’t know the words for the whole song yet, I deeply and completely accept myself.”
“Even though if I failed, that would be the end of the world for me, and that won’t do, I want to trust that I will be OK anyway.”
“Even though I need to be perfect, if I am not, I will be hit just like my brother was, I deeply and completely accept how I feel.”

The tapping about her brother brought up a lot of sadness (intensity level 9) and tightness in her throat. She felt fearful and hurt for him. Diane was surprised at how intensely she felt her feelings. So we tapped on the event where she remembered her brother being punished.

“Even though I can still hear his screams, I deeply and completely forgive myself for not coming to his aid, what can a little girl do?”
“Even though I can still hear his cries, I felt so sad and hurt for him, I honor how hard it was for us both.”
“Even though I have this ‘bedroom’ scene in my head, I choose to let it go. I was sad, scared and confused, and I accept how I felt.”

Then we tapped on the meridian points:
“His screams…”
“Still echo in my ears…”
“I couldn’t help him…”
“What could a little girl do…”
“I need to be perfect…”
“It’s not fair…”
“I forgive myself for not helping him out…”
“I would get hit too if I try to help my brother…”
“I forgive myself for feeling afraid of being hit and hurt…”
“I was confused, scared and sad for both of us…”

After several rounds, she reported that she felt lighter and her throat was less tight. The intensity had fallen to 0.

Then Diane suddenly remembered a specific event from long ago: she forgot her lyrics as she sang in front of her entire graduating class in her high school graduation ceremony. There were 400 people watching her.

“Even though I forgot my lyrics in front of my whole school, I forgive myself.”
“Even though I saw their eyes looking at me, and something in me got spooked that I forgot the lyrics I had practiced over and over again, I forgive myself.”
“Even though it was unforgiveable what I did, how could I let myself down in front of the whole school, it was so humiliating! I want to forgive and accept myself anyway.”

“I mixed up the words…”
“Hit three wrong notes…”
“In front of the entire crowd…”
“What an embarrassment…”
“I was a failure…”
“I had to compete to win this opportunity, and how could I let myself down this time…”
“Their eyes…”
“The look on their faces, I can’t bear it…”
“I was imperfect and I felt so humiliated…”

We did several rounds of tapping on this scene. Then I asked her to run the scene in her mind again using the movie technique, and asked if there was any remaining intensity. She said that it was all 0.

Again,  a new movie came into her mind. This one was a more recent incident where she sang in front of a crowd and again, forgot her lyrics. She felt that she had let herself and her singing teacher down. We tapped on this incident, which had an intensity of 6, and got it down to a 0.

I asked her what she would like to experience instead of the nervous feelings. She quickly answered that she would like to uplift her audience. She would like to be able to allow God’s gift to come through her so people can be in joy as they listen to her. She knew she has a gift from God, yet she was getting in her own way. As she spoke, her intensity soared again to a 10, and her throat became tight.

She burst out saying that she didn’t want to live up to her audience’s expectations. She wanted them to hear the sound of God without associating it with her. She would like the audience to just enjoy God. She would like everyone to be touched, to feel the message and experience the sound. She would like her audience to leave with the feeling of joy and light.

We tapped:
“Even though I feel nervous singing in front of a huge group, what if I forgot my lyrics again and embarrassed myself again, I choose to remember I am singing because I want to let God’s voice pass through me and uplift my audience.”
“Even though I feel afraid of letting myself down again, I choose to be the vehicle of God’s voice and allow this voice to bless my audience.”
“Even though I am afraid to forget my lyrics again, it’s easier to believe that I will just fail again, I am willing to be the channel of God’s grace.”

“I might forget my lyrics again…”
“Or I might not...”
“I invite the part of me that forget the lyrics to relax…”
“To be a vehicle of God…”
“To be a vehicle for peace…”
“I am wishing to be the channel of God…”
“I would like to let God’s voice to pass through me…”
“Letting me be the vehicle of grace…”
“Starting with me, being at peace with myself…”
“Allowing myself to feel light and joyful…”

We did a few more rounds of tapping on her intention to uplift the audience and allowing herself to be a vehicle for God’s voice. Her throat was open and relaxed by the end of our session.

A few weeks later, I emailed her to find out how her performance went. This was what she said: "The performance went well. I had little or no problems with nerves. I even had issues with phlegm in my throat and had to stop a couple times - which would have freaked me out before - but I was fine."

She sent me an mp3 of her performance, and what I heard uplifted my spirit indeed!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

EFT Script: Being More Present

(This EFT script was first published in Metta Center newsletter, March 2009.)

Our power is in the present, in the Now moment. However, so many of us have learned and trained ourselves to live in the past or in the future and ignored the beauty that is present in the moment. When we feel stressed, overwhelmed, or fearful over something or someone, it is an indicator that we have temporarily lost sight of the Now.

Of course, you can always bring yourself back to your powerful and precious Now by doing simple breathing meditation or simply focusing on something pleasant in the Now. But for many of us who have been entrenched in this habit of dwelling in the past or worrying about the future, it can be quite challenging to practice living fully in the present.

So, here's the EFT script that can help you become more present in your Now. Shorten the sentences or change the wordings to fit you better. Use this script as often as you like. I have included two more additional tapping points: the inside and outside of the wrist. Tap on whichever wrist you prefer.

If you want to let me know about the shifts that you experience in your energy system, or in your life, as a result of using this EFT script, I would love to hear it!

If you are not familiar with EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), you can find a brief introduction to this powerful self-healing technique in my "EFT Tapping Points" webpage. For a complete, standardized EFT training and further information, please visit:

Tap on the Karate Chop point or rub on the Sore Spot as you say the following setup statements:

"Even though I don't know what it means to be fully present in my Now, and I judge myself for that, I deeply and completely accept who I am. I choose to appreciate all of me and where I am right now."

"Even though I am not able to be more present in my life, I forgive myself, I forgive any resistance to being present, and I forgive everyone involved. I know I deserve to freely and joyously embrace my Presence. I am willing to consider that it can be safe, and even satisfying, for me to be present. I choose to enthusiastically and joyously embrace my Presence now!"

"Even though maybe a part of me feels deeply threatened about being more present in the now, I deeply and completely love myself and accept all of my feelings. I give all of me the permission to be open to the idea that being present is a safe, delightful and wonderful experience."

Tap on the indicated EFT points and say the reminder phrases, as suggested below, either aloud or in your mind. You can change the reminder phrases to whatever words that fit you better.

Beginning of Eyebrow: "I don't know how to be more present in my now."
Side of Eye: "Maybe a part of me doesn't like to be present for whatever reasons."
Under Eye: "I judge myself for not being present."
Under Nose: "I have a powerful resistance to being more present."
Chin: "I don't want to be more present. Why should I?"
Collarbone: "The truth is, I don't know what it means to be present. I am afraid of what I don't know."
Under Arm: "A deep part of me is not certain that it is safe for me to change, and this part is running the show."
Inside of Wrist: "This part is telling me that I really don't need to be more present."
Top of Wrist: "I wonder if it is time to release this fear?"
Top of Head: "What if being more present is safe and is for the highest good for me? Would all of me be willing to trust this possibility and relax into this exciting potential?"

Beginning of Eyebrow: "I am open to healing this fear of being more present. I am open to knowing what it means and how it feels to be fully present in the Now."
Side of Eye: "I am open to considering that it is safe for me to release the resistance to being more present."
Under Eye: "I choose to accept where I am and who I am being now."
Under Nose: "I am willing to feel safe in my present moment. I have decided to embrace my Presence."
Chin: "A deep part of me might still feel afraid of being more present, I wonder what it needs to feel comforted and calm."
Collarbone: "I choose to listen to my inner guidance as to what would be comforting and calming for me as I welcome the experience of being more present in my Now"
Under Arm: "I am willing to consider that surrendering to my Presence is a safe and satisfying experience for me."
Inside of Wrist: "I no longer need to sabotage my desire to becoming more present in the Now."
Top of Wrist: "I invite and direct my whole being to heal this fear and to release this old pattern of sabotaging my being more present. I choose to relax and be at peace. I choose to trust my Presence and have fun at being more present."
Top of Head: "I love knowing that I am learning to be more present in my Now. I m proud of myself for being willing to learn, grow and change. I feel strong, safe and free. This feels good."

This EFT script is provided by Christine Metawati as a good faith effort to expand the use of EFT in the world. It represents her ideas and do not necessarily represent those of Gary Craig or EFT. Complete understanding of EFT and the EFT training videos are available at

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Love and Grace

Our relationships can help us grow personally and spiritually. They invite us to rise to the challenge to be our true Selves. They invite us to allow ourselves to align with the unconditional Love we are inside, the love we want to give and receive.

The most important of all the relationships we have is our relationship with our deep inner Self - the Love we hold within us and the Life that is us.

Gently, just observe how often you accept and love yourself on a daily basis. How much do you trust your own goodness and gifts? How do you treat yourself? How do you perceive yourself? How do you soothe, comfort, care and support yourself? Do you bother to give your Self the time of day? Are you caging the Love you hold within, keeping it from radiating out and thus depriving yourself of your own fulfillment?

You can't afford to deny the importance of You, the importance of being the Love that you are. It hurts deeply when others invalidate the love you have to offer and it hurts even more when you resist your own Self from expressing fully.

How can our relationships help us to be the full expressions of ourselves? The conflicts that arise within these relationships challenge us to see what limiting stories we have insisted on keeping. It is often unpleasant to have these conflicts, yet their purpose is holy: to help us free our Self! Through these conflicts, we are given plenty of opportunities to re-author our old stories. You know when you have successfully rewritten your stories when you see your relationships change, improve and flourish. Truly, your relationships can be the path to your own liberation. So bless all your relationships, difficult ones or not, for they give you plenty of opportunities to consciously realign with your Inner Self and express the abundant Love that you are!

I recently received an inspiring email from a dear client of mine which illustrates how her work to be true to her Self helped her come to a wondrous space in her life: "I have been meaning to share an amazing experience with you for weeks now. You have been helping me throughout the Fall to release the resentment I felt towards my husband. Well, one moment about three weeks ago - I think this is what people call Grace - it went away. It just was all gone. I felt free and different. It never comes back. It's not like I forgot everything. It was that nothing had charge anymore!! I was only filled with love towards him. It still makes me want to weep because it was so beautiful."

I love what she added: "If it can happen to me, it can happen to anybody. Hope we all continue to believe in miracles and live a magical life."

I invite you to tend and nurture your most sacred relationship, the one with your Inner Self. And create the Grace-filled life that is possible for you!

Nature Boy

As we are thinking of love this month, or any other month, here's a song that might stir the beautiful Love deep in your core.

This song was originally sang by Nat King Cole (album: "The Greatest of Nat King Cole" LP Capitol). Words and music by Eden Ahbez. This song was #1 Billboard for 8 weeks in 1948.

Click here to listen to Nat:

Click here to hear this song ala Pomplamoose (a really cool two-person Bay Area indie-band that I just recently discovered!)


There was a boy
A very strange enchanted boy
They say he wandered very far, very far
Over land and sea
A little shy
And sad of eye
But very wise
Was he

And then one day
A magic day he passed my way
And while we spoke of many things, fools and kings
This he said to me
"The greatest thing
You'll ever learn
Is just to love
And be loved
In return"

Stepping into the Light

"And now here is my secret, a very simple secret: it is only with the heart that one can see clearly; what is essential is invisible to the eye." ~Antoine de Saint-Exupery

"Jerry" (not his real name) asked me to help him move past his painful feelings of loneliness and his need to be connected through touch. He found that his feelings and needs were getting in the way of his relationships.

He quietly suggested that perhaps instead of simply getting "rid" of things that didn't work, maybe it would be helpful to give himself a "replacement" item that he would like to experience in his life. I encouraged him to follow his inspiration and asked him what that replacement item would be. He thought for a moment and then very softly said, "I choose to trust that I will be loved again."

As soon as he made that choice, his energy body sighed with relief and he burst into tears. He sat for a while as his body rocked with sobs, releasing the old energies and absorbing the new and beautiful energy he had just claimed for himself.

What moments of grace! He was hearing and answering the call of his own Soul. When he chose to permit himself to trust that he would be loved again, he opened the portal to allow himself to love again. He was courageously choosing to connect with his own Source -- his eternal Self.

As he relaxed into the new energy he has chosen to live in, he gifted more healing to himself. At one point, a huge shift of energy practically flew out of his body. I asked him what he was doing at the time; he said, "I just decided to surrender and be here."

He was beaming with light at the end of our session, graceful and sublime like a rose. I was crying as I witness such a beautiful unfolding of light suffusing his body, connecting heaven and earth. I was in the presence of Love itself. It was completely awe-inspiring! And still he had more wise words to share: "To experience one's Self through the thoughts, the touch, the light of another is the essence of not being alone."

Being in the presence someone who is one with his Source is truly a joy untold.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Self-Love = Egotistical?

My daughter asked me a thoughtful question: "Mom, is it OK for us to feel a 10 about ourselves?"
Some background: many of you who work with me using EFT know that I use the scale of 0 to 10 to measure the intensity level on feelings as well as the "truth" of belief-statements. So, my daughter was simply indicating a scale, in this case "10", in how good she was feeling about herself.

This question struck me as very poignant for several reasons: (1) there was a possibilty that it is not "OK" to feel good about ourselves, (2) that despite the belief I share openly with my family that we all deserve to feel good about ourselves, she is clear that, outside our home, this belief is not shared with her circle of friends in school, which led me to point (3): while my daughter attends a school that believes in developing children's self-esteem by honoring who they are, the influence of the message "it is not ok to feel so good about yourself" is still very strong.

I chose to answer her question with another question: "Why wouldn't it be?" She answered, "Some of my friends think that it is selfish if I feel great about who I am, or if I think I am a '10'. I wonder if I am being egotistical?" Sensing that she needed an assurance, I shared my viewpoint that "If you see yourself as a '10', and you see others as a '10' even if you don't like their behavior, then I think you can safely say that you are not egotistical. If you think you are a '10' and all others are '1' or '2' and you have the right to walk all over them, then you might get into egotistical territory." I didn't know if I was correct or not on this, but this is how I view the situation. My daughter seemed hugely comforted.

Then, she asked again, "What if your friend who feel like a '5' gets mad at you because you are feeling like a '10'?" I shared with her what I learned from one of my teachers: "Another person's refusal to honor and love themselves is none of my business." So, together, we decided that she didn't need to bend down to match the level '5' if that's not how she was feeling. No one ever needs to. She is always allowed to feel as good about herself as she wants to feel, and she can allow others to feel how they want to feel about themselves. It is not her responsibility to make others feel good about themselves, especially at the expense of her self-love.

Her eyes beamed with peace as she embraced that liberating decision. As a mother, I felt a sense of relief and compassion flowing through me. I remembered struggling with the same question until my mid-30's. I felt grateful that she had a chance to have what I hope to be a different and more life-affirming perspective on self-love.

My definition of self-love involves respecting, accepting and appreciating myself. It also involves giving myself the validation and recognition I deserve, and being honest with myself about my feelings, needs, desires, limitations and strengths. It involves being patient as I grow in my awareness and learn how to love in life, allowing my gifts and talents to shine and benefit the world I have chosen to be my home. I believe that, as part of self-love, it is also important that we develop the ability to set boundaries in a respectful, and truthful way to others and ourselves.

I love this affirmation from Louise Hay: "I come from the loving space of my heart, and know that love opens all doors. I have come to this planet to learn to love myself more, and to share those love with all those around me."

It is more than OK for each of us to love ourselves and feel great about who we are, I think it's divine!

Metta Meditation

"You, yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection." ~ Buddha

The practice of metta, or loving kindness, cultivates unconditional friendliness toward the self and others. It raises the vibration of the person practicing it as well as the people receiving the energy of loving kindness itself.

In this simplified version of the traditional form of metta meditation, send metta to yourself by inwardly repeating the following verses: "May I be happy. May I be healthy. May I be at ease. May I live in peace." Repeat the phrases several times, noticing and accepting any feeling that arise from deep within your heart chakra.

Then, bring others to your mind and silently direct those wishes to them, replacing the "I" with "you". If you like, as you go about with your day, direct these thoughts and metta to everyone you meet.

Friday, January 22, 2010

The Gifts of a New Year

New Year is an exciting time for me. It is true that we can start anew any day, any time and every day. However, New Year always holds a special energy of growth for me. There is an energy of excitement, and anticipation of all wonderful things. And, the New Year bears with it powerful potentiality ready to express itself.

Setting your sacred intention for the New Year is a powerful step to consciously create the year that you want.

Unlike a New Year's resolution, setting a sacred intention for the New Year is not about just setting goals to be reached. It is more about setting the "flavor" for the year: what spiritual qualities would you fill your new year with?

For example, if you would like to have a year of meaningful work and deep connection with others, your intention could be something along the line, "I intend to create a meaningful life for me filled with fulfilling work and loving relationships with others." Maybe what you would like is to explore and enjoy life beyond what you are familiar with, then your intention could be "I intend to experience more joy and wonder in my life. I intend to grow with ease." Make sure that you set sacred intention that resonates with you at a very deep level and that you feel delighted at the thought of this intention guiding you throughout the year.

Once you set this intention, visualize or feel what it looks like to be living your intention. If you can't imagine or guess what a meaningful life looks or feels like, just relax and tune in to the feeling of being fulfilled. If there is mind chatter that diminishes your intention, thank it for its input and turn your focus back to the good feelings and your sacred intention. Don't worry about the "how-to"s at this stage. This is the stage where you plant the seed. You can trust that there is information available within the seed to guide its germination and growth.

If you like, you can do a mini-ritual where you write down your sacred intention on a small piece of paper. Then, plant this paper into the ground under a plant that you love.

Throughout the year, your sacred work will be to nurture this intention. Take stock of your current life to see how it is aligned with your sacred intention. What parts of your life are no longer in alignment with it? To be in integrity with your intention, some parts of your life will need to be let go and you may need to learn new ways of being. Regularly check with yourself: What do I need now to further support my sacred intention?

Remember to focus on gratitude, hope and faith. These are energies with high vibrations that will speed up the manifestation of life experiences that fulfill your sacred intention.

Wishing you a year filled with delight, peace, and joy!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


I call this the other "F" word.

No, not because it is insulting or derogatory in any way. It is just that it has so much charge associated with it, almost like the word "God". Many people are turned off by it, and some people  get defensive when this word is mentioned as a possibility to heal and change a situation.

I think that is because we each have such varied definitions of forgiveness.

Oh yes, I have heard about forgiveness since I was a little girl.  What I thought as of forgiveness was simply not to talk about the issue or think about it anymore. On the surface, all was "forgiven", but not really.

In my early 30s, something happened in my life that shook me to the core and brought out all my fears. I felt bewildered, trapped and scared.

Right around that time, someone gave me a book by Gary Zukav "The Seat of the Soul". I read it to take my mind off the situation. And, somewhere in it, I remembered reading that when we are faced with a challenge, practice going within to ask what our soul wants us to learn through the challenge.

I had nothing to lose, so I tried this exercise. To my surprise, I heard a reply from within: "To forgive."

I wasn't expecting anything would actually happen, so I was  surprised to hear anything, Something or someone from within was actually answering me.

However, I didn't know how to forgive. I could think of Jesus' famous words on the cross: "Father, forgive them for they know not what they were doing." But that didn't feel right to me because I was so sure the people involved knew what they were doing, so I wasn't going to use Jesus' line because it didn't feel congruent to me. So, I asked myself another question: "How?"

I was flashed with a loving feeling, what I now recognized as a feeling of gratitude. I understood that all I need to do to forgive is to send this loving feeling outward to the situation and the people involved.

So, I did as guided, not knowing that this little decision to obey my inner guidance would have such an incredible impact in my life.

To my surprise, within a day the situation was changed 180 degrees, and the people involved came to an understanding. The end result actually was quite to my liking and felt right to me. What a miracle for me.

That's when I understood the meaning and the power of forgiveness.

It wasn't about "Oh, what happened was OK, I can handle it" (because I couldn't, frankly speaking). It wasn't about "I forgive you because I am so enlightened" (because I didn't even know how to forgive at the time). It wasn't about "I forgive you because what is happening is OK with me" (because it wasn't).

To me, forgiveness is about opening up to feel the love inside me when it was hard to find it all around me. It was about giving myself the permission to feel better no matter what was happening outside.

Come to think of it, forgiveness was really about practicing to remember the love that I have within me. Forgiveness is really about me -- not about the other people involved.

May you discover the love that you are capable of being, having, receiving and giving.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy New Year!

You suppose you are the trouble
But you are the cure
You suppose that you are the lock on the door
But you are the key that opens it
It's too bad that you want to be someone else
You don't see your own face, your own beauty
Yet, no face is more beautiful than yours.

- Rumi

Here's to your blossoming and growing in bliss, peace, joy, abundance and light!